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    Obama VS Romney

    Election time in every country sees Nominated candidates go head to head while trying to win the people's votes.
    Public debates about policies that will be implemented, unbelievable but enticing promises are made - and the fun part is when they try to discredit each other, making opponents look bad in the public eye.

    I Especially love how all this is done without any report of Violence between supporters, and wish the African Continent can learn a thing or two about election campaigning from the USA.

    President Barack Obama will Emerge the Winner of the 2012 US presidential election
    I'm Not a prophet, not being optimistic here and not a huge fan of Obama - I've got my President Goodluck Jonathan, Governor Ameachi and others here in Nigeria to show my support to.

    Any neutral by stander like me will agree with the statement that Barack Obama will win the 2012 US presidential election after they see the Compelling Advert by Samuel L Jackson - (Everyone is a Samuel L Jackson Fan.. EVERYONE!!!) - See Video that will Win Obama the US elections below

    The Advert shows a Little girl trying to wake her entire family UP to the reality of the 2012 US elections and show support for Obama. When ever they show lack of interest, Samuel L Jackson pops out from No where..

    Catchy phrases from the Samuel L Jackson Obama Support Advert to remember:
    • Romney and his Vip will remake the country in ways that are drastic
    • To the Parents: The Out of touch Millionaires just declared war - on schools, the environment, unions, fair pay. We're all on our own if Romney has his way - I Strongly suggest that you WAKE THE F*** UP!
    • To the Brother:All politicians are the Same? Obama sent seal to Bin Ladens place, Romney sent Jobs over seas - Dude Wake the F*** UP
    • To the older sisters:I know you're Facebooking, but wow - Stop Bullshitting
    • To the Grand parents: HELL no it can't wait, your lives will be affected, Romney and Rian will Gut medicare if they're elected, ask the pet checkers - Those two are Fat dockers... .. (what do you want us to do?) - Say HELL NO MUFCKERS!!
    • And finally when the little girl goes back to her room, Opens up the window and screams to the entire neighborhood - WAKE THE F*KC UP!!!
    LMAO at the look on there faces when they see Samuel L Jackson - Not sure if its an expression of shock at seeing him or they just had a revelation.

    Other Not-so-Popular US Presidential Election Candidates:
    Other US Presidential election 2012 Candidates
    • Gary Johnson: Won Libertarian nomination - Two terms as governor of New Mexico - Previously sought GOP nomination.
    • Vigil Goode: Constitution Party nominee - Former Virginia congressman - Touts his conservative credentials
    • Jill Stein:  Won Green Party nomination -  Massachusetts physician -  Ran against Romney in 2002 for governor
    • Rocky Anderson: Justice Party co-founder - Former Salt Lake City mayor - Worked with Romney on 2002 Olympics

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