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Posted by: Briggz5d
« on: April 27, 2014, 08:16 PM »

If I had a dollar for every time someone uses these expressions to encourage me to take risks or emphasize the popular belief that taking risks is good – I’d be a millionaire.
"Life is all about taking risks
You cannot succeed if you don’t take risks
No pain – No gain
If first you don’t succeed, try and try again."

Today on Ngbuzz Forum, we’re expressing personal opinions on risk - what risk is all about, types, benefits etc.
#tbh An atom of risk exist in every activity we engage in, yes I mean every single activity (includes doing nothing). Simple activities such as breathing, eating, walking, traveling, surfing the internet, reading this Blog post are all risks because there’s a possibility of losing something of value, weighed against gaining something of value. Lose of social status, finance, physical health, time, property etc.

Like most people I know – I wouldn’t exactly call myself a “risk taker” maybe because I don’t live life on the edge or implement well planned business decisions that are risky enough to fit into these two categories.

Surviving VS Living – Drink till you pass-out, smoke your lungs out, listen to loud music, have unprotected s x, never back-down from a fight, travel the world…
News about Borno State, Nigeria seems to always talk about another bomb blast or attack by Boko Haram and a rise death toll. Makes me asked out loud – Why are people still living in that high-risk of death state? 

Big-shot CEO’s and successful celebrities often attribute their success to Hard work, taking calculated risk, having a good support system and being optimistic even when all hope seems lost.
Most of the quotes above were coined by masters in the art of Business risk

Would you consider yourself as a Risk Taker? What risky activity, decision or venture have you recently embarked on? – I Hope it had positive outcomes.