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Let's get it clear before some dirty minds mistake the term "Street Hawking" for something else.

I'm referring to the sales of Goods and Services on the streets (Not that kind Services oh).

I'm not an avid listener of radio, neither do I watch the state TV often - so i didn't hear about this until @TouchPH (one of Port Harcourt's Authoritative twitter Reps) brought it to my attention by starting a discussion with the Harsh tag #NoHawkingPH

 Apparently Street Hawking is now BANNED on major streets of Port Harcourt despite protests.

Fines ranging from N5,000 to N15,000 and even Jail term sentence to be issued by Mobile courts awaits defaulters.

Before you begin to shout Amaechi name - This Order was given by the River State Environmental Sanitation Authority (with Amaechi Approval sha..).
The Ban affects Port Harcourt L.G.A and Obio/Akpo LGA of the state.

They (Spokes person - Mr Olalekan Ige) partly blames the street hawkers for the Amount of refuse dumped daily by buyers of their products on the streets of Port Harcourt.

I'm not sure how i feel about this because it really won't affect me in anyway - But it will have huge impacts on people's lively-hood.

Leave a comment or Join the Discussion on twitter now with the hashtag #NoHawkingPH - tell us what you think.
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Street Hawking banned in Port harcourt

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