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The Nigerian Mentality, Myths and beliefs
« on: May 15, 2012, 08:21 PM »
The common Nigerian mentality / Beliefs - You need to read this lol

All soft drinks are called "mineral"
All Fathers came first position while at school.
India beat Nigeria 99~1 because the ... ... ... ball turned into a Lion
If your wealth starts reducing its your village people that are
doing you something (Vodoo).
Rice and stew....Every Sunday afternoon.
Every commodity outside Africa is original.
Anybody with Aids got it through s x.
She's a Calabar girl "chai" she go sabi do...."
Every seasoning cube is called "Maggi"
You must finish the rice before you touch the meat.
Every toothpaste is called "ma-clean."
Every insecticide is called Fleet
Every detergent is called Omo.
Any rich Hausa is an Alhaji', The poor ones are Aboki' shuo"
If You smoke, you're an armed robber!
If you find money on the floor, Step on it on it before picking it up, else you turn to Yam!
Only science students are smart
Once you travel overseas you must be very rich, as if they share money on the plane
Drogba use juju tie Torres for leg lol
Every Girl that plays and jokes with a boy, has slept with him.
You must buy bread when traveling
When you loose a tooth, throw it on the roof of the house, and run round the house 7 times
Every noodle is called "indomie"

There are More ...add yours lol