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Valentines day is just around the corner and preparations are full gear - The day originally intended to appreciate the special people in your life, sharing gifts, spending time together.

That has been thrown out the window as People now have different Agendas for Valentines day which usually involves immoral acts.
Not everyone one is in the celebration mood tho.

In a recent post by "OmoPastor" on NLand - He alleges that Valentines day celebration is forbidden by the Christian faith because it promotes immorality. How True is this??

Here's the Post
Celebration of valentine's day is not part of Christianity. its the devil's way of propagating immorality within the young. instead, valentine's day should be an aggressive soul winning day for all christians by organising programs that will bring them into church rather than joining them in immorality.

Any one born again should not be part of valentine's celebration apart from soul winning. they do not understand what love means therefore they multiply unto themselves iniquity upon iniquity. the only love we celebrate is the unfailing love of God for us which translated to the death of His Son on the cross for us. this is the love we preach to the whole world.

the message is simple; God loves you as a sinner and has  forgiven you of all your iniquities, why don't you accept this free gift of eternal life!

In other to counter the pressure valentines day raises in promoting fornication and immoral acts - some christian denominations have gone ahead to create church events celebrating Valentines day in a different way to keep the youths busy.

Do i dare say "Happy Valentines?" lol
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