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10 Keys to Success - Life lessons.
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One is usually considered Successful when wealth, a position, recognition or desired plan is achieved. Success is appreciated and celebrated while failure is discouraged.

When i set out to write this; i had to answer this question - "Are you Successful?"
The answer was a quick YES! because, like everyone else I am also chasing temporary highs to satisfy me, setting goals, achieving them and pushing the boundaries even further.
Educational and business accomplishments stands out as the most common means of quantifying success for most people, but there are others.

Let's take a look at what Success really is and what it's not. We will also identify common principles that can help one achieve success.

Success is when:
 - A Student scores an A in Mathematics
 - A pregnant lady gives birth to her baby
 - A job applicant gets the call to resume work after a gruesome application and interview process.
Success is Not when:
 - A student secretly Googles for the answers during an examination.
 - An armed robbery gang raids a bank without getting caught.
 - You spoil another persons name to make yourself look better.
 - A Black girl bleaches her skin!

Keys to success
I'd like to think of Success as a journey. Armed with the right set of tools you can get to your desired destination.
These are some of the tools you would find in any successful man's bag.

VISION AND GOALS: What you desire will determine how far you will go in life - Nelson.
Success will not come knocking on your door - Eff what you heard, you have to plan for it, dream it to make it a reality.
Dreams and desires are Nothings floating in your head that's why I sleep with my diary beside me so i can write down my dreams in the morning (except the ones about chicks or someone chasing me with a big knife).

Not everyone dreams at night, you can draw inspiration from what you see in the day time, on TV, anywhere!
If it can make people's life better, it's a good plan.
You want to be the Next president? Own a Business? Invent something? Make sure your goal is clear and definite.
There are short term goals which must be realistic and attainable over a short period and Long term goals.

FOCUS & DETERMINATION. If you don't have a wild imagination, use a pen and paper to write down you dreams, goals then paste it on your bathroom wall or Mirror! This way you'll be reminded every morning of the task at hand.
Now you have a plan, but only you can push yourself to achieve it.

A hunter does not take his eyes off the target when he pulls the trigger, so why should you deviate from the original plan?
Why should you club all night when you have exams in the morning?

What's the point of having having a vision, determination and settings goals if you do not create a plan to execute them?
You know what they say "He who fails to plan has planned to fail!" #FactOfLife
Your plan would include a detailed procedure that will help achieve the goal and a time frame.

According to Alee, The fear of failing is what keeps most people from being successful. Failure teaches you lessons that will help you do better next time.
Be Humble: Your pride or ego, money or accomplishments should be just like your underwear, HIDDEN! - Esther
It's good to recount your blessings once in a while to see how far you've come, just don't rub it in people's faces even when asked about it.
Not everyone is happy about your success, they will try to pull you down.
so if you intend to stay successful - Be humble at all times. Remember, he who is down needs fear no fall.

10 keys to Success

Seek Good council: At some point on your road to success, you need advice/guidance from people around you. Asking for a second opinion before making decision significantly reduces the chance of making regrettable mistakes.
You know what they say about two heads being better than one? That's a fact!

Self Discipline: When we were kids and did wrong, our parents wouldn't hesitate to correct us even if it means unleashing the whip. You've outgrown the whip and parents supervision. If you're to succeed, you must learn to discipline yourself.
Saving up for a project? don't spend the money for anything else!
Always be at least 30 minutes early to appointments - Set your watch 30 minutes ahead!
Sleep is not over-rated, don't waste your nights on meaningless things.

Be Patient: The road to success has no shortcuts, you'll only find traps and temptations aimed at frustrating your efforts disguised as shortcuts. What is worth doing is worth doing well!
Even when it seems like it's going to take forever to get there, remind your self that the patient dog eats the fattest bone (not saying you're a dog :p) - Life na Jeje!

Donate your skill to others: A good name is worth more than all the riches, so as you make your way up the success ladder, take time out to pull others up, you never know when you might need their help.
If you run a business, give discounts. If you're a student, teach someone who's struggling to meet up. If you're searching for a job offer your services for free. These have a way of opening doors for people to see what you can do and tell others about you.

There are more but this is all i have time for, you're welcome to add to the list by comments.
Please Like, Tweet, Google + this post - It might help someone.

What would be the best way to end this write-up?
See you at the top?  May the sky be your limit?
err... whatever!

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Re: 10 Keys to Success - Life lessons.
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Uhmmm I hope this performs the same function as the comment tab like in FB cos I want to tell that I am so proud of you right now -not cos my name's on you post or anything- I'd love to know what inspired you to write this though. If you continue like this, the sky won't be your limit but your start point!!!! I really want to see more!!

Moses br

Re: 10 Keys to Success - Life lessons.
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Thanks man, for inspiring me today. I've learnt somethg, n am lukin 4wd 4 more!


Re: 10 Keys to Success - Life lessons.
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Fabulous! I'm inspired.


Re: 10 Keys to Success - Life lessons.
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Tanks for this eye opener;its nt like we have nt had this words be4 bt dey came as a reminder to keep us go and make success our duty'tanks boss'


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