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FirstMonie Logo - Mobile banking
Banks are introducing easier ways for customers to use their services. Make payments for goods or services purchased, make cash withdrawals and transfer money at anytime.

Mobile Banking services which allow you to send and receive money from your phone has been launched by Mobile Networks such as MTN and banks in Nigeria such as GTBank, UBA and now First Bank

In this post we'll explore First Bank Nigeria PLC Mobile Money service called FIRSTMONIE which was recently launched. Here's What you need to know, how to get registered, Fund your account, Transfer and receive money.

What is FirstMonie
Firstmonie is a Mobile Banking service by First Bank Plc which can be used to send / receive money, buy airtime and pay bills. All this can be done on a mobile phone without a bank account.

How to Register for FirstMonie
You can register for FirstMonie in two ways:
 - 1. Dial *894# from and Airtel, Glo, Or Etisalat Line and Follow the prompt (MTN Subscribers should register using the second method).
- 2. Visit > https://www.firstmonie.com/imobile from a Mobile phone or PC browser. Register for FirstMonie

You will be required to create a 5 Digits Security PIN after registration for WAP and USSD

How to Fund your FirstMonie Mobile Account
Your FirstMonie account will have a 0 Naira account balance after successful registration, to start sending money, purchasing etc, you need to fund your account. Here's how:

  • Funding account from FirstMonie Agent: A FirstMonie agent near you can accept cash and send to your firstmonie account, you simply provide your phone number and amount you wish to load.
    You will receive an SMS confirmation and receipt of transaction
  • Funding You FirstMonie Account Via ATM Go to a FirstBank ATM, Insert your card, PIN and select the SEND MONEY option.
    Select "TO MOBILE PHONE" option and enter your first money phone number you wish to fund.
    Enter amount and confirm.
  • Fund FirstMonie from your First bank Account: This is the easiest way (ithink) since it allows direct transfer of money from a FirstBank account. You must first link your firstbank account with Firstmonie account to make this possible. Visit a FirstBank branch and fill out a mandate form to link your FirstBank and Firstmonie accounts. When this has been done, Dial *894# and select 'firstBank Services' Menu >> "Load Money from bank" option

FirstMonie  is FREE, but there's a limit to the amount you can transfer per transactions and per day. The Maximum Individual and Daily transfer limitations apply to 3 different types of FirstMonie accounts.
FirstMonie Classic - Maximum Individual transaction of 3000 Naira and Daily limit of 30,000 Naira.
FirstMonie Gold - Maximum Individual transaction of 10,000 Naira and daily limit of 100,000 Naira.
FirstMonie Platinum - Maximum individual transaction 100,000 Naira and daily limit of 1,000,000 Naira.
To upgrade you account from the default (Classic) provide you ID or other identification documents to a First Monie Agent near you.
FirstMonie is on twitter @FirstMonie - Tweet your questions to them, they'll respond. You can also call 0700FIRSTMONIE (070037477866643)  or email firstmonie@firstbanknigeria.com for any inquiries.

Remember - The Number to dial is *894# - Share this information with friends: Like, Google + ...

2016 UPDATE:
I'd suggest you try First Mobile App which is better than FirstMonie because it Links directly to your account and the registration process is much easier, just by entering your ATM Card.
It's a newer Mobile Application by First Bank more capable of carrying out transactions online.
You can register and link your account to easily but a soft token (SMS) or hardware token device may be required to complete some transactions.

Download Firstmobile on Android Play Store
First Mobile on Apple iOS Devices
FirstMobile App for blackberry

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Thanks Boss.Wonderful introduction by First Bank


i register is giving me insufficient fund


Olarotimi, you need to fund your e-wallet account. I guess that will be done by transfering money from your account to e-wallet

i just registered for firstmonie and i tried to load my mobile phone and the reply i got was "insufficient fund" how do i go about it? Thanks.


How to Fund FirstMonie Mobile wallet account
« Reply #5 on: May 05, 2014, 11:28 AM »
Hello Bridget,
You're getting the insufficient fund error because you're not funded you E-wallet yet.
I have explained 3 ways to fund your Firstmonie wallet in the post above.
Through agent, ATM and linking bank account - Please scroll up to read the full procedure for each.


chioma ok

Hello, I have tried using the first mobile twice to send money to relatives, my first bank account has been debited twice on both occasions without them receiving the monies and also without reversal of the money debited. I contacted the first bank main branch in my locale repeatedly with no viable response. 5 months later however, I was told it was a "debit error on firstmonie platform" and that the money is in my firstmobile wallet.
I asked the bank operations manager how to get the money from the 'wallet' into my account and, till date he has not given me a response. I have considered getting my lawyer to write but I want to explore all options first.
kindly help me.


Hey Chioma,

Sorry you're had issues with FirstMonie and glad to hear that you've taken action.
If the money is in your firstMonie wallet as indicated, you should be able to use the funds for more airtime purchase/transfer which i hope will be successful this time or withdraw it through your Link account / ATM.

Apologies for late response.



Code to transfer money from first bank account
« Reply #9 on: February 27, 2016, 07:25 AM »
Hello David,

If you wish to transfer money from your first bank account to any Bank NUBAN account number in Nigeria dial  *894#
The code must be dialed from the number that you use to receive First bank alerts. Transfer limits and charges apply.
A detailed post about First bank mobile App, registration and download links will be posted later today.

Hey bro,

I am not in Nigeria at the moment but I transact with firstbank via firstmonie. Now, I cant transfer from my account to other banks and my account is not empty. Up until about two weeks there was no problem but it has been given issue for about two days now. Any help please?

Thanks and regards,


Download First mobile App by First bank
« Reply #11 on: February 29, 2016, 05:40 PM »
Hello Omoge,

For about 2 days now first bank has been experiences some network issues. They even sent an SMS to notify customers of resolution. However, if firstmonie is not working well for you, i'd suggest you try FirstMobil.
It's a newer Mobile Application by First Bank more capable of carrying out transactions online.
You can register and link your account to it by entering ATM Card details but a soft token (SMS) or hardware token device may be required to complete some transactions.

Download Firstmobile on Android Play Store
First Mobile on Apple iOS Devices
FirstMobile App for blackberry

Hello bro,
Thanks for the information, is there any charges apply to it and how much.
Also do i need my ATM number to perform any transaction.



How to reset FirstMonie Mobile Banking Password / PIN
« Reply #13 on: March 02, 2016, 03:43 PM »
Mr Samuel emailed us requesting for information about how to reset forgotten FirstMonie Passpord or PIN.
We sent him a response and wanted to share it with you guys - you might need it someday.

How to Reset FirstMonie Password or PIN
To reset your firstmonie PIN, you will need to get in contact with Firstbank via email, Phone Call or by filling out this short form on their Firstmonie page >> http://firstmonieonline.com/contact-us/

Here's the email contact: firstmonie@firstbanknigeria.com
And their Phone number: 07003477866643.

Mr Ajayi also asked
...is there any charges applied to it and how much
do i need my ATM number to perform any transaction.

There are no charges that i am aware of for transactions using FirstMonie and your ATM details are not required to complete transactions. You will need to link your account one time only.


When I try to register, I got a massage that says I have already registered while I have not. Pls advice

Re:PIN Related Problem
« Reply #15 on: August 30, 2016, 12:57 PM »
I opened account with Firstmonie sometimes ago through Plentymillion's winning and since then I have not been able to operate the account. At the time the account was opened, I was not requested to put in a PIN but anytime I want to access the account, PIN requested. What do I do to normalize the account
Thank you.


A Reader of Ngbuzz Forum and a new user of the FirstMobile banking application sent us this question.

What do i type in the NARRATION box when making money transfer using First Bank Mobile App?

First bank transfer narration
The answer is simple: You can type ANYTHING in the narration box when making transfers.
Usually i type NONE because leaving the box empty is not allowed in First Bank transfers. If you're paying for goods or services, you may also choose to write the purpose of payment, your name, email or phone number in the narration box to help the receiver easily identify your payment among many received.

If you're helping a friend make payments, it's best to write the name of your friend in the narration box.
I hope this anwers your question.


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