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Twitter, Facebook and other Social media users lost self control following reports that a Pastor in Lagos received a Private JET from his congregation as gift.

I saw tweets calling for the regulation of pastors wealth, Taxation of churches and a few tweets warning others to let God be the judge.

Alee Pinky shared this on her Facebook wall and thought y'all should read it too.

She writes:

"You guys should please leave men of God and their acquired properties alone oo..
what's the argument here anyways?? Christianity isnt linked with poverty, contrary to the belief of Nigerians..so yes! A man of God can be wealthy!...

What's all these shittery about them not taking care of their 'poor' congregation?
Jesus didnt just give his disciples fish, he taught them how to fish, so don't expect your pastors to spoon feed you! Put your faith to work.

How would you guys know if they don't help anyways..are y'all in their churches??

y'all say they use your tithes and offerings to acquire their properties, thats none of your business.
You give offerings to God and not your pastors, so whatever they choose to do with it is none of your biz.. it is between them and God.

Caution people! Caution!!..be careful! Do not speak ill of ''any'' man of God, less you bring ill fate upon urself... caution!"

Nough said.