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President Goodluck Jonathan spoke to CNN's Christiane Anampour on 23rd January 2013, the interview circled around three major areas;

She asked how big the Boko Haram threat was to Nigeria and west Africa, is boko haram a result of unjust rule or is there a different means to deal with this apart from Military intervention ?
The President stated that international help is needed to solve this problem, curb its spread and that contrary to international reports, the Nigerian security agencies are doing there best to clamp down on the local terrorist group.

On the issue of Corruption and Electricity which the President promised to resolve in a previous campaign interview 3 years ago, Goodluck Jonathan says the common man in Lagos, Abuja and any other city in Nigeria can testify that Power generation, transmission and distribution has witnessed great improvements and more is to come before the year ends.

President Goodluck Jonathan's Interview on CNN - Anampour
It's true that a large part of Nigeria's Crude oil is being stolen, refined and sold abroad, the President blamed the international community for patronizing the thieves and asked that they stand for what's right.

Great interview

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