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So, you have an IPhone - you make & receive calls, send / Receive text messages and emails, use GPS navigation, listen to music and videos, pictures, etc. Thats sounds like typical phone usage, but there's MORE!!!
iphones jailbreaking

If you're a moderate user then this thread is not for you, unless you have question to ask.
The need to jail break your iPhone cannot be over emphasized. It's like Unlocking the chains apple has put on your iPhone. Therefore we suggest you jailbreak your iPhone only if you're eager to experience the best out of it. This also helps those who cannot secure an apple ID.

NOTE: Jailbreaking your iPhone invalidates your apple product warranty if any exist.

Jailbreaking, applications, tips & tricks will follow in subsequent posts.
We appreciate your contributions, comments or questions etc.

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How to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
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The following instructions will help you jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 2G/3G/4G, iPad and Apple TV 2G using GreenPois0n.
For this jailbreak you will need ITunes, well charged iPhone, the required firmware, and greenpoison. Downloads provided below

Other methods of jailbreaking exist, using - quickpwn, redsnow etc

NOTE: If your iPhone 4 rely on an unlock, do not update to iOS 4.2.1 yet as doing so will upgrade your baseband, making it impossible for now to unlock.

Step 1: Download GreenPois0n from the link given below.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer and click on “Jailbreak” as seen in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Now follow the following onscreen instructions to enter DFU mode:

Press and hold the sleep button for 2 seconds
Continue holding sleep; press and hold home for 10 seconds.
Release sleep button; continue holding home for 15 seconds.
Step 4: GreenPois0n will now start “Jailbreaking” your iOS device untethered on 4.2.1.

Step 5: Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch should now be successfully jailbroken on iOS 4.2.1. Now start “Loader” found on the homescreen and install Cydia.

Download GreenPois0n
Direct Download Links for iOS 4.2.1

iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3G
iPod touch 2G
iPod touch 3G
iPod touch 4G

Note:  iSO 4.3.3, 5.0.1 JailBreak are  now possible - articles on that will be posted soon or upon request.

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Best IPhone applications. New
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By now you have successfully set you iPhone free from apple's restrictions, this allows you to install a wide range of applications developed by individuals not associated with apple. I'm not talking about basic applications like Facebook, twitter, yahoomessengers etc - those are available on the app store.
I'll try to list a few of these advanced applications, and you can find useful only on a JailBroken Iphone.

This is a repository of applications made for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. See it as an Unofficial Apple store where most applications you will find are free, cracked or commercial.
To get the best out of Cydia, navigate to sections tab in Cydia and add Bigboss, sauriks, insanelyi and other repositories.

This is an alternative to Cydia, but not a total replacement.
All the applications mentioned here can be found on Cydia using the search.

The iPhone and it's family allows limited Bluetooth transfers. Celeste unlocks the restricted Bluetooth by apple. With Celeste installed, you can send and receive pictures, videos, songs and other types of files to nokia, blackberry and other phones. Search Celeste on Cydia. (commercial & cracked versions available)

As the name indicates MyWi is a wireless application with a difference. What does It do? It turns your iPhone into a Hotspot allowing you to share your GPRS, EDGE or 3G Internet with others.
Example: when I turn on MyWi on the iPhone, laptops in the house, or phones can connect to the Internet via my iphone. The connection can be made via wireless with WEP protection, Bluetooth or with the iPhone USB cable.
To get MyWi - Search "MyWi" in Cydia to download this app.
It's not a free application, but cracked versions can be found on Cydia if you have added the required repository to your sources.

The native twitter application has a limit of 140 characters, thus Tweets longer than 140 characters cannot be sent. This disadvantage has made many people switch to other twitter clients like Ubersocial.
With the tweak, your native twitter application can send Tweets longer than 140 characters. - enjoy - follow @ngbuzz on twitter...
more apps to come...

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By default iPhone Safari browsers have the file upload feature disabled by apple for reasons best known to them, but thanks to the Apple Hacking community of developers that problem had been solved.
Users of Jailbroken IPhone / IPad can now see the UPLOAD / BROWSE buttons activated and no longer greyed out when they install this Safari upload enabler available on Cydia.

The app is available on Cydia the Insanelyi Repository(repo.insanelyi.com) and also on Big Boss repository (JailBroken Devices only) - search "Safari Upload Enabler" - now you don't need no third party FTP clients for file uploads.
This app completes safari browser along with Safari download manager which captures download links and allows you download multiple files at the same time.


It's been quite a journey for me and my 3 years old iPhone 3GS - From 4.2.1 Jailbreak to 5.1.1 and now Apple has released the new Firmware 6.1.3 recently but already word has it that 6.1.4 is around the corner.
Those who use Cydia and Cracked apps are advised to remain at 6.1.2 because the Jailbreak for 6.1.3 is currently TETHERED - This means you will need to use a computer to Boot your device every time it goes off.

I don't mind that small inconvenience so i upgraded to 6.1.3 today and here's how i did using the following tools.

NOTE: The procedures explained below have only been tested on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices and will make you lose product warranty. Ngbuzz or the writer is not liable for any damages.

How to Jailbreak 3GS and iPhone 4 on 6.1.3 Firmware
  • Download Sn0wbreeze
  • Download iPhone 3GS Firmware 6.1.3   | 
  • Download iPhone 4 CDMA or GSM Firmware 6.1.3
  • Unzip the sn0wbreeze File to Desktop and Runs as Administrator.
  • Acknowledge the disclaimer by clicking OK, then Click the blue-and-white arrow in the lower-right corner
  • Browse to the 6.1.3 ipsw file of your device and Choose "Simple mode" and follow the instructions after the process is finished to put your phone into pwned DFU and restore the sn0wbreeze ipsw via shift/restore in iTunes.
  • If you encounter Errors during the restore on iTunes, Download Tiny Umbrella, In the Advanced tab - Uncheck Check "Request SSH from Cydia" then Start SSH Server before you Open iTunes to do the restore using the Custom Snowbreeze firmware you just made. Or read this iTunes Error 11 Fix
  • Is successful, Run iBooty (it should be on your desktop) to boot semi-tethered after the jailbreak, and after each time you reboot the device.

Jailbreak for 6.1.3 using Redsnow (Tethered)
Download Redsnow for PC and Download 6.0 Firmware for you device from Here

Part 2: Install Cydia and/or Activate the device

Connect the iPhone to USB

Hold the power button on your iPhone and 'slide to power off'

Open redsn0w (run as administrator if using Windows)

Click 'Extras' -> 'Select ipsw'

Choose the 6.0 ipsw (NOT the 6.1.3 version)

Choose 'yes' on the box that pops up (unless it's an old-bootrom 3GS)

Click 'Back'

Click 'Jailbreak'

If none of the options are checked/selected then redsn0w will jailbreak and hactivate the iPhone. (If you want the Cydia bundle to be included along with that, then leave only the "Install Cydia" option checked/selected.)

When asked if you are sure you want to proceed, click 'yes'
Follow the DFU instructions
When everything completes on the device, close redsn0w and perform the iPhone and iTunes activation steps.

To boot your device in Jailbreak Mode, You have to connect to PC, run Redsnow as administrator, Click Extras >> Select the 6.0 IPSW file and click JUST BOOT.

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