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Looking for Airtel Nigeria Internet data plans, Blackberry subscription and activation codes? Well here they are - updated as they're released.

Despite the Name changes and transfer of ownership that has plagued Vmobile/Econet/Zain and Now Airtel, they still manage to remain one of the major Market leaders.

Airtel Nigeria is now known for its innovative services and prices that won't leave a hole in you Pocket.
whether you use a Mobile phone, PC, or BlackBerry - there's an airtel rate that will suit your need.

I Love the fact that i can Use my Airtel Blackberry subscription on PC too.. AWESOME!

Airtel Nigeria Mobile / Handheld / smartphones / iPad Data bundles

Plan.          Data Size.           Price.             Activation Code
1 Day            30MB                   N100.            *410#
3 Days           50MB                  N200.            *412#
1 Week.         80MB.                 N300.            *417#
2 Weeks.        750MB               N500             *418#

New Airtel Subscription for Andriod devices (Works on all devices and PC Modems except Blackberry OS 7)
Bundles                          Price                    Activation code
1.5GB                                  N1000                       *496#
3.5GB                                  N2000                       *437#
4.5GB                                  N3500                       *438#
To check your Android data balance, simply dial *223#

Airtel Nigeria Data plans for USB Data modem  and High Usage
Data size.     Price.         Activation code
12GB             N5,000         *452#    (30 days, NO Free Device)
24GB             N8,000          *460#        (30 days, NO Free Device
34GB             N10,000       *462#    (30 days, 5pm-9AM weekdays and all weekend plus free Dongle /Dongle-Mifi)
30GB               N15,000       *463#    (60 days, Free Dongle, Dongle-Mifi or Mifi)
50GB             N36,000       *406#    (180 Days, Free Dongle, Dongle-Mifi, Mifi or Router)
100GB             N70,000      *407#          (180 Days, Free Dongle, Dongle-Mifi, Mifi or Router)
200GB             N136,000    *408#          (180 Days, Free Dongle, Dongle-Mifi, Mifi or Router)

How to Check Airtel Data Subscription Balance
To see the Amount of Data allocated to you, or view your remaining data balance, simply dial any of the following codes:  *123*10#    or *141*11*0#     *123*9#

Airtel BlackBerry Complete Internet Subscription Activation codes and Prices
PLAN                            Tariffs             Activation Code       SMS Activation
BlackBerry Complete
Monthly 30 days        1,400 (3GB)        *440*1#              bcm   
Weekly 1 week            400 (100MB)     *440*2#              bcw
Daily 24 hours            100 (10MB)       *440*3#               bcd
To check your subscription status  Dial  *440# or Send status to 440

New Blackberry Unlimited Plans for BB and Other smartphones (UPDATED April 2015)
Monthly 1,500 - 2GB - Activation: *440*16#  or Text bbum to 440
Weekly    525    -  200MB - Activation: *440*17#  or Text bbuw to 440
Daily    100  - 40MB    - Activation: *440*18#  or Text bbud to 440

To check your subscription status  Dial  *440# or Send status to 440

Check Etisalat data bundles and activation codes here
Check Glo mobile internet data bundles and Blackberry subscription.
MTN Nigeria Mobile, Fastlink, BlackBerry Bundles and Migration Codes

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Update: 31/5/2014 .. This information is No longer Valid >>>
If you're a Regular Blackberry User on the Airtel Nigeria Mobile Network and subscribe for social or BB complete plans every month (1200, 1400) - You could Get ONE MONTH FREE if you subscribe for 2 Months At a time.

Instead of paying 1400 each month, I subscribed for a 2800 Blackberry Complete plan and got the Third Month FREE!!
According to the confirmation SMS received, I don't have to worry about Subscription expirey till  Fri 25 Jan,2013 lol (Crazy huh!

To Subscribe for 2 Months Airtel BB Complete and get 1 Extra month Free - Text the word BCM3 to 440
This Gives you upto 3 GB data so You can Use it on PC also!!

Thanks Airtel.. And Zeedon Blogs for bringing this to my attention.

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Hi Admin thank u very much 4 this post i tried it and it worked. guys u kno that Aitel 3g is not everywhere that is y it seems like its not working. once u are in a 3g coverage area it will surely work.

@Admin.  Thanks for this information. I tried it, loaded a #1000.00 bundle yesterday and since then No Connection. Please connect me ASAP. Thanks for the anticipated prompt response. 


@ Seyi,
What device are you using?
is your access point set to internet.ng.airtel.com  ?
data turned on?
let me know.

Am using Techno. Phantom A. Am Still not connected.  No signal indication. Thanks.


Internet settings for Airtel
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No signal indication? you mean no service to even make a call?
Confirm the data subscription remaining by dialing *141*712*0# - how many MB do you see?

airtel Data settings for android
Then go to settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access points names > click option to create a New access point (APN)

Enter "airtel" as the name, and enter  "internet.ng.airtel.com" as the APN (without the quotes). Click option and save the new APN. When APN is saved mark it as active (See picture).

Also check that Mobile networks > Data Connection > the airtel is set to ON

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this plan is working very fine i no that for sure, briggz i need the subscription code for two month. pls


Airtel Nigeria Mobile Internet Bonus offers disabled
« Reply #8 on: January 24, 2014, 05:45 PM »
The Two months, three months, 2 for 1 month and other offers have all been disabled.
Airtel sent a text notification about it in first week of January.
Trying *440*161* or BUM3 all shows different kinds of errors now.


hi briggz, i have been trying to get #1300 bundle n i keep getting "ussid code is not recognised" as a response. pls help me fix it


Hey Pnath,
sorry about the issue, what code did you use to try it?
to confirm - the Bundle is 1200 - *440*4# and 1500 - *440*16# which may require additional 10MB to work.

I hope it works now.


Pls ,i wnt to ask,is dis 1500 subscription still working on andriod now?


Yes Bernard, It will work on any smartphone or PC

Pls I want to know whether the 1500 subscription is still working


Airtel Nigeria 1500 Plan
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Hello Affiah,
Yes, the 1500 Subscription still works, but has been reduced to 1500 MB instead of 2GB.
The code to subscribe is *440*16# Yo

please i want to check my black berry unlimited balance plane for 1500 naira. i also want to tell you that the service is very poor because it can not even check jamb result.


Hi Bro,  please can you tell me the code i will use to subscribe for Airtel monthly plan, am using this Andriod phone( Gionee phone) ?


Hi Wole,

All the smartphone plans and blackberry plans listed above all work on android devices too.
Choose how much you wish to spend depending on your monthly data cunsumption.


New Airtel dial code for checking data balance is *123*9#


Airtel Best Android Plan - N3,500 for 9GB and N2000 for 4GB
« Reply #19 on: February 17, 2016, 04:50 PM »
Data PlanDurationAmountUSSD Code
4.6GB60 DaysN2,500*437*1#
9GB60 DaysN3,500*438*1#

To check your data balance dial *223#

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