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2go Chat messenger, is one of the most popular mobile messenger application to chat with friends and millions of people around the world. Its light weight, easy usage, Localized chat rooms and compatibility across different platforms like (Symbian, Java) has gained it much popularity in the social networking circle.

Computer users are not left out - Click this link to see how 2go 3.0 PC Version works using JAVA

How to register and Download 2go Mobile Messenger
Depending on your mobile device, to download 2go only requires pointing your browser to http://wap.2go.im - and input your phone number and password (Or registration details for New users.)

Your Mobile device is usually Automatically Detected and your version of 2go 3.0 can be downloaded. If your device is not detected or on the List - you can download a 2go version 1.0 for " ALL PHONES" and install.

How to use 2go on BlackBerry without BIS (Manual Configuration)
Note: 2go Mobile messenger connects to the internet Via WAP and Not the BlackBerry internet service. WAP access requires mobile network APN to be set - that is why most blackberry users cannot connect via wap

From Your Blackberry device, navigate to: MENU>> OPTIONS>>ADVANCED>>TCP>> Check the APN box and enter your network APN (MTN - web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net) (etisalat - etisalat).. Save and restart 2go.
Note: Normal Network charges may apply for WAP connection.

UPDATE: 2go Now Works with BlackBerry BIS
In a recent Update By 2go for blackberry users, they made it possible for 2go to connect via your BIS internet plan instead of via Wap like the settings above show. To get the new updated 2go for blackberry - Simply visit www.2go.im and download.

How to install  2go on HTC Windows Mobile and Manual Configurations
If you cant find your version of HTC listed on the 2go or it simply refuses to Open or Connect? - Here's a FIX
The HTC Windows Mobile does not have JAVA platform pre-installed, but has added support for "Third party Java Installation"  -

To install Java On HTC for .jad files you can download JBlend or Download JavaFX for HTC Windows Mobile.

Having 2go Connection problem on HTC windows mobile? Here's the FIX:
Go to settings>>> click connections >>> click connections again >>> click add new modem connection and enter your mobile network manual settings.

Have other 2go related problems not mentioned here? Ask a question using the comment Box

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Please i want 2 use 2go 2 chat with my friend


Hey Special10

Please describe the problem why you can't use 2go to chat with your friend.
What platform? Mobile / PC?


Download New 2go Mobile Messenger 3.5
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2go The South African Mobile app that's Bigger than Facebook In Africa announced that they've reached an astonishing 20 million users in may 2012, that number has grown significantly since then and it's only right that they make improvements to the popular chat software.

A New 2go Version 3.5 is now available for upgrade.
User say it's a lot faster that previous versions, 100 character status updates, and added support for more mobile devices - but I'll let you be the judge.

The latest News section of the 2go website is not updated as frequiently as it should, but Important announcement are sent to users via the 2go News section in the application. Hopefully this information will reach all users soon.

To Download the new 2go Version 3.5 on Mobile Phone - Visit http://wap.2go.im
To use it on PC visit http://pc.2go.im

I'll not be impressed by them until they create 2go for iPhone application (iOS)

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2go's new version isnt workin on my phone....HELP!!!
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please 2go doesnt seem to work with my phone samsung chat 222 i mean the version 3.5
how do i get to download my version 3 back their website isnt showing anything else apart from d new version


Re: 2go's new version isnt workin on my phone....HELP!!!
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Hve you tried alternative websites fro the previous version?


2go 3.0.3 attached
« Reply #6 on: December 18, 2012, 10:05 PM »
Hello Bealuv, I have attached the old 2go 3.03 to this post - Download and try it
Click here to download it


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