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Payment of Tithe, The Defence Against Emptiest
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Malachi 3:8-11, Matthew 23:23
What is Tithe: this is the one-tenth (1/10) of one gross income
Tithe is not just only on the issue of money, its also apply in gift given to you by anyone Leviticus 27 :30-33
you should bear it in your mind tithe belongs to god. The payment of Tithe is not a request but a command
Leviticus 27:34, Hebrew 7: 5-7

Reasons/Benefits why we must pay our Tithe   

1.  It's a Commandment from God Himself
2.  God will open the windows of Heaven. Malachi 3:10
3.  Prosperity will come your way Deuteronomy 14:22
4.  It will remove reproach and consequence of Robbery
5.  It will be used to meet the needs of the house of God
6.  It will make God to rebuke evil on your behalf.
7.  As you pay your tithe, sources that draw your money will be taken of

How to pay your tithe
1. By bringing it to God's store house (Temple)
2. Pay it to your Local church
3. Don't postpone the payment of your Tithe for the week or month. if you do then you Must pay it with an Interest of 20% Leviticus 27: 31
4. Keep your Tithe aside, do not spend it
Tithe payment is not optional. It's an obligation. if you don't pay 10% of your Income to God, you might Pay 90% to the Devil.
be aware

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