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With A straight face and all the seriousness i can gather, i sit and write this to YOU - Yes You!!

You visit Ngbuzz.com because you saw a topic they posted on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble or Google search.. You read through that post, Find the information you're looking for or not, when done You Close the page - And LEAVE!!!

Sadly, that is the routine of 99.9 % of Ngbuzz Users. . No! ..Scratch that - You don't deserve to be called a "USER" because you don't USE Ngbuzz.. you're a PASSERBY or VISITOR (AND WE DON'T NEED YOU!!!)

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH BRAIN JUICE IT TAKES TO WRITE AN ARTICLE? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY MUSCLES ARE INVOLVED IN RIGHT-CLICKING, COPYING, AND PASTING FROM ANOTHER SOURCE? - If your answer is YES.. Then you're a Liar, and We all know what happens to liars .. Their Pants catch Fire! - but lets leave that for another day.

Do these words, " MOTIVATE, PARTICIPATE, APPRECIATE, USER, COMMENT, FEEDBACK, THANK, SUPPORT, ... I could go on and on.. Do they Mean ANYTHING to you???

Why would you CHOOSE TO NOT EXPRESS your opinion on a topic in the world where free speech is preached?
Why would you not show appreciation for something you like? Or shows your disapproval of something you Don't Like.
You choose to sit on the fence.. We, don't want you to fall so we're helping you Get down.

I have one question for You!!! --- WHY DID YOU REGISTER ON NGBUZZ.COM? To Occupy my server space???
ITS CALLED "NGBUZZ DISCUSSION FORUM" Notice the keyword 'FORUM' - and Dictionary Definition gives an Internet Forum:
An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

They say the Communication loop is not complete unless FEEDBACK is received.  DO you agree? because We at Ngbuzz have had enough of the communication Break down due to Barriers ONLY YOU know about.
Is our Text FONT not legible?
You cannot find the COMMENT / REPLY button??
You cannot find the REGISTER / LOGIN pane?
WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?? *Hits Head on Keyboard*

WHY NGBUZZ.COM was Created
OK.. I'm calm... and thinking straight.. And here are my thoughts -

Ngbuzz.com Forum was created to allow 100% USER PARTICIPATION, Users can Create their own Topics under different subjects that have been categorized neatly. With the Comment / Reply button users who don't want to create their own topics could also participate.
It added a PM future so, Users can privately communicate with each other.
It added a "Register With Facebook" feature which allows users to logon Ngbuzz with their Facebook account.
It Introduced Weekly Face Of Ngbuzz - which allowed Users to be featured on Ngbuzz Home page.

Following the recent OCCUPY Protests against Government Policies and revolutions going on around the world - We hereby OCCUPY our Ngbuzz - And rid it of unnecessary Users / Passerby / Visitors
on the 23rd of January 2012 - Monday 9PM - NGBUZZ.COM WILL ADD a LOCK Feature On all its Pages.
Ngbuzz.com will No longer be accessible to PASSERS.. and VISITORS.. only LEGITIMATE USERS will be welcomed.
All Dormant accounts Not used in 90 Days will be DELETED!!!

You all Have a Nice Day!

S Briggs

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I'm so soooorry promise to be better!


I created this account to say only one thing:

I had never heard of this forum before, but you've made a terrible, terrible first impression. You've given me no reasons to discuss anything at all with you or that suck-up Cattie. You'll never see me again, that's for sure.


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