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The most anticipated show on African television, Big brother Star Game Begins with a Live Sunday show to introduce contestants this year, Voting rules, Twists etc.

The House
The VIP / Celebrities move into a beautiful 5 Star looking House called "Up Ville" while the other housemates in pairs will occupy a different house designed In Retro style - The Down Ville House.

We have been talking about it for months - From the auditions venues to the new celebrities added - I am Excited To get this Gossip started - Are you?

The Host
After all the Speculations about who will be the presenter this year, IK Osakioduwa still holds the spot, making this his Fourth season as Big Brother Africa Presenter. He brings a whole new flavor to the live Sunday shows - Randomly firing Questions at Housemates without warning, spontaneous and great sense of humor - Some Nigerians believe he was retained as Host of the show to keep the Nigerian Fans satisfied.

First up to the stage, The Celebrity contestants - Nigeria's Goldie - AKA "Nigeria's Lady GAGA" with her 5 inch long eyelashes says as far as relationships in the house go "Self Service" will be the best for her... O_o - Her name is currently Trending On twitter just like Karen did the first day she entered the house.
Other Nigerian Housemates Chris(25) and Ola(29) - As the weeks go by, we'll get to know the rest.

The Guest Performance By J Cole got the fans screaming and singing along, especially when he did the popular "Can't get enough" track. - In his final words, J Cole confessed that this is his first Visit to Africa - and he'll definitely be coming back!
Last year almost every artist invited to perform on the Big Brother Live Sunday Lip Synced their songs - I change the channel when they do that nonsense. If you can't perform your song Live, Don't call yourself a musician.

The New Nomination Style For Down Ville House Mates
Housemates in the down ville House Will NOT be nominating themselves this year.
Instead A random selection process will be done by a Machine Verified and Audited.

The first Nominations this week done by random selection was Tanzania - The second, Zimbabwe. This means come next Sunday, one of the pairs will be Evicted.
How the VIP housemates in the Up-Ville house will be nominated or evicted is yet to be revealed.

How to Vote In Big brother Africa StarGame
There are 3 Options available to vote: Click the Option that suits you below

This week The Tanzania and Zimbabwe Pair are up for eviction - Vote for your favorite by SMS or online http://www.africaMagic.tv/Bigbrother

Voters stand a chance of Winning one of 14 brand new Big Boy Scooters – every time you vote for your favourite housemate, your details is entered into a draw to win one of the weekly prizes.
The weekly prizes include:

Click here - To Send Your personalized messages to the TV Strap  - sending your tweets with the hash tag #BigBroAfrica or #StarGame will allow them show on TV too.

Not everyone is a Fan of Big Brother Africa; One twitter user sent this in:
How will Nigeria Move forward when her youths take so much delight in unproductive Bullshit! BBA my ass!!!

Keep up with all the latest Gist, Gossip and drama happening in the house while you're on the go!
Follow the Official BigBrother Star game Twitter Handle @BigBroAfrica
Also Follow @Ngbuzz - @Briggz5d for unfiltered comments and analysis.

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Remember when we promised you all the juicy Gossip and details going on in the house? - We meant it.
As housemates in Up-Ville and Down-Ville Big Brother Africa House settled in, made introductions and tried to familiarize themselves with their environment and others, some characters have started shining.

At the Down-ville house, the name everyone now knows is OLA( the Nigerian partner with Chris) - The Ladies were all Over him especially Junia The Asian-looking African. (her eyes are just too far apart) - So what is it about Ola that has now made him a Chick magnet? His Huge Body Frame? - Or the new Strategy is to get close to the Nigerians.

BigBrother Africa Maneta Crying
After a few shots of tequila and other liquor, it finally dawned on the Nominated housemates from Zimbabwe and Tanzania that their Big Brother Africa experience will end in ONLY 1 week - Menata and Teclar  start crying uncontrollably. See Video
It took the strong hands of Ola and Chris to calm the girls down - If it was all just an act, It probably worked its purpose.
BigBrother Africa Maneta Crying
Zimbabwe’s Maneta - Crying her eyes out

While Maneta was busy crying her Eyes out - Some Fast guys where trying to Get Lucky but only got away with a kiss.
Its officially the FIRST kiss of the season between Kenya's Malonza and Namibia's Junia.
After the Kiss, the two got cozy in bed but all his attempts to go second base on the first night failed with an excuse "I have a Boyfriend, Lets get o know each other"

As for the Up Ville VIP housemates, Goldie had an early Night - A little confrontation between Roki and Lady May raised a lot of questions in the house - Housemates are now convinced that Roki is SICK in the head! and so am i.
That guy is a Nut job - Or maybe its just an act - time will tell.

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Fight Night at the BigBrother Africa StarGame
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All the claws and teeth came out last night in Both houses. After a few drinks housemates totally lost it.

In UpVille - It was drunk Prezzo against Barbz - He adviced Barbz to leave the house and go get pregnant. Barbz simply sat there and smiled at all the insults - Other housemates tried hard not to get sucked into the Beef session by not taking sides.
There's now an invincible divide between the girls and the guys.

At the over crowded Downville house, Yelling, pushing, slaps, and things were being thrown around. A bit difficult to tell who was fighting. The usually suspect = Alcohol.

Tonight One of the nominated pair in Downville will Be Evicted from the big Brother House (or sent to UpVille?) We'll find out soon enough

Dammit!! Before i could finish writing this, Goldie puts pressure on Prezzo to go apologize... Prezzo swallowed he's pride and did just that. See the Video

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Eviction / Nomination Sunday -
The Zimbabwean Housemates - Maneta and Teclar got called to the stage - followed by Hilda and Julio who thought they were safe.

Maneta was sent off the stage by IK after viewing her highlights for the week - I wasn't surprised when she Joined the UpVille house where she was welcomed and embraced by the VIPs. The Tears she shed on the first day after being nominated wasn't in vain after all. Africa heard Her Cry!!!
All the others were evicted (Teclar, Hilda, Julio).

So what this means is - Tho the housemates came in pairs - The one with the Highest Number of Votes WINS!
Here's the Voting Results for this week, see which country voted for:
Angola: Julio
Botswana: Maneta
Ghana: Hilda
Kenya: Maneta
Liberia: Hilda
Malawi: Maneta
Namibia: Maneta
Nigeria: Hilda
South Africa: Maneta
Sierra Leone: Hilda
Tanzania: Hilda
Uganda: Hilda
Zambia: Maneta
Zimbabwe: Maneta
Rest of Africa: Maneta
Total: Hilda = 6; Julio = 1; Maneta = 8; Teclar = 0 (Total: 15 Votes)

BigBrother Africa Star Game Nominated Housesmates up for eviction this week:
Liberia: Yadel and Luke
Sierra Leone: Dalphine and Zainabe
The Housemate with the highest number of Votes gets to move to Upville VIP house, while the others will be Booted out.
Click here to Vote   

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Over the past weeks, some big brother housemates have threatened to leave the game after being put under some pressure or confrontation, but none has actually left the house voluntarily until now.

Ola, the House Giant has opted out of the Game sighting deteriorating Health as his reason, Chris his fellow Nigerian partner will also be affected by this voluntary exit.

They entered in pairs, and will leave the house in pairs in the case of a voluntary exit.

It's a shame, they both kept the house alive with endless conversations, jokes and Over-flowing Nigerian Swag!

This leaves Goldie in the StarGame as the Only Nigerian.
Well Done Ola and Chris - You two represented Naija to the Fullest.

See Video ... http://t.co/BkJBuzW5

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The Second Eviction Bigbrother Africa StarGame:
 Dalphine and Zainab Are the first pair called out by IK to the stage... Followed by Luke and  yadel.
Everyone expected Jessica to break into tears but she's holding up just fine...

Zainab was first to be Evicted and sent off the stage followed by Yadel and Luke.

This leave Dalphine as the only surviver of this weeks eviction, she joins The UpVille VIP housemates where she's welcomed with hugs and kisses. Let's see how she adapts to the new environment.

If Luke has started his love affair with Jessica earlier in the week, I bet it would have won him some charity votes.

The Twist begins: The UpVille Housemates have been living the Celeb lifestyle for two weeks without Nominations.

This week IK announces that their will be no Downville Nominations, instead the Upville VIP Housemates will Nominate themselves The Old fashion way on Monday!

The new housemate who just joined them "Dalphine" will be Exempted from nominations this week Else she'd be an easy target.

Downville housemates got an emotional Message from Ola and Chris which brought tears to some eyes.

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The Upville housemates up for possible eviction on sunday has been announced - Chief Executive Gossiper Mampi, her Secretary Maneta and DKB. Being head of house DKB saved himself on Monday, putting up warrior Lady May in his place.
On Sunday one of the three VIP Upville housemates will be demoted to Downville - while two others will be evicted!
Click Here to Vote - save your favorite VIP Housemate.

Some Upville housemates didn't have any trouble choosing who to nominate and have moved on.. others are taking it personal.
Most especially, Roki, Maneta and Mampi - The never ending drama reached its peak last night when Roki woke up crying to Mampi about everything he has said and Done! Literally CRYING like a baby and making No sense at all.
Minutes after Roki was done crying his eyes out to Mampi - The Chief Executive Gossiper goes upstairs to disrupt Maneta's beauty sleep, Why? BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO GOSSIP. 
After listening to Mampi replay all what Roki just said, maneta warned her NEVER to wake her up from her sleep again even is Roki is Dying. lmao

Is this the Zimbabwean Strategy? To shed tears when you feel you have been nominated to get sympathy votes? or is Roki genuinely sorry for all the things he has said and done to Maneta?
If a girl turns you down, why not take it like a Man and move on, why start a personal war against her.. Maneta is convinced Roki is threatened by the fact that they are from same country Plus her Beauty!
I said it before, and I'll say it again - Roki is SICK in the Head!

Charlotte Tshabaesele Narrates the previous war of words between the Two Zimbabwean housemates..
Maneta told Roki to get over himself. Roki asked "what were you studying again? Stupidity?" Maneta insulted him back by telling him that he's 27 so he should grow up. Roki told Maneta that she's spoiled, to which she replied "my mother died when I was three and my father when I was 11. How can I be spoiled?" Roki asked her if she expects sympathy for that. As the two were a bit too close to each other, Prezzo had to hold Roki back, and took him outside. While Roki was venting to Prezzo, Maneta was venting to Mampi. Mampi was very upset, as she told Maneta that people (Roki) who she thought were her friends had nominated her. "I stood up for Roki, which hurts the most," she said. Maneta told her that he is a boy trapped in a man's body and that she can't be nice to him, even though he asks her to.

Upville Romance?
WHAT THE HELL IS GOLDIE DOING WITH PREZZO??? - He's coming on to her and she's not resisting, trying to Build an alliance? do it from a distance!!! whats with the sleeping in his bed, late night senseless conversations and gossip.
C'mon Goldie You're better than this!!! Not saying there's anything wrong with Prezzo, he's just not her type!

As for Zainab... She's settling in just fine with the VIP's except Maneta.. She also finds the house Boring! -

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A lot Went down during the week which I didn't have time to gossip about, From Zainabs Sudden hair shave, Roki's outbursts to Downville's No alcohol punishment.
In Tonight's Live Eviction / Nomination show - Head of House - DKB announced to his fellow housemates that he switched Himself for Lady May. His reason? "He knew she would survive being a strong character" - and she did survive!

All week while Africa voted - We already knew that Mampi the Chief Gossiper would be the one to leave. So it was no surprise when IK announced that Lady May and Maneta are safe.
The only UpVille housemate who will miss her is Maneta.

Up on the evictions stage, IK asked what the beef was between DKB and  Mampi.. Mampi replied that she thinks It's because she refused His advances towards her...
IK made her do her famous Thunder thigh dance.

DownVille Random Nominations this week
The Ghanian couple Mildred and Keita were first to be nominated, followed by Edith and Eve from Botswana.
Who will be sent Home, who will be sent to spice things up in Upville? - Let the Voting begin!

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The pairs Edith and Eve, Mildred and Keitta were up for eviction this week - they were all called to the stage but Mildred didn't Join them.

When Keitta was asked why His girlfriend has refused to come up the stage - He said it was due to the fact that she requested for a hairdo from Bigbrother and didn't get it. (Brazilian hair addiction - she doesn't want to let her fans see her like this)

When the votes were announced, the housemates with lowest country votes - Mildred and Edith were first evicted, leaving Keitta and Eve on the stage.

At last the Housemate that survived this week eviction was Keitta - Finally a Guy joins the UpVille VIP housemates.

Prezzo, Roki and other VIP housemates all dressed up to impress a new female housemate. From The look on their faces when Keitta showed up, you can see great disappointment.

Zainab and Maneta jumped in excitement to welcome their former housemates, Keitta. They could even wait for him to sit down before demanding for all the Downville Gossip.

Former big brother Amplified housemate Hanni and JK performed on the live stage - The Best words to describe the performance are: LIP SYNC - AUTOTUNE - SOFTPORN.

Upville Monday nominations:
The New housemate - Keitta -  will be exempted from nominations this week in UpVille ... With all that has happened during the week - Let's see nominations go and who will be on the chopping block this week... - I bet DKB and Prezzo will be up.

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The Bigbrother Africa Rules clearly states that violence will not be tolerated from housemates - So when DKB and Zainab decided to let their anger get the best of them and lay hands on each other, it spelled DOOM for both housemates.

I heard from Amebo @Aleepinky that Zainab and DKB got in a brutal fight...dkb slapped her THRICE!
So Bigbrother had no choice but to disqualify both of Housemates

So no eviction for upville housemates dis week because the both of them had the highest nominations and are supposed to be up for eviction this week. - They've saved Africa the trouble of Voting and made DSTV loose some Voting Money this week. smh

According to the Bigbrother Africa Blog - The altercation started after Zainab walked into the shower while DKB was showering. This infuriated the Ghanaian comedian who came rushing out of the bathroom to confront Zainab. DKB told Zainab that no self-respecting woman would do what she did and the argument then escalated and DKB threatened to slap her. At this point the Sierra Leonean got in his face and repeatedly shouted: “Slap me now.” The comedian lost his cool and eventually slapped the model and the two wrestled each other until the other housemates charged in to break up the fight.

BigBrother's Disqualification Message:
“DKB – you have been disqualified from the game for contravening the violence rule. You must pack your bags immediately, and take them to Storeroom. You must say goodbye to your Housemates and then leave the house through the Storeroom. DKB, leave the Diary Room immediately, and pack your bags,” Big Brother said.

To Zainab, Big Brother said; “having reviewed the footage very carefully, Big Brother can come to no other conclusion than that your provocation of DKB contributed substantively to the incident. For this reason, Big Brother has concluded that you have also been disqualified. Once DKB has left the House, you too will pack your bags and take them to the storeroom. You will then say goodbye to your Housemates, and leave through the storeroom.”

Video of DKB Slapping Zainab


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See a Picture of how Goldie and Prezzo's Baby Might Look
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For different reasons best known to them, A lot of people are totally against the On and Off relationship of Bigbrother Africa VIP hosuemates "Nigerian Goldie and Prezzo"

Is it the deceit Prezzo portrays which Africa can see through? I don't know..
I logged on to Twitter this morning and found this picture being circulated about how A child from Goldie and Prezzo might look.

feel free to comment.


This week the Namibians, Jessica and Junia and the South Africans - Lee and Keagan were up for eviction. During IK's usual interrogation session on stage, Jessica confessed that her feelings for Luke is real while Junia had to count how many guys she has kissed in the house.
Finally Junia Was upgraded to Upville while Jessica was sent home.

Junia's welcome to the VIP house was a little MEAN. All VIP housemates sat down like the VIP they are and said Hello, Welcome to junia - as if she wasn't welcomed. Her other former Downville housemates (keitta and Maneta) played a little surprise trick on Junia by hiding themselves.

Upnext keagan and Lee were called to the stage, and Lee sent home.. Keagan the trouble maker has been upgraded to the Upville house.
They're both immune from nominations on Monday.

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Housemates in this season of The Hit TV show "Bigbrother Africa"seem not interested in winning the Money $300,000 Prize. When provoked, they let ego, pride and anger completely take over and so far this has led to the disqualification of 4 housemates.
First it was the DKB vs. Zainab Slap situation and now the most recent exit of the Zimbabweans - Roki and Maneta makes you wonder who's Next.

The country mates never got along from the start when Maneta joined the Upville VIP house. Roki's crush on her immediately turned into dislike. Maneta just found him irritating and didn't hide her feelings.

I didn't see the Fight go down, My Co-gossiper "AleePinky" has been busy forming -Business Woman- and failed to Alert me, thus the late update of this tragedy. It was reported that Roki Poured water on Maneta's head and she retaliated by pouring cleaning fluid on Roki. Maneta also threatened to Stab Roki.

Here's what Biggie had to say:
"Maneta and Roki – you have both contravened the Provocation rule – repeatedly. Roki you intentionally provoked Maneta by pouring water over her head. Maneta, you then threw cleaning fluid in Roki’s face. Maneta, you also threatened to stab Roki. This after you had both thrown fluids over each other earlier in the day. Big Brother asked you both to show restraint – and neither of you did. As you are both no doubt aware, you have left Big Brother with absolutely no choice. In terms of the House Rules you have both been disqualified from the game."

But what is bad for one is good for another in the Bigbrother house. - This may mean that Nominated housemates this week will not be evicted? or since the voting has already started, Bigbrother will still have to send one person home on Sunday?

I Never thought i'd say this but i will miss Roki's Crazy and meaningless conversations. As for Manetai probably wont notice her absence until its Jacuzzi time when she served as Good Eye-candy.

Here's a Video of the Roki / Maneta Fight:


Barbz Evicted from BigBrother Africa Stargame.
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After the Upville and downville Highlights for the week, Live performances and Catching up with evicted housemates "Lee and Jessica" - its time to get the main event started.

Goldie is called to reveal who she saved and replaced.. As usual, she breaks into tears and goes down on her knees to ask barbz forgiveness for not saving her. - As head of House, Goldie saved Prezzo and replaced him with Ghanian Keitta - a decision she has been beating herself up about, and even threatened to voluntarily exit.

Between keitta and Barbz.. Africa saved Kietta.
Barbs has been Evicted from the Bigbrother Africa star Game.

Here's how Africa Voted:

DownVille Nominations:
By Random Nominations - The Pairs up for Nomination this week are:
Zambia - Talia and Tamara
Malawi -  Nafe and Wati


Last week Sunday on the Bigbrother Africa Stargame Live eviction / Nomination show, Barbz was evicted. Tonight's Eviction kicked off with an interview with barbs - She said it was no surprise that Goldie didn't save her and called Goldie "Unstable".

Then the Hilarious highlights of the week featured Drunk Wati including the weeks task which they lost.
This is followed by the Upville housemates Highlights and their fantastic task presentation they won.

IK is not playing around this week: Without his regular jokes and all that, He immediately called Malawian pair to the stage - Wati and Nafe.

After the performance by Toya Delazy - Wati was asked about his Love for alcohol, To which he said "I Love my alcohol. It's my tradition." (IK didn't ask Nafe Any questions.. WHY??)

The Zambian sisters Talia and Tamara are called out of the downville house to join IK on stage.
IK's 1st question - The Fight between them.. which they managed to avoid answering directly.
Tamara looks Exquisite tonight huh? - her highlights was filled with Booting shacking dances, IK couldn't get enough and asked them to dance again on stage.
When asked about her relationship with Seidu - Talia said it will continue after the show, and Blew Seidu - who was sitted in the audience - a kiss

Decision Time:
The first house mate to be sent off the stage out of the four was the gentle Nafe - The Second housemate to be evicted was Tamara.. Now between Talia and Wati - Bigbrother decided to send them Both into Upville house.

With this Eviction - The Downville house is Kinda empty, As expected - Bigbrother decides to Move the remaining Downville housemates to Upville.

The Upville housemates expected two New Housemates (Talia and Wati) - but were later joined by The remaining 4 Downville housemates...

One house! New rules:
1. Housemates Play as Individuals from now on, No longer pairs.
2. All housemates mixed together will nominate and can be nominated on Monday (Except Talia and Wati who Africa voted to stay.)

I think this new Mix will make things more interesting inthe house, New Romance, gossip, confrontation, enemies etc. Lets see how Monday Nominations Go!!

Oh and Good trick Goldie played on Talia and Wati, She welcomed them into the house while others ran to Hide. Then sat them down and gave a Serious speech about Fake House rules like: You must make all our beds for one week, You must wash your own dishes, etc. lol Good one Goldie..

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The first eviction since the Both houses Mixed saw 5 housemates up for eviction: Malonza, Kyle, Goldie, Prezzo, and Junia. After all the votes have been counted - IK announced to the housemates that Prezzo and Kyle are safe.

2 housemates will be sent home tonight - The first evicted was Malonza .. In his interview, He told IK that his relationship with Junia is only on a Friendship level.

The next housemate to be evicted was Junia: You'd think Africa would save couples - But i guess there were up against strong characters Africa loved the most. Or Africa saw through the fake relationship she and Malonza put up?

Nigeria's Davido performed (Lip synced) his hit track "Dami duro" to end the evening.

How Africa Voted this Week:
Judging from his past running with housemates and Playing with Goldie's Heart - You'd think Prezzo will get ONLY ONE country vote from his Home country. - When IK said the words "Prezzo, You're safe" - I Bet @AleePinky almost threw up.

I'm still trying to figure out what kind of Human being would you have to be, or if you're normal to pick up your phone, And vote For Prezzo.. Like WTF. This voting result has foul-play written all over it. - But what can we do? Its Biggie's Game.

Angola: Junia
Botswana: Lady May
Ghana: Goldie
Kenya: Prezzo
Liberia: *Goldie / Lady May
Malawi: Kyle
Namibia: Lady May
Nigeria: Goldie
South Africa: Lady May
Sierra Leone: Lady May
Tanzania: Prezzo
Uganda: Kyle
Zambia: Malonza
Zimbabwe: Lady May
Rest of Africa: Goldie

Total: Lady May = 5.5; Goldie = 3.5, Prezzo = 2, Kyle = 2, Malonza = 1, Junia = 1. (Total: 15 Votes)
*Goldie and Lady May shared a vote for Liberia.

Someone tell me How Lady May managed to get More Country Votes Than Goldie!!!!! C'mon People - She doesn't even exist in the BigBrother House.
Goldie Survived as expected, but the rest of the result is just Annoying! SMH @ Africa


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Nigeria's Goldie Evicted from Bigbrother Africa StarGame!
« Reply #16 on: July 15, 2012, 07:10 PM »
The Big Brother Africa Live Eviction show kicked off with 2 "Asian looking dark skinned girls surrounding IK" -
And a performance by Winky -D - Zimbabwean Dancehall King and Liberian DJ Blue on the decks.

The weeks highlight featured the Rescue Bigbrother Task, Wati's Ban from every drinking alcohol throughout his stay in the house, etc

During the week you voted for who should stay in the house, out of the nominated four housemates: Here's what the Unofficial Polls say about who will leave.

In a Few moments we will discover who is leaving...

It seems the Unofficial Polls lied this time.. Lady may and Kyle have been pronounced SAFE for this week.
The Housemate that is leaving the Bigbrother house is Goldie! - Prezzo is safe.

Goldie sheds tears like a button in her pocket controls it - So when IK began his usual line of questioning, i knew she'd mess-up her make up with tears. The Person in the crowd who shouted "YOU'RE A DISGRACE TO NIGERIA" didn't help matters either.

According to AleePinky "Any African Voodoo or Juju Kyle, Lady May and Prezzo did (That ring) is working for them or is Biggie tampering voting results?

Goldie Doing her thing - CRYING

Truth be told. I, AleePinky and many other Nigerians are Glad Goldie is Out of the Game!!!
Like IK said, she wasn't a disgrace to Her country Nigeria - She just fell in-love with the Wrong guy - and its best she's evicted now so she can see him for who he really is.

With Only 9 Housemates left in the Game - The $300,000 Prize money is soo near.. With Goldie out, A lot of Nigerians might find BBA even more boring that it already was...

Voting Results
Here's who which country voted for:

Angola: Prezzo
Botswana: Lady May
Ghana: Kyle
Kenya: Prezzo
Liberia: Prezzo
Malawi: Kyle
Namibia: Lady May
Nigeria: Goldie
South Africa: Kyle
Sierra Leone: Kyle
Tanzania: Prezzo
Uganda: Kyle
Zambia: Kyle
Zimbabwe: Lady May
Rest of Africa: Goldie

Total: Kyle = 6; Lady May = 4, Prezzo = 3, Goldie = 2. (Total: 15 Votes)

Next? Monday nominations..

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Goldie is Gone - The Bigbrother Stargame continues even if most Nigerians have totally lost interest in it. The only thing worth watching is the highlight shows and evictions. (I might be wrong)

Tonight's Live eviction show which is in a couple of hours will feature Performances by former Bigbrother Amplified Housemates Lomwe and Zeus

You can hit them up on twitter @Lomwe007 and @ZeusGC - Send questions to them using the hashtag #AskZeusAndLomwe

Lets see who gets evicted tonight - i really don't care anymore

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Pictures from Goldie's Star Studded Eviction Party
« Reply #18 on: July 29, 2012, 11:37 PM »

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With less than 1:29 minutes on the clock to the Big event = Bigbrother Africa Star game finale Tonight. The question everyone is asking is WHO WILL WIN THE $300.

The Voting Lines are closed, Africa has decided, and we cant wait for that moment when IK Will announce the winner and lets get on with our lives. (Stupid show.. kicking the wrong people out)

While we wait for the Final results - Here's what the Unofficial Polls are saying:
Bigbrother Africa Unofficial Poll results

This is some major Bullshit - iSwear *Spits* - I mean why would anyone Vote for Prezzo or even think of doing so?

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