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What's your favorite food?
« on: May 25, 2011, 02:20 PM »
come! una no dey chop food sef?! wats ur fav food jawe.... tehehe

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Re: What's your favorite food?
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Roasted toad and fish........


Re: What's your favorite food?
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Food is necessary for survival. We might have heard about the food chain where birds eat worms, animals eat birds and we eat animals – at least some of them! We need food in our system in order to survival. But there is segregation. Some human beings eat vegetables and some eat non-vegetarian. For those who cannot eat non-vegetarian miss out a lot of things but then there are delicacies in vegetarian that are scrumptious.
When we go to places like Hyderabad, Bengal, Assam, Punjab or Orissa – we might not find too much of options in vegetarian dishes, and if there are – then they are not worth eating. New Delhi is one state where you can find almost anything. If you are in New Delhi, then you will find plenty of food for the vegans.
Turning into a vegan or being a vegetarian could have many reasons – rituals, religion, caste, personal choice, availability or even likes and dislikes. But since you are in New Delhi, you will not have dearth of food. There is lots of food stuff to eat here!

You can find lots of yummy vegetarian food Delhi. Starting with vegetarian salad Delhi, you can find it in many eating outlets. There are 5 star hotels which serve vegetarian salads with the topping of your choice. Salad might not seem to be a very tempting offer for you but there are few places where you get amazing salads with broccoli, mushrooms, olives, turnips, corns and much more tossed in beautiful and delicious olive oil and mayonnaise. Sounds good, isn’t it? Vegetarian salad Delhi is easy to find!
If you are not too much of a salad person, then you can for the lovely north Indian food which is available almost everywhere in New Delhi. If you want yummy vegetarian food Delhi, then you can visit food courts at malls and have amazing Rajma Chawal, Chole Bhature with Indian bread and lots of other delicious Indian food.
There are healthy vegetarian foods available too such as soups, vegetarian momos which are available almost everywhere. You can also go for healthy vegetarian foods like dhokla – a specialty of the Western region. Plus, there are other main course vegetarian food such as the dal makhani and Indian bread which is really popular in New Delhi. Main course vegetarian recipes are numerous and really delicious. For deserts, you can visit bakery shops which have vegetarian cake recipes for vegans. New Delhi has all this and more and hence you need to visit the city of beautiful people and food real soon. Happy Veggie Eating!