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As Men, we sometimes go out of our way to get attention from a lady, nothing wrong with that - first impressions matter because it determines whether you'll get a chance to make a second impression or not...

Some guys have this whole "Chatting up a Lady" routine ready (After much practice in-front of the mirror) - It works on some girls, while on others, you just have to go with the flow - Or NOT flow at all.

I'm not making much sense huh? - I'll just shut up and let my Jamaican Friend - Vanessia Carr - tell you what she thinks is NOT CUTE that guys do.

Vanessia: "So I'm about to list out things men do that aren't cute:

1. Trying to holla at me with a plastic watch band? Really dude? That aint cute!

2. Thinking you're allowed to touch me when I'm walking pass. Ummm, not cute!

3. No seriously, you a walk bare foot pon road and think it mek sense fi call to mi? I'm not trying to be hype but what are the chances you'd call to me if my ass was dirty and a mess? Yh I thought so. Not cute!

4. Calling me Sarah, Jody, or some other random name to get me to look around. arrrggghhh. Not cute!

5. I tell you I have a boyfriend and you tell me you just wanna be my friend. Really now? Take a look at my FB page hun, I have enough thanks! That shyt aint cute!

6. Talking off my ears in a bus and whispering so low I can hardly hear. (Not that I mind). You bump me to get a response. "Ohhh sorry you were talking to me?" lol not cute!

7. Psssst pssst.... Yeah I thought so. There's a reason you don't know my name, I don't want you to have it! Aint I cute?

8. You want to what? Carry me out and treat me to lunch.. I look like I dek pon PATH Program or live inna a Food fi di poor house? Yh I'l pass.... Not cute.

I need an anti-call-to-mi spray. Jeez it's an adventure just walking down the road!"

Lol ain't she a bit full of herself? - Confidence!
Now - you might not agree with Vanessia's small List of The things guys do that is Not Cute, That's what the comment box is for.. Express your own personal Opinion.

I'm More interested in finding out the Things guys do that are Cute! - Hope I can get her to write that list too..

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Re: Guys: 8 Things you do that is NOT so Cute to females.
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Thanks for ur teachn dear.


Re: Guys: 8 Things you do that is NOT so Cute to females.
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hey ya'all u knw wat i dnt want to spoil ur moment but hw cn a guy c a girl he like passing d street every day nd d next week he start practice hw to talk to d girl wen he is true he den.want to go nd talk to d girl den d girl den make look like a fool on d steet wat will ya say about dat.wat d girl did was kul ''huu'' cm on c d trut dere.nd d pisst,dey dnt knw ur name wat do u want dem to call u,ok i get it u want dem tn cal u "hess'', about a guy taking u out for lunch it's a date nt wat ever u call it nd if a guy ask"cn u b my frnd"ur ans should b yes or no y re u telling them to check ur fb nonsense'gosh'u knw wat am out if u nid to talk call this my phone num 08182118031 or vist me in fb or 2go my fb is jonathan king ive nt yet add a pix wile my 2go is donaldo236 tanx am out.


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