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Thank Allah for seeing us through the past year (1432), a year that will go down as year of
revolution. (middle east and northern African), a year that the security situation of Nigeria deterioted, a year that witness one of the world worst devasting disasters (japan).

In spite of all these, Allah still preserve our lives, not because we are pious or saint, just for his Rahama (favour), Alhamdulilah.
Happy new year. Hijra 1433

After Asr prayers a khutbah from an Imam wants us to be mindful of the following:

1. That as we enter another year, we should not judge last year only on material terms but also our
growth in religion. what we set out to achieve and what we failed to achieve e.g. I want to recite the
Qur'an on a daily basis, then we should ask our selves whether we held this resolution. and etc. not
focussing on How many cars I have etc.

2. We should be mindful of people we deal with, as we know, people die everyday, let us deal justly
with everyone we come across so that we have no account to make on Yawnmul Qiyammah.

3. We should also be mindful on our duties to our parents.

4. We should hold fast to our duties to Islam, remeber when you Young make use of it before you get old, when you are Well make use of it before you fall sick, when you have time make use of it before you are busy Etc. That our lives today is an account we will give on Judgement day, so let us make use of it and do as much good we can.
As salamulalaykun

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