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Ibo man
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There was a very rich man who was dying and he has three bosom friends,one was a Yoruba man,the other one a Hausa man and the last an Igbo man.Before he died,he gave each of his friend an amount of three(3)million and instructed them to put all the money he gave them back into his coffin before he will finally be buried.So on the day of his(ie the rich man)burial,all his three friends were there and the Yoruba man was first to put and he put 2 million naira and kept one million for himself,The Hausa put one million naira into the rich's man coffin also and kept 2 million for himself and the last person who is the Igbo man came and put a cheque for three million naira and told the dead man to go and withdraw the money from his a/c in the bank!!!


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