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The Reason for the season is Jesus Christ
« on: December 19, 2012, 06:09 PM »
The Hamathan winds is a reminder to Nigerians that it's Christmas season once again. Time to gather all the money you've saved up and spend on expensive cloths, gifts and holiday trips, just be be with family and friends.

While you celebrate Christmas, always remember that Christ is the Reason for the season - the annual commemoration of the birth of Christ.

Derek Odum Warned his facebook friends against abbreviating CHRISTmas to Xmas
we abbreviate every word these days out of laziness, but please when sending those text messages and greetings don't remove Christ when apparently he's the reason for the season.

FYI: Christmas is pronounced /ˈkrisməs/
Christmas isn't complete without Christmas Carols So here's the link to the list of all time favorite Christmas carols to download
Have a Lovely Holiday and safe travels back home.

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