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Food / Re: How To Prepare Deltans Number One Banga Soup
« on: May 11, 2017, 10:12 AM »
@Mr/Mrs Image Thief thank you for your reply to this post. Kindly note that if you follow steps given with the recipe then your Banga soup should look exactly the same as what you are seeing now. And for the image, millions of people prepare Banga soup in Nigeria so I'm still trying to understand if the plate looks like yours because taking snapshot of my food isn't a problem to me.

It seems tertiary institution in Nigeria are coming up with new ways to making students pay for Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination that has been scrapped by senates earlier on. Some do this in different names and make students pay and write examination justified their action to claim that the policy by senate cancelling Post UTME will take full effect from next year.

To get straight to institutions carry out such exercise the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu has given order that tertiary institutions that have conducted and collected money for Post UTME examination should refund the money back.

Here is what he said:
Students who have already been offered admission by JAMB may be screened by the institutions but this must not involve the conduct of any other entry examination. The candidates can be screened by verifying their certificates but not through the conduct of examinations.

The National Universities Commission (NUC) and appropriate departments in the Ministry to communicate the directive to relevant agencies and institutions to ensure strict compliance.

Those who have already advertised for the conduct of the Post-UTME under any guise should stop the exercise immediately as any university caught conducting Post-UTMNE will face appropriate sanctions. If any tertiary Institution has already conducted Post-UTME, such an exercise stands annulled and money taken from such candidates must be refunded immediately.

Events / The Ooni of Ife Returns to Nigeria – Oba Adeyeye
« on: June 28, 2016, 11:09 AM »
In places where tradition has strong grounds like Nigeria per say, people grow up to learn that a king doesn’t leave his throne, in Nigerian pidgin English they put it this way, “Oba no they go transfer”. By that I meant he doesn’t leave where he dominates. But unfortunately for people with such believe they’ve be proven wrong by one monarch in Nigeria, Ooni of Ife.

Somehow that tends to be the reason why most crowned prince who grew up abroad find it difficult to come back home and take over when their dad is gone to the world beyond.

Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, has gone beyond expectation to some of us, breaking boundaries shaking hands with great men of other nations and creating good recognition to the Yoruba’s cultural values as Washington DC celebrates with them by declare a day a as Yoruba day.

I won’t forget to mention the most interesting part of their visit, which was, they also traveled along with substantial native assurance and people who knows how to use them to entertain others. In one of their events one Yoruba native entertaining the Ooni and others was actually breathing out fire and it triggered alarm and got the fire service on their feet.

So far, it was a successful trip away from home. He’s finally back to his country, his people and of course his throne. See some pictures of his arrival back to Nigeria below.

Game change last Sunday night when Ike Ikechukwu, The Voice Nigeria show presenter announced that it’s time to start voting to keep any of our favourite voice in the show. So he called out four singers from each team to perform on stage individually and let their coach choose one of them while the others fate lies in the vote views will cast.

Like 2baba would say, menn this decision is a tough one. Yes, it was really tough decision for the coaches to make since all of them were good.

The Ngbuzz team is totally neutral in this show, so if you want our team to vote for your favourite voice and other Ngbuzz users too to do the same. All you need to do is post a comment by using the reply option and tell us why we should cast our vote to your favourite.

The numbers below in front of their names is not their age but the number you will text if you want to keep any of them in the show to the final. To vote simply text that number to 33120.
Note: voting cost N50 per SMS.

Khemie 28
Promise 31
Shammah 32
Michael (Safe)

Joe Blue 21
Grace Mac 20
Dewe 19
Vicky (Safe)

Prime 14
Chike (Safe)
Linda Inneka 12
Sylvia Charles 15

Gabriel 04
Viveeyan 08
Emem 03
Brenda (Safe)

Money / Why You Should Know Your Bank Customer Care Number
« on: June 27, 2016, 01:50 PM »
It’s kind of hard to hear these days that people are robbed of physical cash, huge amount of money with the advancement of technology and also as banks in Nigeria precisely has put in more effort to implement cashless policy within the country. To a great extent that has opened the minds of many Nigerians to understand that the real money is not paper but rather an exchange for value (service/product).
However, in one or two cases people still need to visit an automated teller machine (ATM) to withdraw physical cash to get things done and make quick and easy payment like when you boarding a bus, buying akara and akamu or bread and so on.

It might interest you to know that some lazy guys out there who likes physical cash without adding value to other peoples live have also advanced in their mode of operation from stealing your money (notes/ physical cash) at gu.n point to collecting your card and demanding for you access PIN code at the same usual gu.n point to withdraw not less than the minimum bank withdrawal limit if you have up to that amount in your account every day for three days.

Chances are you don’t even know the number to call for deactivation when such things occur. I mean your bank customer care number. Although, numbers like that are usually written at the back of your ATM cards people still don’t check to see if any of them are reachable in an actual case of emergency.

Note:  These criminals are fully aware that banks don’t operate on Saturdays and Sundays, so they take advantage of that to carry out their activities on Friday evenings when banks are closed, so you won’t have anywhere to run to for instant deactivation of your card.

We strongly advice Ngbuzz users and Nigerians at large, precisely those in Lagos State to be alert of their new tactics and have at their finger tips the right bank customer care number to dial in such incidence.

For the sake of those who are finding it difficult to get the right bank number to dial, in subsequent discussion we will list out the numbers for most of the banks.

Politics / Acting IG Wants 30 Senior Officer Retired
« on: June 27, 2016, 12:09 PM »
The acting Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris after his decision to withdraw individuals and companies security guards. He has also made a request to President Muhammadu Buhari to retire 30 senior officers of the Nigerian Police Force.

Source sight the list of officers for retirement as personnel of the rank of Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of police, his course mates and senior in terms of promotion.

Here are his reasons according to Ngbuzz source:
” On Friday, he wrote to the presidency, through the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, and it was approved and forwarded to the desk of the President for final approval.

“According to what Idris wrote, his reason why he asked for their retirement is that he cannot work with them. He said he wants to in all sense of the world take charge of the police.

” He said since he has been given the responsibility to provide security, it was imperative that these AIGs be removed because they might be a clog in his wheel of progress.

“With this move, there is a tendency to make 14 Commissioners of Police AIGs since the available and compulsory vacancy for AIGs is 26.

“Already before now, 12 AIGs were promoted. From the 12, they will take seven of them to become Deputy Inspector General (DIGs) of Police and then they will be forced to go to the CP rank to fill up the AIG rank of 26.

” We wonder why they are removing experienced hands that would have helped him steer the police to greater heights.

“These officers that will be retired, are the last set of senior policemen that were trained abroad, or have gone for short courses.

“I don’t know why we are wasting manpower. By removing these old hands, we will have to expend huge amount of money to train the new crop of AIGs and CPs.”

The international network known for short as internet or net is has grown with high speed since its beginning to the point where people can hardly go a day without having to do a thing or two that has to pass the some kind of IP to get it done.

It’s obvious that people use the internet more than they make use of tooth paste every day which means their is tones of benefits for users from having fun, to finding educative content and getting solutions to your problems online. Big thanks to Google for indexing the knowledge.

Currently, big tech companies out there are thriving hard to make the use of internet almost free and accessible to everyone from anywhere at any time. Not forgetting to mention Facebook leading the way with mission and Google on the other side.

But you have to make use of what you have before that time comes and what you can afford. So that brings us to the issue of Wi-Fi Hotspot. Previously we’ve discussed how you can set up connection between mobile and system to have internet access via the mobile phone that has subscribed data for surfing the net. And that post was basically on how you can secure your hotspot with password to avoid known or unknown users from draining your data.

Data price from most of the network service providers right here in Nigeria is gradually becoming cheaper when one of their competitors changes strategy to reduce price others tends to follow to keep the subscribers too.

However, from the wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) Hotspot settings we showed you from last guide on how to do it. By now you might have figure out that when Wi-Fi Hotspot is on you cell phone battery runs down faster compare to when it is off. At times we make mistake while putting up other settings and set our Wi-Fi Hotspot to go off when idle.

When that is set within 5 or 10 minutes when your system or other smart phones connected are not transferring or receiving any data the hotspot goes off and to continue using it in other device you need to turn it on again. That’s somehow stressful anyway if your battery is of full capacity.

Here is a quick guide on how the turn Wi-Fi Hotspot on full time:
•   Go to settings
•   Make sure you at the general settings area
•   Press the “Tethering & portable hotspot”
•   Next, press “Wi-Fi hotspot”
•   From the basic settings press “Keep Wi-Fi hotspot on” and select “Always”.

Note: to save you battery or time other users when connected all you need to do is the reverse by selecting any of the other options (“Turn off when idle for 5 min” or  “Turn off when idle for 10 min”).

To all candidates waiting for the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE) admission screening exercise/Post UTME the wait is over. FUPRE from the school official website has announced the opening for fresh student’s registration that wrote the 2016 JAMB Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination and scores a minimum of 180 or above to apply.

Date of Registration and Screening Exercise:
•   Registration starts from 24th June and closes on Wednesday 6th July, 2016
•   The screening is scheduled to hold on Saturday 16th July, 2016

All interested candidates are to have obtained the O’level entry requirement of five (5) credit passes including Mathematics and English Language. And are to pay online at the school website Two Thousand Naira (N2000) as screening fee and  N1,500 for past questions.

Procedure and payment for registration:
1.   Log on to FUPRE registration portal and type in your JAMB registration number for validation.
2.   Next, type in your active email address and cell phone number.
3.   Select your preferred payment method and click on proceed.
4.   The next step is to fill the application form with you recent passport uploaded in 300 by 300 pixels JPEG format (your ears should be visible).
5.   Submit and print out a copy of the confirmation page.
6.   Once your registration is successfully completed, log in to download past questions to prepare for the screening exercise.

Goodluck and success in the exercise.

When tradition stand by their own law people hands could hang on the limbo. This is might not be her intention to disrespect the Alaafin of Oyo (traditional ruler). But like they say not being aware is no excuse.

Shaking hands with Obama is understandable because that’s the western culture, their own way of greeting. We also do the same in our own different ways with different people from different ethical background.

However, people believe that there is a mutual understanding between two people when they greet each other with hand shake. It just like beginning church service with praise and worship which opens the mind of believers to spiritual activities and get them ready to receive from the speaker.

This is it, our first lady, Aisha Buhari in her recent visit to a Yoruba land stretched forth her hand to shake a monarch and he held his hand tightly closed to resist the hand shake.

Share your views with us in this situation, who do you think is disrespecting the other?

Education / DELSU Screening and Registration Date Changed
« on: June 24, 2016, 11:42 AM »
Management of Delta State University, Abraka has considered the appeals made by prospective candidates to adjust the set Post UTME/Screening exercise date.

The initial announcement from DELSU school authority says registration ends on Thursday 23rd June, 2016. While screening was to commence from Wednesday 29th June, 2016.

Applying candidates are to note the following adjustment in the screening schedule:

All registration start from 10th June and ends Friday 24th June, 2016. While the new admission screening exercise/Post UTME is schedule to hold on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July, 2016.

Note: requirements and credentials are still the same as mention before in our early post above.

One of the best data plan for heavy internet users of Airtel mobile network is the N3500 data plan. This data plan was made specially for BlackBerry device. Although we can’t tell if there was loop holes from Airtel security measures to tie it to that brand of device that makes it open for other device and modem to use the same subscription for surfing the net.

This plan when subscribed gives the user 9GB worth of data with duration of two months for usage. But this plan doesn’t work anymore.

May be the same wind of change that blew the competitors has reached their side so they had to adjust their data plan for the better in their own way.

Recently I got a call from one Ngbuzz’s client asking me if the 9GB plan is still working and I was like “Sir, text me the prompt or message you receive when you try to subscribe using the *438*1# code”. Minutes later when he responded this was his text, “Dear customer, you can only have the android 1 plus 1 offer once”.

Chances are you might be getting the same response if you try to subscribe with that code because the plan has been changed.

The new data plan for N3,500 is specially for Android device to last for the duration of one month with 7GB Data cutting off 2GB from the usual plan.

How to Subscribe Airtel N3500 7GB Data Plan for Android:
Subscribing the Airtel Android 3.5 is as easy as the first plan only that you don’t need to 1 as in *438*1#.
To subscribe simply dial *438# for 7GB

Politics / Army Not Planning Any Coup against Buhari – NA
« on: June 23, 2016, 11:00 AM »
Our gallant Nigerian Army who have been doing their very best to combat insurgency and to make the country a safe place for everyone by securing peace in region where it is needed making sure that the citizen there sleep with their two eyes closed.

The publication from  NA official website this morning points to warn the mischief makers to desist from such act of accusing the Nigerian Army of planning a coup against President Muhammadu Buhari.

However, NA assures Nigerians that they will never be part of such baseless activities arousing from the minds of faceless criminal gang that hide under the aegis of Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force (JNDLF) as their way of distracting the Army.

Below is the full warning to mischief makers and assurance to Nigerians from NA website:
The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to another campaign of calumny and distraction by faceless criminal gang of economic saboteurs that hide under the aegis of Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force (JNDLF) alleging that some officers of the Nigerian Army approached them for support to overthrow our duly elected present democratic government.
This is baseless and most unfortunate allegation that existed in the warped minds of the originators of such weighty allegation. The Nigerian Army wish to state that this is not true and hereby distanced itself from this weighty allegation.
We also see this speculation as a dangerous distraction to our effort in fighting insurgency  and other criminal elements in the country.
The Nigerian Army would like to send a strong and an unequivocal warning to those speculating a coup by the Nigerian Army (NA) against the Government to desist forthwith. We would like state in clear terms that  that we are a product of democracy and a focused professional institution and would have nothing to do with such abomination and heinous crime.
We wish to state further that the NA is the greatest beneficiary of democracy and therefore cannot ever contemplate any anti-democratic misadventure, certainly not under the command of the present Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai.  Rather, we see this type of dangerous speculation as a   declaration of war to destabilise the present government by these unscrupulous elements.
The Nigerian Army is investigating those behind the dangerous insinuation in order to unravel the real motive behind it.
We would like to reiterate our unalloyed loyalty to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and defence of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We would also like to reaffirm our unconditional support and obedience to civil authority.
We wish to further assure Nigerians and indeed all peace loving people that the Nigerian Army and indeed its personnel will never be involved in such terrible misadventure.
We wish to further add that no matter how long it takes, we would track and find out those behind these insinuations and bring them to justice.
Thank you for your kind cooperation.
Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman
Acting Director Army Public Relations

Three days after the show I can still remember vividly what I learnt and that is, what the voice can do a rose flower can make it better. A good example was when one of the singer who was on stage for their battle of who would stay.

During Patrick's voice and stage performance with Chike he pull out a rose flower for Waje, that was how he got stolen, saved to continue.

I think Waje is lucky she wasn’t in or did it in this current political system in Nigeria. Some people would have charge her for corruption – taking bride in form of flower. Not joking, I know very well that Bubu like they call him won’t entertain such behavior in this administration. He will just send her to EFCC straight.

Here are the names of singer who performed, survived, was stolen or got kicked out at last Sunday event:
DNA – was stolen by #TeamPatoranking
Gabriel Songs – 2baba decided on his favour though it was a tough one for him to make.
Mojisola - Out
Promise – Still in the show by Waje’s decision.
Patrick Akiba - Out
Vicky – In
Osuwake Omini - Out
Benjamin - In
Brenda - In
David - Out
Chike - In
Patrick – fortunately for him Waje hits the button to keep going cause he is the flower boy.

Hope you now know that a rose flower might give you a second chance in some situation.

The Nigeria Air Force has released the list of successful candidates for 2016 Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). This happens to be the final process for their selection board before candidates begins the various courses if they are taken for providing the require credentials and being physically fit for the task ahead, which is a call to defend her father’s land.

All candidates and download and check the list according to their state to see if their name was shortlisted among others and prepare for the interview which will be held at Nigerian Air Force Base, Mando Road Kawo, Kaduna.

Download the list of Successful Shortlisted DSSC Candidates Directly from NAF website.
Candidates are to note that the date for interview is 3rd July, 2016 and are expected to show up at the venue with the following:
•   Original copies of their submitted credentials.
•   Two (2) white vests
•   Two (2) blue PT shorts
•   A pair of Canvas.

If you checked and you’re shortlisted, we wish you goodluck and a successful interview with the board.

In Nigeria when it comes to traditional events we know what to expect but I guess the Washington DC emergency team didn’t quite understand our culture and how they are celebrated.
It is understandable bringing in native assurance equipment and the assurance itself in higher institutions in Nigeria during cultural events but taking them across boarder is something else. All the same it's like a network that follows us everywhere we go.

Who knows if they as well even changed the weather forecast before event. That’s beyond the imagination of the whites though, so they wouldn’t even think of it. At the event what triggered fire signal to the emergency team is the traditional performance were some Yoruba’s had to breath out fire from their mouth to entertainment the Ooni and mark the event as usually done in Nigeria.

Within couple of minutes firefighters were alerted and showed up only to discover that the Yoruba’s who Washington DC declare a day for as Yoruba day are only doing their thing. This isn’t Nollywood movie at all, the Ooni Ogunwusi was there.

Here are some photos of the event:

Education / Exam Date for UNIBEN Post UTME 2016/2017
« on: June 17, 2016, 05:43 PM »
For all successful candidates who have scored a minimum of 180 and above in recent JAMB Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination with UNIBEN as their first or choice of institution. Post UTME has been scrapped out so the University of Benin will be doing screening exercise this year to take in fresh students.

This to inform interested candidates that UNIBEN invites all eligible students to register for its screening process/Post UTME .

Schedule date for registration and screening:
  • Registration starts from 14th June to 22nd June 2016. Candidates who pay after the deadline will be excluded from screening.
  • Candidates are expected to check their venue, day and time of screening on 25th June, 2016.
  • Screening Exercise begins from 27th June to 9th July 2016 in designated centres within Ugbowo Campus of the University.

Although the process isn’t going by the name “Post UTME”, the exercise is going to be Computer Based. And candidates are advice to be at the screening venue hour before the actual time scheduled.

How to register for UNIBEN screening exersice:
1.Log on to UNIBEN official website
2. From the top menu of the page click on Student Portal
3. Click on Register for application at the top left of the display page to continue.
4. Enter your Surname you used in JAMB Registration and JAMB Registration Number.
5. Copy your ID and Password which which will displayed on the portal click on ‘Login’ option from page top, right side.
6. Enter your Username, password to login and click on ‘Application record’, provide all required information and upload your colour  passport photograph (1” X 1” jpeg format only).
7. To pay for the Application, click on “Add online payment ticket” at the bottom of the page, then click on “College Pay” on the top left corner of the page, follow the instruction to pay the application fee of N 2,000:00; (The fee excludes other charges), the admission screening exercise past questions for N1,000:00 (optional); excluding Interswitch and Portal Services charges with an ATM-Enabled Verve or Master Card from any Commercial Bank
8. A link is displayed “Download past questions to practice".
9. Recheck you details, submit and print out an acknowledgement slip that contains the screening schedule.

Note that GSM phones and calculators are NOT allowed.

Education / NAOC 2016/2017 Scholarship for Undergraduates
« on: June 17, 2016, 02:58 PM »
The Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) Joint Venture in reaching out to fulfill their corporate social responsibility has commenced the Tertiary scholarship for 2016/2017 for student in 100 level to apply beginning from 13th June to 27th June 2016.

Scholarship of this scheme is going to be awarded to merit student in two categories which are:
1.   Host Communities Merit Award – For applicants strictly from NAOC Host Communities
2.   National Merit Award – For applicants from Non-Host communities

Who is eligible to apply?
All beneficiaries of similar Awards from other Companies and Agencies will not be considered for scholarship award.
Only Indigenes of NAOC Host Communities in Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta and Imo States SHOULD apply for the Host Communities Merit Award.
Only applicants studying Engineering, Geology, Geosciences and Agricultural Science are eligible for the National Merit Award.

Requirement and How to Apply:
1.   First of all you need to scan the following documents in with size not more than 200kb:
School ID Card
O’level Certificate
Admission Letter
Birth Certificate
Proof of Local Government Area of Origin
Letter from Community Paramount Ruler (Only Applicants for Host Communities Merit Award)
Letter from CDC Chairman (Only Applicants for Host Communities Merit Award).
JAMB Result
2. Next, visit and click on the “Apply Now” tab from Scholastica
3. Scroll download the login option to click on "Register Now" to create an account.
4. Check your email to activate your account.
5. When back on the site login with your registered email and password to upload your scan documents in the right directory.
6. Fill in the required details including National Identification Number if available as you upload the required documents.

See also: Online Pre-enrollment For Nigeria National ID Card By NIMC

7. Ensure the name used in application matches the names on all documentation in same order. Upload a sworn affidavit or certificate if otherwise.
8. Ensure you upload white background passport when needed.
9. On successful completion of the form click on "Apply Now" to submit information
10. To confirm you registration success an email and sms  will be sent to you.
11. Return to the website, enter your Email and Password to download your profile and proceed to have your Head of Department sign the document.
12. Upload a scanned copy of the signed profile, this would be used for verification.

Switching from one app to another isn’t fun to many of us that use low RAM smartphones because they might freeze up or lag a bit but like the founder / CEO of the leading social network company, Facebook said, “you will want to use two”.

Although we tons of apps these days, Mark said was referring to Facebook and Twitter only, while we now have Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and not forgetting to mention our can’t do without instant messaging application WhatsApp.
If you ask me I’ll say Facebook is fun but you’ll want to use more apps. :D

Facebook Messenger just like WhatsApp doesn’t consume much data. Using it as a client where you receive SMS while chatting obviously is the best option right now because it's not only going to save you time, it is also going to add a new feel to your discussion via chat and SMS with people.

In a previous post we’ve shared the news on this new rollout from Facebook. A new feature that puts SMS and Messenger in one spot/client on Android. The social network giant said they don’t have any intention to rollout this feature for iPhone users since the device isn’t flexible enough with option to change SMS client.
This setup screenshot from my android device will guide you through making a successful merging of facebook messenger with SMS app. The changes can be reversed at anytime.

Step 1:
Download and Install (update yours if it is already installed) Messenger directly from Google PlayStore.
Step 2:
Go to phone “Settings”

Step 3:
Swipe to all apps and scroll down or press the more option under “Wireless & Networks”

Step 4:
Press “Default SMS app” and choose Messenger as the default SMS app.

That’s all, your text messages will start showing up in Messenger.

Another amazing feature is that of scanning code to add people to your messenger contact. Feel free to try it out with my code when you update.

First you need to know little tips about data security cause that’s the assurance Facebook is giving us to merge our SMS together with Messenger. Yes, if you have been following up how to and tech stuff tutorial right here at for a year or two now, am proud to let you know that you’re a geek so it's good to let you know things the same way we geek sees and understand them.

Talking about user data (not internet subscription) as in you contact, text messages etc. it might interest you to know if you didn’t before now that one of the major reason Facebook bought Whatsapp was for them to be know you better and connect you with people that matters to you that aren’t your fb friends that’s why is easier for them to suggest friends from your contact.

However, to clear the air on this new roll-out, the leading social networking company and owner of can’t do without instant messaging application (Whatsapp) they took out time to explain that, the new feature puts your Messenger and SMS together but doesn’t store you SMS in any server rather it’s just like other SMS client out there like the GO SMS and QKSMS with the right privacy protection.

Tested and currently in use by me, Mattmaik so I recommend it to everyone who want to have all their text threads in one spot being managed by just one trusted application.

This isn’t the first time Facebook is showing up with something like this, far back in 2012 they came up with Facebook SMSsenger but they had to quit the idea in 2013 since users weren’t encouraging the use of it.

How to Setup SMS and Messenger Together
Setting up SMS and Messenger together is easy once you have Messenger installed already all you need to do is go to settings, select “SMS” and turn on “Default SMS App” to Messenger. Once that is done you will start seeing you SMS conversations in Messenger as purple threads.

Remember carrier charges may apply since you text aren’t sent over using data subscription.

See also: Why and How to Use SMS and Messenger in One App for Android

To all graduates who have been waiting to go further in studies for either Postgraduate Diploma, Master Degree and professional Master Degree now is the right time to apply at one the best university in Nigeria. The University of Lagos has announced the invitation of qualified candidates from recognized institutions to apply for admission into 2016/2017 postgraduate programme session.

Eligibility and Requirements for:
•   Postgraduate Diploma/Masters by Coursework
•   M.Phil/Ph.D Programme

1. Applying candidate must possess a Bachelors's degree of this University or any approved University. Candidates with awaiting results, degree from outreach/satellite  are not eligible.
2. A person who holds other qualification(s) recognized by senate of the University of Lagos;
3. In addition to (i) and (ii) above, an applicant may be required, as a condition for admission, to undergo a selection process in the form of written and/or oral examinations.

NOTE: Candidates who have not completed the National Youth Service Corps programme or currently undergoing a Postgraduate programme will be disqualified.
 All academic transcripts must reach the Deputy Registrar/Administrative Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies on or before the start of the session admission is being sought.

While for M.Phil / Ph.D Programme
Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil)
(i) Candidates must possess a Bachelor's honours degree from this University or any other approved University with at least a Second Class (Upper Division).
(ii) Candidates with a Master's degree with a minimum of CGPA of at least 3.50.
(iii) All candidates to the M.Phil. programmes must contact the respective department for availability of supervisors before applying.
(iv) The candidate may be required to undergo a selection process as determined by the respective department.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
(i) A candidate who has obtained the degree of Master of Philosophy must have a minimum CGPA of 4.0.
(ii) A candidate who has obtained the degree of Masters of Science must have a minimum CGPA of 4.0.
(iii) Candidates must clear with the respective Departments as to the availability of vacancies/supervisors before applying.
(iv) All candidates may be required to undergo a selection process as may be determined by the department.

For M. Phil and Ph.D. programmes only, admission shall be processed at the beginning of each semester.

All candidates for m. phil./ph.d. admissions are to provide transcripts of their masters' degrees or formal evidence of performance at master's level.

Some departments have specific requirements for admission view full details from the school portal.

How to register online:
Forms sales begins from Monday, June 13 and closes Friday 29th July, 2016. All submission of completed forms are to be done online before 5th August 2016
1.   Log on to Unilag Portal and click the link located at the right sidebar of the page if you’re using PC that shows “Click the 2016/2017 Application link
2.   Next, click on “Application Form” from the same direction then select your Postgraduate option from the application menu.
3.   Fill the Pre-Application form to get your payment reference number
4.    Make the of N22,500.00 (Twenty Two Thousand and Five Hundred Naira Only) for Form, the SPGS Abridged Prospectus and charges
5.   Next, navigate to postgraduate studies page and click "Continue Application" link, using your Payment Reference Number and surname in lowercase to login.
6.   Upload passport photograph (jpeg format) of size not more than 15 kb in size with white background. The acceptable dimension is width: 275 pixels or 35mm, height: 314 pixels or 40mm. (Failure to comply with specified image format may lead to disqualification.)
7.   Run a quick check again if they are correctly filled Click "SUBMIT FORM" button.

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