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Top Ten ways to waste your time New
« on: February 15, 2013, 01:39 PM »
At times we sit at home doing noting because there is noting to do, Even when there  is  some thing to do we don't know were to start from..

At times like that you need a distraction, something to save you from ethernal boredom.
Here is the top ten best ways to waste your time.

  • Play video games:Generally we boys love such things and can spend hours playing games on our mobiles, tablets, PCs or Play stations. We also append a lot of money going to clubs or game zones to play those silly videogames and therefore, waste time.
  • Suffering the Internet:Internet has a great impact on all our lives,even is we don't find any thing to do on net, just read blogs,email friends,all we will do is surf on you tube,browse Google, some times read funny advertisements,some of us visit our favorite sites, read blogs, and many such stuff that is possible only on internet. So, it is implied that it is a very good time-pass technique. Music loud enough on headphones, some pop corn lying around you and internet is a perfect package for wasting hours.
  • Watch TV:-some time the best way to west time is watch the idiot box called TV it has so many options,you watch news,favorite broadcast,TV shows,movies,science,serials,the television is the way to update your knowledge about whats is happening.it will never bore you,even if you don't like the present show at a moment you can always switch to a music watch latest videos and listen to new or latest songs.
  • Sleep for hours:-sleeping is always a better option it helps you  relaxes  your mind and gives your body the rest which was needed the whole day. there i s nothing wrong with sleeping tho, it is a perfect way to west time
  • Football and other outdoor games:-A lazy afternoon and some company of good friends,then college football is the best option for you,usually it normally starts on Saturday morning there is no end till  you are hurt or tired like hell,some Girls love watching  the guys playing football and giggle around.those who don`t love football definitely there is some sport they like and will west hours playing it.
  • Gossip and chattering:-None of us will admit this but it is a thing will we all do that is Gossip,Most of us have an urge to know about everything going around and the eagerness to find answer to all those important things can be only done by gossiping around and chattering with people. The talks about your colleague or may be your classmate in college, or some of your neighbors; all these talks are suddenly very important as soon as we find someone who can disclose all of them and waste whole afternoon.
  • Facebook:-we all love facebook yea that right  You spend your free time to look and search for your ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, search for friends from school. some may even look for your crush in college, go through friend list of your friends to see if you recognize someone who is not your friend on Facebook, browse through the photographs of yourself and your friends.
  • Go to the bar[/i]:-when you have plenty of time to west call your friends there and share drinks. This is what people generally do. Not only youngsters but also those who are busy with jobs and profession all the days and spend weekends in this manner plus simply waste time.
  • Shopping:-This technique to waste time is generally preferred by women but men usually waste accompanying them to the mall and supermarkets. It is also seen that men also love to shop when its stress they want to handle. They love buying shirts, ties, shoes and wallets for themselves.
  • Go To the beach:-we all know the beach to be a peaceful and quite place,some time we go there with our friends or love ones to view the sites it is a perfect way to west time.

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