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First and foremost, i want to say a big congratulations to those who were able to complete the N-Power online registration process before the deadline. But then, if you are yet to start or complete the assessment test given which is the second and last stage of it, it's probably best if you do so now.

So as regards to the N-Power Programme Assessment Test for 2017, it's to inform everyone that the N-Power Assessment test which started on the 1st July, 2017 for candidates who applied for the programme will be closing on the 31st August, 2017.

In our previous post on this How To Apply for N-Power Programme, we explained what N-Power is, the benefits and the requirements need for one to register. Then after, the registered persons were required to complete the various online assessment tests on your various N-Power Volunteer Corps Categories.

So, for those of you that are yet to start or complete this task, hurry now and do so because not that the deadline is fast approaching for the Online test.

For more info send a mail via APPLY2017@NPOWER.GOV.NG or call: 09060000446, 09060000445, 09055555960, 09099998401

Good luck!

This is to inform all candidates who sat for the BVC examination that the result is now out. The enrollment into the various diploma awarding courses was done on online which lasted for a month (May 1st to May 31st, 2017) and now the long awaiting moment for the participated candidates that have been wanting to know what they scored is finally here.

It's important to know, the candidates who sat for the computer based test conducted at the center (Bonny vocational center, Akiama, Oguede, Bonny Island, Rivers state) last year, were immediately shown their scores after submitting. But it seems this year, it's a little bit different, as the candidates had to wait for sometime before seeing their scores.

So, here are the steps on how to check your result.

Steps to follows;

Simply type the website on google with your device (laptop,phone etc).
When on the home page, scroll a bit down where you see a click button clearly written Successful Candidates List.
Click on it and you see if you've made the score for your desired course.


Simply click 2017 Candidates Result List to check it directly.

Please note if you are one of the successful candidates, you are required to come along with a valid ID card for identification purpose(be it a National Identity card, driver's license or voter's card) any which of them.

Also you will be coming in for a week probation class (note the date for this).

And Lastly, ensure to be at the school premises by 7:45am, no later than that.

Note: Candidates that do not come for the probation class will be replaced and if for any reason you decide not take the admission, you are to send a mail to the school via

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Jokes / Humour / Meme Of The Day - That Face You Make When
« on: August 23, 2017, 01:09 PM »
You: Mum, I'm having headache

Mum: Yes naw, that's because every time you're pressing your phone


Our Nigerian mums...we hail!


The 2017/18 Jamb cut-off mark for all Nigerian tertiary institutions is now out. This was released yesterday by the board after combined policy meetings, where they came to a conclusion that the minimum cut- off marks to gain admission into the universities is set for 120, polytechnics and colleges of education at 100 while that of the innovative enterprising institutes is at 110. However, the institutions still have their right to raise their cut-off marks above the minimum that was set by JAMB should they wish to.

Also, Post-UTME examination will  be done as it's now required for admission into the tertiary institutions (Read previous post on the lift of the ban on Post-UTME by the Minister of EducationBan on Post UTME Removed by Minister of Education. In brief explanation on this, the Minister of Education (Adamu Adamu) expressed his thoughts by saying in quote "the cancellation of of Post-UTME is a mistake", further noting that the banning of it led to major irregularities by candidates, illegal admissions by some institutions last year and for that reason he made a lift on the ban.

He further said that even though the 2016 process was a huge success with a bit of here and there errors, hopefully 2017 would be better because with the introduction of the new processing system called a Central Admission Processing System, CAPS, used for the admission processes among the institutions will do well as it will address the challenges that came with the previous approach. Although, saying institutions can use both the manual mode system and the introduced one CAPS to conduct the admissions.

Please also note admissions into public institutions for the 2017 UTME examination will end on January 15, 2018 while for private institutions ends on the 31st of January, 2018. Then for any decisions made by the universities on their first choice candidates will end on 15 October while second choice candidates will end on 15 December, there after any remaining candidates not given any admissions into any of their choice of universities will be given out for other institutions to choose till the closing dates on January.

And with all this, the Minister of Education in conclusion, expressed his optimism on the new policy done for the 2017/18 academic session, saying that a very good number of candidates who sat for this year's UTME would gain admission into the higher institutions.

Note: The Minister of Education clearly stated the fee to be paid for the examination to the institutions should not exceed the sum of two thousand Naira(N2,000).

For any more info on this, we'll be sure to let you know. Don't forget to share this post to your friends to let them know also

The newest hit song titled "Wo" from the Nigerian Singer Olamide, popularly known as Baddo has been banned from it being played by the Federal Government and the Ministry of Health.

The Wo song has seen to have gone viral, trending fast in Nigeria being obvious it's a latest hit but no matter how trending, the Ministry of Health is obviously not feeling the vibe in it.

This is due to reasons explained by them to the public that some lines in the song features where Baddo (Olamide) mentions the use of cigarettes which clearly contradicts with the Nigeria's policy and rules on any advertisement or promotion on Tobacco(weed). Further stating the video made clearly promotes this habit which is considered dangerous to the public,especially the young ones(youths).

Which will hen  prompt the youths the right to smoke, causing risks to their health which includes respiratory diseases to the body.

See their tweets below;

Check more of the tweets;

But this is without saying Nigeria are happy about this.

Clearly vibes from both ends are connecting :D

So, what are your thought on this, comment below

Romance / Hints That Your Boyfriend Is For Keeps
« on: August 15, 2017, 11:54 AM »
It is a well known fact that we humans yearn for a healthy and beautiful relationships. We all want those sparks that comes with a relationship, in which your partner cares for you, protects you, cares for your needs most especially the emotional needs.

But however nowadays in the world, there are many people who are selfish and only think of themselves in a relationship. Where everyone goes into a relationship with a personal motive and what they stand to gain from it and for this, it's next to impossible for one to find a true and genuine love from your partner.

And mostly it's the women who fall victim for this(being played for), since we know that the women mostly are more emotional than their male counterparts. And because of it, we fall for the tricks guys play on us, 'The Players' as they are called.

So ladies you wanna know if your boyfriend can be trusted?, well here are some hints for you to know your boyfriend and to know if he's a keeper!

So let's begin

If your boyfriend is always happy to see you, loves being around and goes that extra mile to wanting to be with you even if he's that busy. And also, he's proud to show you to his friends and speaks highly of you to them(cos i mean, we all know guys don't usually talk carelessly about the one they really care about in-front of their friends) and is proud of you, compliments you which shows that he's in for long term.

He checks up on you, calls you constantly or just text to know how you're doing, that shows that he cares that deep for you.

Communication - We know that good communication is mostly the key in a relationship, so if your guy communication with you very well and at the right time, it's a good enough reason for you.

We all that someone who encourages us to keep on going even if we feel there is no more reason to do, so if your boyfriend is such, hold onto him like glue.

Also, if your boyfriend remembers very little details you tell him like you guys anniversary that means you mean a lot to him cos guys mostly tend to forget things being said to them by girls.

And let's not forget also, if your boyfriends wants to get know your family, he's interested in going further in the relationship.

And lastly, he will never pressure you into having s x with him, a good man know the importance of value and virtue, he will respect your decision even if he may not be  too happy to do so(being a man he is)

have any more suggestions to add?, don't forget to use the comment box below and share with lady friends to let them know.

Phones / 9Mobile Formerly Etisalat Nigeria Internet APN Settings
« on: August 10, 2017, 04:19 PM »
As we all know, one of the fastest and widely known Nigeria Telecommunications network provider Formerly known as Etisalat has now been re-branded as 9Mobile and it comes as no surprise to anyone that the network is vastly recognized and used as it is known to be reliable and has very fast internet speed and various new data plans upgraded periodically.

Read a previous post Etisalat re-brands its name to 9Mobile to get to know more about the 9mobile. And as result of this change, it paved way to adjustments in their internet  bundle subscriptions,their features and data plans. Click below previous post to see the all the various data plans, their prices and the codes to which to activate the plans.

9Mobile Nigeria Internet Bundle subscription

And so for you to be able to activate the bundle subscription data plans and connect to the internet, your Access Point Name (APN)Settings configuration on your device must be valid.

So without further ado, i will be giving a guideline on how to configure the 9Mobile Access Point Name on your device. This guidelines on the configuration settings works on every Andriod, iOS AND Blackberry device and can also be used to get configuration settings on your laptops through your modem automatically.

The 9mobile Configuration setting can be done automatically, such as if you have a 9mobile sim card or a 9Mobile Brand modem, the Access Point Name (APN) Setting  in your device has already been pre- configured automatically, with almost every smart devices getting the configuration automatically during this new upgrade but in case yours is not done so, just follow the instructions below;

How To Automatically Configure The Access Point Name (APN) Setting On Your Device.

All you need do is to simply type "Setting" from your menu inbox to 790. After which an sms notification on the setup information will be sent to your line, open the message which you must then save,to avoid it from being deleted, activate. Then you're free to subscribe for your data plans and browse the internet, download movies and the rest.

It can also be done on your laptops to check its configuration settings through the use of modem, same guideline should be followed as it applies to it also.

That simple.

But if you're not ok with this method or you don't think it will work for you, try configuring it the manual way.

How To Manually Configure The 9Mobile Access Point Name (APN) Settings
All you need do is to configure the data settings on your smartphone device with the settings information provided below:

9Mobile Internet Settings
  •   Account name  =  9mobile
  •   APN/ Access Point = 9mobile
  •   Username  =    (please leave it blank)
  •   Password   =    (please leave it blank)
  •   Proxy/ IP Address =
  • Homepage  =

That's basically it.

Note: No username and password will be needed for the 9Mobile data settings.

Had any difficulty following the steps?, or you were able to configure yours correctly using the steps above, don't forget to share your thoughts with us using the comment box below.
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It has officially been announced that the telecommunication giant, Etisalat has changed its name to a new brand name known as 9mobile Nigeria.

This name change noticeably came up after the news of the recent pullout of a major investor Mubadala Group of the Tele (Etisalat), over a huge debt, which led to Etisalat International leaving the country. But after which it was decided for the change due to a three week deadline given.

This was officially announced via twitter  by the mobile official account on the change, including  brand's logo and color

It said:

"Etisalat is now 9mobile. From 9ja let’s talk, to 0809ja for Life we remain committed to YOU. Here for you, Here for 9ja #9forlife #9mobile     

See post  below:

"And although the company’s trading name will change, it will still remain true to the same values it was built, continuing to innovate, support, and empower all its subscribers to do more, whether as an individual or a business"said by the CEO (Mr. Boye Olusanya) of the company.

This brand name change though unexpected, is a re-branded Etisalat in the sense that 9mobile is an increased update of Etisalat in terms of moretalk, moreblaze, morecredit, morelife and morecliq etc.  9mobile is backed with a mobile app called my9mobile which is a self service app packed with features like
  • Airtime transfer, purchase and borrow
  • Bill payments
  • 9mobile service opt-in and out
  • Convenient and secured access to account
Download via My9mobile App for Android
FOR iPhones
Download via Myetisalat App

From Easy - Etisalat to More-9mobile

9mobile USB and Smartphones Internet bundle subscription and activation codes

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This is to inform all interested and suitable candidates that the UNIBEN JUPEB Foundation (Pre-Degree) Application Form for 2017/2018 session is out. The online registration has since begun on the 11th June, 2017 and will end on the 9th August, 2017 by midnight. So if you are interested, do so to and register before the closing date.

Below are the procedures to follow during the registration process.

Please note that before proceeding onto register, there are things that will be required of you such as follows;

1. First, you are to have a valid email account for the registration and also for any information that is needed to be sent to you can possibly be done.

2. After which, you log in to the website, then scroll down to click on JUPEB Pre-Degree Studies 2017/2018 as the one of the options where the page will then be displayed.

3. At the top left of the page, you will see a button ‘Register for Application’, click on it to provide the necessary information needed and when done,click on the send login credentials to email address button.
Note that * means the information needed there is compulsory.

4. An account will automatically be created for you and an email will be sent to the valid email address you created as stated above.

5. Then you open your mail, click on the link sent to get your ID and Password generated that you will use to login and apply.

6. Re-log in to the website, click on ‘login’ at the top right of the front page.
7. Enter your username and the password that was sent from the mail, then click on the ‘Edit application record’ to start the application process
Ensure to provide all required information requested, then after which upload your passport.

8. Finally, cross check and confirm your information and click send to submit the online application.

9. Print out the a copy of the application slip.

Here are Other information you will need to know

Click here to read the admission requirements

It is a 1” x 1” COLORED passport photograph with a red background in JPEG format that will be needed only and also the only valid ID for all admitted candidates throughout their stay in the University, so failure to do so will lead to disqualification of admission.

For any challenges send an email to or call 0709 8805 057

You can also visit the main site for more details needed, click on

Please make sure you follow this steps to register smoothly.

NOTE: Registration closes on or before midnight 9th of August 2017.

The Entrance exam will be conducted on 19th August 2017 by 9 am at Ugbowo campus of the University.

Also you can no longer modify any information on your application once you click the submit button.

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Etisalat has introduced yet again another exciting data plan to all its Internet data subscribers, It's called Blaze On for unlimited browsing and downloading which is a time-based data plan for fast downloads of heavy files, videos, watch movies and what not.

We all know how fast consuming mobile data is while downloading or streaming videos or files and that’s why Etisalat  introduced this for us to enjoy unlimited time based data with the Blaze On App on our Smartphones phones.

The Blaze On service is a data plan where you get the chance to buy time to download, surf the internet or do whatever you want to do without being charged, basically allowing you to connect to the internet from few minutes to an hour for a minimal charge, what could get better than that!.

Be informed that for now, the app is only available for Android users but hopefully will be given out for other iOS and windows mobile devices soon. Now let’s give a look at how it works and the prices below.

How To Activate It

All you need do is to go to your device menu, click on the google playstore and download the Blaze On App


Follow the prompt to set up the app Or just simply text “blazon” to 299..

There, you will be requested to type in your etisalat number after which a registration code will then be sent to your line, put in the number sent in the space given and that’s it.

And then after which you see through the tutorial on how to select a a plan of your choice and the plan charge that will be deducted from your airtime balance, where then you will be connected to the internet for a time period of the plan you purchased  as a countdown starts.

It’s quite that easy.

Please note that the data plan is only applicable to those with Etisalat lines and the Etisalat network around your area should be fast enough for internet access.

The Etisalat Blaze On Data Plans includes as follows:

10 min for N50
15 min for N70
30 min for N120
1 hour for N200

NOTE: You can also recharge your line through this app by clicking on the Naira-crossed icon and input your recharge/voucher code.

So what do you guys think of this offer made by Etisalat, yay or Nah?, don’t forget to comment below and share this with friends and family.

Phones / How to activate 4G LTE on MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL
« on: March 20, 2017, 01:56 PM »
The4G LTE ( which is the latest and fastest wireless mobile technology) is now available on phones to all network subscribers. But some of you may be wondering what  4G LTE is all about, well in this post I will tell all you need to know about it and how to activate on your phone.

The 4G LTE offers very high internet data speed that is 10 times faster than 3G, which is great news for we frequent internet users, as we all know how frustrating it can be when trying to download  or upload be it a video, song. The buffering occurs in the process due to the slow internet speed but with 4G LTE, all these will be done faster than you can imagine and you will be assured that it will be a stress free and easy experience.


A 4G SIM card: You will need to get a 4G SIM card from your service provider as your previous SIM card does not support the 4G,where you will be provided a 4G enabled SIM card ,the process to do so is just that easy and simple.

A 4G Capable Device: You are to also need a phone or modem that has "4G LTE" as one of the network type. And phones that have LTE are mostly pricey like smartphones such as iPhones,Blackberry,Techno or any that will be compatible with having 4G LTE,so ensure to check before buying one. 

After getting the new and upgraded SIM card, you are to then insert it into the phone. Go to your phone setting and change your network type to 4G LTE option.

Just that easy and simple.

So what are you waiting for, go now and have an easy experience like never before!

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The Nigeria Singer revealed to the public her regret on doing a theme song for GTBank which is the song heard at every GTBank by all customers when entering or exiting the bank.

Asa broke her silence via twitter when a fan of the Nigerian Singer @mrDianose tweeted by praising the singer on a song well done, saying the song was beautiful and hoped that GTBank acknowledged her on it but Asa retweeted saying how she wished it will all go away and would not like to be associated with the Bank though GTBank is yet to comment back on this.

See tweet below:

It's unclear on what caused the issue between Asa and GTBank, maybe she didn't like the pay she was given or want to redo the song.
So what's your give on this?, we would let you in on more on this as it unveils.

« on: March 10, 2017, 01:00 PM »
Get to ask real doctors health related questions and get answers in the shortest of time on Kangpe.
What is the Kangpe all about? you’ll ask, Kangpe is a health service that allows people all over Africa to ask health questions and get advice on health concerns 24 hours a day from real and verified doctors.
Self-diagnoses is dangerous - Self medication is Deadly - Take the guess work out of your health concerns with Kangpe website, mobile app or SMS where you can speak to a professional from the comfort of your own home.

Specifically, with the mobile app installed on your phone, it will help connect you with real doctors where you can ask them health related questions confidentially and get the answers in the shortest time.
All you need to do is to download the Kangpe app on your phone (see download link below), where you will get help to find and book an appointment with any doctor/specialist wherever you may be in Nigeria or within Africa.
So what are you waiting for, go now and book an appointment with a doctor.


For those of you downloading from your phone, Launch your Android PlayStore or Apple App Store and type in Kangpe on search or preferably you could click the links below that leads directly to the App in your resepective devices.

Download the Kangpe App For Android

Also you can check out the website where health related questions can be asked and answered and advice given by doctors.

Note: Please ensure to describe in details what your health conditions are while chatting with the doctor to get the best medical advice, treatment or recommendation from the doctor.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

As as stated above the Diamond Mobile App has been made to make all business transactions and transfers very much easy for all Diamond customers to use and  we also shared to everyone on how to download the app and register.

But while you enjoy this service, it should also be noted that that once you register and logged into your phone, no other Diamond bank user can login with your phone such as getting a notification like this

Furthermore, if you lose or forget your account details(password and pin), a hard-token device will be required to retrieve any forgotten details as customer support will be unable to help reset.

And in situations where you changed to a new phone, you will be required to re-download the Mobile app on your new phone, open the app icon, click on the 'Changed Device' and enter your details(User ID,password and pin). After which a code will be sent to your phone number as an SMS, enter the code and  the app will be moved to your new phone.

Money / Download Diamond Bank Mobile App – Diamond Mobile
« on: March 08, 2017, 04:29 PM »
Are you yet to download the Diamond Bank Mobile App? or you’ve always been interested to have it but don’t know how to go about it, well worry no more about that because in this post I’ll talk about how you can download, install and use Diamond Bank’s Mobile Banking Application.

As they always say, consumers is the main factor for the reason for the establishment and transformation of  businesses in a market economy and for that, Diamond Bank knows the importance of finding and creating new ways to upgrade their level of services to their loyal customers and what better way than to innovate the Mobile Banking App that will allow their customers access their accounts and go on about their various transactions from the comfort of their own homes in the easiest, fastest and secured possible way in Nigeria and Abroad.

The Diamond App was first developed to increase the ease of banking and in that way create a lasting good impression and customer relationships through the customer experience and has so far been upgraded with new features to banking easier, faster and even better.

What you can do with  Diamond Mobile

•   You can check your account balance and details of transactions such as transfers, made payments and account statements.

•   Able to transfer money Diamond Bank  to Diamond Bank or to other banks in Nigeria or Abroad.

•   Buy Airtime top-up to your number or  for friends and familiy of mobile networks.

•   Do bill payments on registered billers available on the app.

•   Able to book and pay for travel tickets for flight both local and  international.

•   Self Service

•   eSUSU

And many more others features you  can use with this amazing Mobile app.

Please ensure that you are a customer of Diamond Bank and that the phone number you will be using for the registration after the download is the same as the one registered with the Bank.

How  to Download Diamond Bank Mobile Banking Application to your Phones (Andriod, iOS )

The Diamond Mobile App can be download from  i-Tunes App Store (seen on most IOS devices) or  Google Play (seen on most Android devices) on your phone and  the app will automatically appear on your phone. Please see links below to download,

How to Register on the Diamond Mobile App on your device

Please note you may incur data charges from using the internet on your phone so do ensure to have an active data subscription.

1.   After the download, the app icon will appear on your phone where you are to click on it to open the application .

2.   Select register and then follow the steps below:

      Step One: Input your Diamond  User ID or your 16 digit Diamond Debit Card Number and your account number then click on submit. Your User ID and registration code will then be generated and sent to your registered phone number as an SMS.

      Step Two: Enter the registration code that was sent to your phone, then click on submit.
       Step Three: Choose a password (not less than six characters)that will henceforth be used to access the service at any point in time  and reconfirm the password.

       Step Four: Choose a four digit pin and reconfirm your pin and select confirm and it’s done as simple as that. You can re-login into the app now, input your Diamond user ID and your password and click submit.

Download Diamond Mobile Banking Application

As stated above if you use a smartphone with internet access, you can download the Diamond Mobile App for Andriod and Apple iOS devices. See below download links

Download Diamond Mobile App for Android
Download Diamond Mobile App for iOS devices
Download Diamond mobile app for Blackberry

Got more  questions about this service?, Call 0700 300 0000 or send an e-mail to
For more info: Visit any of the local branches near you.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family and  let them know.

Nigeria Defence Academy Military School Opens admission into the 2017/2018 academic session with sales of online application form for the 69th Regular Course(CR). Registrations has been ongoing since 8th November, 2016 and has recently been extended to 31st  March , 2017 so as to enable interested candidates buy the Joint Admission and Matriculation (JAMB) 2017 form and obtain their JAMB Registration Number which is an important criteria for admission into NDA  in 2017.

The Nigerian Defence Academy aims at creating strong willed and committed cadets with knowledge and skills required in the Armed and Navy Force and the good part is it not only includes male but also female candidates who are very much interested in joining the Academy.


1)  Interested candidates should logon to the application portal

2)  Download read the NDA 2017 Admission requirements so as to know and be aware of the admission requirements needed into the academic departments, subject combination and compulsory subjects for your specific course.

3 Proceed to click the Purchase Access Code button and pay online using your ATM card on Remita.
Upon successful payment of 3,000 Naira your ORDER ID and RRR Code will be issued which is required to continue the application process.

4) Candidates can also copy the RRR code and take that to the nearest bank for payment with the sum of 3,000 naira or conveniently pay online with Remital Account Transfer  by simply selecting the payment method you would like to use and click ‘Pay with Remita’ which would be used to pay for your application.

Note that only payments made against RRR codes generated via the portal would be accepted.

5) After obtaining the paid RRR, you are to re-logon to the portal and click the login button to sign up with the paid RRR.

6) Then fill in your application,submit online and ensure to print out a copy for yourself.

Please note the following:

You must apply JAMB to apply for the 69RC.

Only candidates who score a minimum of 180(for Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,Military Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies) and 210(for Faculty of  Engineering) in JAMB 2017 examination will be offered admission into the NDA.

That only 2017 Registration number and subsequent JAMB results will be considered in the NDA admission process for 2017.

The NDA Entrance Examination will take place on 22nd April 2017 at designated centres across the country and only candidates with JAMB 2017 Registration numbers will be eligible to write the exams.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the application portal, kindly contact the portal managers via email -

If you are experiencing difficulties with your payment, please contact Remita via email -

So go on and apply now and  good luck.

Don’t Forget to share this with your friends and family.

« on: February 09, 2017, 01:54 PM »

As of recent, we all know Nigeria is struggling with the value of the Naira which has been declining against the US dollar with no one knowing how far it will fall before it stabilizes and as a result of the country’s economic challenge,has encouraged many Nigerians, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers to patronize Nigerian-made goods and produce goods locally at the same time.
So to help support local manufacturers in their bid to produce goods indigenously, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki came up and announced the soft launch of the ‘Made in Nigeria Challenge’ which all about showcasing everyday products that are produced by Nigerians in Nigeria which commenced on the 2nd of January which he stated that with this initiative,it will create an opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs and manufacturers in the country to showcase their locally made products that can be used as an alternative to imported products and also afford the local entrepreneurs have their products to be identified, be connected with  investors and government agencies and for the already established local manufacturers to compete in international markets, hence creating potential increase in the economy.


1. Start by Shooting  a 45second to 3 minute video showcasing your product or service that is an alternative to an imported good using the hashtag #MadeInNigeria when submitting the video.

2. Your video also has to state:

−   If your business is already registered
−   The number of employees you currently have
−   The intervention you would need from the government in promoting the ease of doing business for MSMEs.

3. After which, those shortlisted will be invited to a roundtable at the senate with investors and Government Agencies,Legislators and everyday Nigerian Consumers – with the aim of promoting the ease of doing business for MSMEs.

Note: Please note that your product  must utilize up to 70 per cent of locally sourced raw materials that are within Nigerian to qualify as a participant.

For more information visit the website

Good luck to all the participants!

Don’t forget to share to your family and friends.

This is to inform those of you that missed out on the opportunity to register and be a part of the Reputable Nigerian Armed Forces last year and for interested candidates  that the Nigeria Air force has once again just announced on their official website that  the recruitment 2017 online registration exercise  for Airmen/Airwomen which is set to commence from the 14 January 2017 and will continue till on the 17 February 2017.

Instructions on how to apply for the NAF 2017 Recruitment Online

1.  Visit the Nigerian Airforce 2017 / 2018 Recruitment Website. Carefully Read all requirements before applying.

2.  Applicants are then  required to fill in their correct personal information so as to not have issues later on. Also upload the required attachments (O Level, Secondary School testimonial, passport photograph and Birth certificate / age declaration).

3.  On completion of the application forms, applicants must print out the under-listed documents:

    a.      Local Government Indigeneship Form.
    b.      Attestation form which is to be signed by a military officer or Local Government Chairman    from the same state as you.
    c.      Consent Form signed by your Parent or Guardian.
    d.      The Acknowledgement Slip.

 4. The Zonal Recruitment Exercise will then hold from the 23 February 2017 to the 16 March 2017 for the interview after which then all online registration have been completed.

Eligibility For Application

1. Applicant must be of Nigerian origin.

2. Male applicants  are not to be less than 1.66m tall in height and females not less than 1.63m tall in height.

3. Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 22 years for non-tradesmen and women while  17 and 24 years for tradesmen and women by 31 December 2017 and also for those applying as drivers must be between the ages of 18 and 28 years by 31 December 2017.

4. Applicants must have a minimum of 3 credits including Mathematics and English Language in GCE/SSCE/NECO /NABTEB for non-tradesmen and women while tradesmen and women must have 2 passes with a credit in English in SSCE/NECO/GCE/NABTEB and at least a lower credit in ND/NCE or any relevant trade certificate from any reputable and approved government institutions.
4. Those applying as sportsmen or women are to present evidence of their professional experience as well as their certificates and medals. 

•   Online Registration processes are free.
•   Applicants are only allowed to apply once, multiple online application will call for disqualification.
•   Applicant are required to read through the information on the instruction page and application guidelines carefully before you begin so as not to encounter any issue during or after the registration.
•   Lastly any applicant suspected of impersonation and false declaration shall be disqualified or withdrawal from training and risk being prosecuted by the Police.

•   For further information see the instruction page on the website as from 14 January 2017 or call the following support lines: 09064145533, 08043440802 and 08053440802 or Email:

Any more information on this  will be shared to keep you informed.
Good luck

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We all know when it comes to the entertainment industry, a new year means new everything, new seasons of your favorite TV shows, more sequels and remakes of some of the previous movies that were made and it has been made known that more than enough sequels and new films are gonna be released this year.

The Year 2016 was a pretty good one for movies but 2017 might even get better so get ready to camp out at cinemas and then watch them over and over again at the comfort of your own home. So here are some of the 9 most anticipated  upcoming movies in 2017 which may include animated movies as well as this list is in no particular category

         9. Beauty and the Beast


I know we all have read the book as children and even watched the many versions of the movie but finally and hopefully not the last we finally get to see a live-in  action of the movie which stars the beautiful Emma Watson as our Belle who also starred in the Harry Potter franchises and Dan Stevens as The Beast which follows the novel plot with a twist in the story which takes us on a magical and fascinating ride back to our inner child fantasy.

       8. The Fate of the Furious

Does anyone else feel like it really doesn’t matter as long as the next sequels of the movie Fast and Furious is as entertaining and fun as the last? To be fair, the Fast and Furious movies will never be the same without Paul Walker, but the rest of the cast is clearly still having a great time coming together for more films. The newest  in the sequel "The fate of the Furious" will be hitting the screens soon in 2017.
In this film, Dom - played by Vin Diesel meets a mysterious, seductive woman who wins him over and draws him back into a world of crime.

      7. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Now this is something we all have been waiting for since the first movie was released which was a hilarious and adventurous filled package. Fans never stopped talking about it.
It was like twilight all over again and now a sequel is been announced  to be on theaters soon, what better way to spend your summer and outings watching this at cinemas or at the comfort of your home and besides who gets bored of seeing Chris Patt in action reprising his role as Star Lord.

      6. Wonder Woman

Although the Superman VS Batman movie franchise was not all grossed to a top, we can not help but think  that Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot was awesome and when it was announced that a sole movie on Wonder Woman was gonna be released, fans couldn’t be much happier, female heroes are finally getting their chance and who better to start with than Wonder Woman whose plot of the film is centered around Wonder Woman’s quest to help humanity. Who doesn’t want to see the Sexy Diva Gal Gadot in action. Well I want to, don’t know about you though?

       5.  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tells no Tales

Who could have known that a movie based off on a Disney ride could be this successful?. The Infamous Captain Jack Sparrow has won so many heart over about a decade ago. Pirates of the Caribbean have been entertaining moviegoers for years, so why stop now.
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales will be out this year and it is sure to be another classic tale of drama on the high seas. In this film, Captain Jack is on a quest to find the Trident of Poseidon, a very powerful tool that gives its owner control over all the seas. So far, it looks like it’s gonna to be full of supernatural suspense!. I can’t wait.

      4.  Spider-man: Home Coming

Why another Spider-man movie again you might be thinking but who says one can ever get tired of watching a new spider-man movie and besides it was interesting to see every spider-man movies were been played by different amazing  actors who brought in different trills with their acting skills such as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield and we know that Tom Holland’s acting is even gonna be yet another better addition to the Spider-man sequels.
As the movie takes us back to the early years of Spider Man Aka Peter trying to survive high school while fighting a new villain, the Vulture. So why not give this a chance?

       3.  Pitch Perfect 3

 Just by only hearing about it, we all know it’s gonna be aca-awesome as we knew the previous movie and spin-offs were just to amazing not to watch and die for. Anna Kendrick reprises her role as Becca Mitchell  and let’s don’t forget Rebel Wilson who also played a role Patricia “Fat Amy” one of the characters who just made the movie aca-epic. So we just can’t wait for it to hit the theaters because I for one has a seat already with my name on it at any of the theaters.

      2.  Sing

An animated musical comedy  film starring the voices of Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Taron Egerton and Tori Kelly that tells of a story of animals that enter a singing competition, hosted by a koala(voiced by Matthew McConaughey) hoping to save his theater and which includes more than enough classic songs from famous artists such as Steve Wonders, Jennifer Hudson, JAY-Z, Our Queen Bee Beyonce, Christopher Cross,Traditional and let’s not forget our girl Ariande Grande and besides who does want to get to see the Sexy Scarlett Johansson act as Ash(the teenage crested porcupine and punk rocker). Now that’s something we all look towards for.

     1. Passengers

This science fiction adventure film directed by one of the well known directors of Our time Morten TyldumIt which stars Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne and Andy García which tells us  about two people who wake up 90 years too soon from an induced hibernation on board a spaceship bound for a new planet and we just can’t wait for it to be displayed on our screens.
So what do you think of these movies listed above?
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Fashion / Registration Process for GTCrea8 Masterclass 2015 Online
« on: October 07, 2015, 05:54 PM »
Hi  8) everyone GTBank brings to you another exciting program, this program is open to all undergraduates.
Join the 2015 GTCrea8 Masterclass Makeup Master Class the registration for the class is online and is free.

This makeup master class is open to only undergraduates who are aspiring of becoming the next professional makeup artist in nigeria, can attend the GTCrea8 makeup and makeup Photography masterclass for free.

Join makeup experts Banke Meshida Lawal of BMPro and Fatima Mamza of Mamza Beauty at the GTCrea8 Makeup Masterclass, Fashion photographer Emmanuel Oyeleke will also be there to teach the basics of makeup photography.

This GTCrea8 Makeup Masterclass will be held in Lagos Oct 14th and 15th 2015 and Abuja 15th and 16th 2015 so hurry now and start you registration online.

To Register if you are interested in the GTCrea8 Makeup Masterclass, visit The Registration Portal to start you registration online.

Note: To attend, you must own a GTBank account.
          For talented Makeup Artist only.

For more information or inquiries do well to call the following numbers: 08029002900 or 08039003900

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