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« on: October 06, 2012, 07:08 AM »
WARNING: This is not another Unprofitable Twitter List Or Article Properly Fashioned to Slander The Images of those Mentioned, But to enlighten Tweeps (Just to make Una know some kind things sha.
      "To be Conscious that you're Ignorant is a great step to Knowledge"     
                               - Benjamin Disraeli

Now, Recently We've been seeing some Disrespectful Tweets about "GOD".
  First it was @Shenino when he said "JESUS CHRIST MASTURBATED TOO" and y'all said "DON'T JUDGE HIM, DON'T BE A HYPOCRITE".
  Now its @IamPatricius who said "GOD IS STUPID" For creating a fellow Man like him (@Vic.O Baddest Rapper Alive In my Opinion (˘̯˘ )/ ) and as expected, Y'all Used The same words "DON'T JUDGE HIM"
    Now,Let me quickly define the word "JUDGEMENT". According to OXFORD DICTIONARY; "An Opinion that you form about something after thinking about it carefully".

    To say Something is "WRONG" is not you "CONDEMNING" That person but you bringing it to his Notice and you know what's really Funny?, Its To see y'all Being so Quick to Tongue-lash People who Tweet Stuff like " MY MOM/DAD IS SO STUPID"
   But when its about God,Its Hypocritical to say its "WRONG"? Mind you,I Never said he's going to Hell but only condemned the "ACT" and not Him.
         This is why I'm condemning the act, I know I'm not much of a Righteous Person Or A Tongue Speaking Spiro BUT Every Church going christian,No matter how dedicated you are should know when to Draw the line when it comes to God.
     Some Of Una go just dey yarn anyhow For here about things just to get RT's Then later If You Fail WAEC you go say Na Village.How person wey get sense go open he mouth to curse God and Human beings Go still dey Follow am,If You too get Mind na,Why U no curse Mohammed? Na den u go know say "ITS NOT JUST TWITTER".
     Twitter na some kind Extension Of some people Lives.Like if dey close This Site now, How @Tweetoracle wan take survive Or Trend sef? Men Go Dieeee, Just dey watch.
   Its a shame to see majority of the Twitter-Colossus Tweet stuff like "I'm so Horny,Can You give your BF/GF head before he/she takes a Shower?"
     A platform that can help bring some positive change(s) now just another Porn Site
   To those Mentioned above,DO NOT INSULT your Frontal Lateral Cortex and make good use of your brain today.

        "Wisdom is not finally tested in the Schools,Wisdom cannot be passed from one having it to another not having it,Wisdom is Of the soul,Is not Susceptible Of proof,is its own proof".

                             - Walt whitman
  I'm @calicux Aka Mr Flat Chested and before you ride my Nuts,Remember These words of Mode9 "Contradiction is the nature of Man".


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Re: Twitter-Colossus
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Nice Blog Cee,you did good,you should keep writing....anyone that doesn't agree with this write up should slap himself 4times,and if u insult me in ur mind,slap urself again.....Keep it up :)