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Senior junny ran away
« on: October 29, 2012, 06:23 PM »
A Girl was seating in front of her house'  senior jonny saw her.
 He walked up to her to tell the girl that he likes her.

Jonny: hello
Girl: hello
Jonny: how are you?
Girl: fine
Jonny: i saw u seating here, looking very beautiful.
i just can not ignore such a beautiful girl like u
Girl: you are a real gentle man.
Jonny: my name is Jonny senior and i have interest in you
please whats your name
Girl: my name is Egbegurugbagara but my friends call me Okurumebakutekinidogia but you can call me Finiengbedoki.
jonny: wait am coming(jonny pull his shows and ran away)
 he was running because the second name she called was the name of jonny village juju

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