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A travel warning issued by the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Bureau of Consular Affairs warns it citizens to stay clear of nigeria for the following reasons stated below:

The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travelling to Nigeria and continues to recommend U.S. citizens to avoid all but essential travel to the Niger Delta states of Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers; the Southeastern states of Abia, Edo, Imo; the city of Jos in Plateau State, Bauchi and Borno States in the northeast  because of the risks of kidnapping, robbery, and other armed robbery in these areas. 

Violent crime committed by individuals and gangs, as well as by some persons wearing police and military uniforms, is an ongoing problem throughout the country, especially at night.  Visitors and resident U.S. citizens have experienced armed muggings, assaults, burglary, carjacking, violation, kidnappings, and extortion - often involving violence.  Home invasions remain a serious threat, with armed robbers accessing even guarded compounds by scaling perimeter walls; following, or tailgating, residents or visitors arriving by car into the compound; and subduing guards and gaining entry into homes or apartments.     

Armed robbers in Lagos also access waterfront compounds by boat. U.S. citizens, as well as Nigerians and other expatriates, have been victims of armed robbery at banks and grocery stores and on airport roads during both daylight and evening hours.  Law enforcement authorities usually respond slowly or not at all, and provide little or no investigative support to victims.  Armed robbers have boarded both commercial and private vessels to rob travelers.  The Nigerian Navy has limited capacity to respond to criminal acts at sea.

Since January 2009, over 140 foreign nationals have been kidnapped in Nigeria, including five U.S. citizens since November 2010.  Six foreign nationals were killed during these abductions, while two U.S. citizens were also killed in separate kidnapping attempts in Port Harcourt in April 2010.  Local authorities and expatriate businesses operating in Nigeria assert that the number of kidnapping incidents throughout Nigeria remains underreported. In 2010, alleged Boko Haram members claimed responsibility for bombings in the country. 
A bomb exploded December 31, 2010, near a busy Abuja "fish bar,” killing several people and injuring many others.

Click to the US travel state website to Read more on this warning

Tourism is not one of Nigeria's strongest points, will this warning have any effect rather than painting the country in the same light it's already known for?
How do u you feel about this?


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