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I've been interested in seeing people speak up. Speak up against most of these outrageous characters displayed by most of the entertainers in Nigerian today, at least to create some kind of check and balance for these entertainers which i think is very important.
Recently, A blogger -Ngozi Kanwiro- wrote an open letter to Tonto Dikeh and Cossy Orjiakor addressing their hideous behaviours & letting them know they are being nothing but a disgrace. Here's the letter:


The unscrupulous lifestyles of Igbo NOLLYWOOD Actresses, Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh are just becoming too unbearable.

This duo has ignorantly and intentionally refused to stop their no-longer interesting/entertaining lifestyles that are now tarnishing the image of the Igbo female group as a whole.

It is so disheartening how Cossy has continued to tarnish the image of our Igbo sisters through her dirty lifestyles that now give all Nigerians the impression that Igbo ladies are all prostitutes using their bodies to climb to the ladder of fame in all works of life, whereas in reality, it is not true, rather it is being practiced by few unscrupulous Igbo girls who have nothing else to offer to the Nigerian society aside exposing their God-given feminine physique in s  sual-appealing manner to gain popularity, and by giving out their supposed holy-bodies to men (married and single) so long as he can pay the price.
Please Cossy and Tonto, Nigerians and most importantly, Ndigbo are no longer finding your ugly, dirty lifestyles funny, please you girls should turn a new leaf this new year and embrace God in your lives for your own good. You two maybe thinking that you are on top of the game, but you are only causing yourselves more harm than good, and if you ladies refuse to change for better, you will surely reap a negative fruit in future to come.
Finally, I am using this medium with other mediums to follow, to call on the Ohanaeze Ndigbo society to please write personally to Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh to change their lifestyles as soon as possible, and if they fail or pay deaf ear, then the Ohanaeze Ndigbo should write to NOLLYWOOD, PMAN, Nigeria Censorship Agency, and every other entertainment industry in Nigeria through the major national dailies in Nigeria, to ban them from participating in Nigerian entertainment industries of any kind.
This is so sad because they are no longer entertaining Nigerians but rather teaching the upcoming Nigeria youths bad moral conducts.
Just see the unimaginable picture an African woman of Igbo origin posted publicly online in the name of entertaining her so-called fans. Yes, such rubbish can be done in the west, this is Africa, Nigeria and this also goes beyond to tarnishing the name of Igbo tribe. Spread this message as fast as you can. Thanks.

So far, Madam Tonto has said nothing but Cossy definitely didn't find it funny and still don't find anything wrong with what she does, maybe her parents and friends are just so terrible -that's if she has some- She replied via twitter stating she is making impact in the world -tell me if that isn't just stupid-   Here's her twitter response:

Cossy has a new disciple - Xrisabi Dondada aka X-risabi- a supposedly upcoming singer who apparently is doing greater things than Cossy in terms of nudity, I really hope Cossy feels fulfilled now -smh-
here's her disciple:

« on: January 19, 2013, 03:29 AM »
The very famous record label owner and producer Don Jazzy, owner of  MAVIN Records ventures into the oil and gas sector with his younger brother.

Obviously, Mavin isn't making enough money as Mo_Hits records. I believe so because he uses the record's name - MAVIN - to run his new found business -Mavin Energy Limited- Which is a door to door diesel delivery service that according to them was incorporated in May 2012.

The company is for now supplying diesel to homes and small scale businesses and looks forwards to supplying larger firms and organizations.
see for more details.
I wish them luck because it seems to me that soon they will be supplying bread and hankies... lolz

Miss west africa

Every year, One lucky Lady from participating countries emerges winner and is crowned Queen of the Miss West Africa International Beauty pageant  which started in 2008.
In preparation for the international event, D.Sinatra Entertainment and Miss West Africa International are searching for a Nigerian Beauty to represent the country at the Miss West Africa International on the 23rd of March 2013 holding at Cape-Verde, and take home a Brand new Car.

Miss West Africa Audition dates
Auditions for Miss West Africa Nigeria will hold in some major cities in Nigerian, including;
Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Asaba from Monday 4th February to Saturday 9th February 2013.

Successful candidates will be invited to the camp which starts from Sunday 17th February 2013.
The Queen who will represent Nigeria at the International event will be crowned at a Grand Finale on the Saturday 23rd February 2013.

Bigbrother Africa star Uti Nwachukwu and Kiss FM Presenter Ejiro will host the Grand finale.
Other Big names expected to grace the occasion are Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson and the current Miss West Africa International.

How to Register for Miss West Africa 2013
  • Download the Miss West Africa 2013 Application form, Print and fill with pen.
  • Pay a Non-refundable Fee of 5000 Naira to:
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0111536848
  • Scan completed form, Bank Deposit Teller/Slip and Two (2) pictures to:, or
Forms can also be obtained offline in different states by calling these contact persons;
Abuja -Gift-08030956948
Awka -face of purple-07033125600
Benin -Pages-08138004307.Uyi-08036125719
Biu -Nancy-08134833005
Enugu -D.Hubs(Shoprite)
Lagos -Koso-07062021902
Okada - Birrion-07032846934
Owerri -Desmond-08061170351
Port harcourt -Lawal-08038924261 

Tell friends that might be interested!!!!!!
More information about D-sinatra entertainment call Gags 08134305586 or Duke 08037646093

Health / Top 5 Best Acne Remedies to Help You Get Rid of Acne
« on: June 07, 2012, 07:47 PM »
Acne are sometimes taken very lightly by some people while some others battle seriously with acne and all other of it type. Whatever your acne situation might be, These are treatments that you can use in the comfort of your own home without having to fill out expensive prescription.
Here they are, the five best home acne treatments in no particular order. Find out which ones work for you:

1.   Toothpaste

This classic treatment is probably one of the most famous acne remedies that you can try. This is for two reasons. First, it works. Second, it’s inexpensive and you can do it in less than 5 minutes.  For years, people have been spot treating with toothpaste to help get rid of acne. There are some things to remember though when you decide to treat your acne with toothpaste. Toothpaste is most effective when spot treating. This means, it should be used on isolated pimples. If you get a big, painful pimple on an irregular basis, you can apply a tiny bit of toothpaste to it to assist in the drying out process.

If you suffer from more severe acne, applying a large amount of toothpaste over a wide area is not recommended. The active ingredient in toothpaste that helps combat your acne is sulfur. This is what causes the drying out of acne, particularly whiteheads. Applying it to large sections of your face can cause redness and a possible burning sensation. Use toothpaste sparingly.

Also, make sure to use standard toothpaste. Brands that advertise things like “Tartar Control” or “Whitening” contain additional ingredients that can have undesired effects, such as a more pronounced burning sensation.

Apply less than a pea sized bit of toothpaste to an individual pimple and see results by the next day.

2.   Garlic

Again, we have one of the sulfur based acne remedies. If you want to get rid of acne quickly, raw garlic is a fast and proven method. The good news is you don’t have to rub garlic on your face. Ingesting the garlic is how this treatment works. The difficulty of the garlic treatment is that you have to consume quite a bit of it.

There are supplements you can take to make this easier. If you go to your local supermarket, you can find garlic supplements in the form of pills. While this will still have a positive effect, raw garlic is the most potent. If you need to treat your acne fast, you’re going to need a few cloves of raw garlic over the span of a day.

Some people choose to just sit and eat the garlic straight. This is effective and saves time, but it’s also rather unpleasant. If you don’t think you can stomach eating raw cloves of garlic by themselves, mask them in a meal. Eating them with a cucumber is a quick and clean way to get the garlic down. You can also sprinkle chopped up cloves over pasta. The key is to keep the garlic raw. Do not cook it with the rest of your meal.

Eating a few cloves of raw garlic can show positive effects in a matter of days. Since it’s a natural anti-biotic, it will act quickly to reduce acne anywhere on your body. Treating acne from the inside out rather than topically might be the best long term fix.

3.   Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been a popular skin treatment for centuries. Many people have found that it also makes for one of the better acne remedies. Because Aloe Vera naturally reduces redness and swelling, this quality helps you get rid of acne. Not only will it reduce the appearance of your acne, but it’s also an excellent thing to use as part of your everyday skincare regiment. Your skin will look smoother and clearer as you begin to use Aloe Vera daily.

Not all Aloe Vera treatments have to be topical, though. It also comes in juices and gel capsules. Much like using raw garlic, you’ll be treating your acne from the inside out. There are conflicting anecdotes about the effectiveness of using Aloe Vera internally to treat acne. Start your Aloe Vera treatment with topical solutions. If you see that it helps, then you can try the ingesting method.

You may notice that your skin feels different when you first begin your Aloe Vera treatment. The solution itself is sticky and may be unpleasant if you aren’t used to it. You may also notice that your skin feels tighter. Any minor side effects will go away as you get used to the Aloe Vera. It’s great for treating moderate cases of acne.

4.   Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another of those acne remedies that people use both as topical treatment and a consumable one. Many find lemon juice to be extremely effective when trying to get rid of acne fast. The key is to use freshly squeezed lemon juice. Using lemon juice from the bottle isn’t good because it comes from concentrate.

Lemon juice applied to the skin has been seen to have many positive effects beyond clearing up acne. Users report reducing of inflammation, improvements in complexion, and the lightening of scars. Initially, using lemon juice will be unpleasant. It will burn and there may be some redness. Many find that these slight nuisances are well worth the results, though. The acne dries out and fades rather quickly.

One word of caution on using lemon juice to get rid of acne, however. Though it is highly effective, it does have a bleaching effect. You might notice your skin tone becoming a little lighter. If you have facial hair, it will bleach it. You may also notice your skin becoming more sensitive to direct sunlight. This is why you should limit your lemon juice treatments to once or twice a week. You don’t want to overdo it.

5.    Proper Nutrition

Though it may not be one of the faster acne remedies, it can’t be stressed enough that making sure you get the proper nutrition is the best thing you can do to help yourself get rid of acne. Getting the right balance of vitamins and other essential nutrients will help your skin clear up over time.

The family of B Vitamins are all important when it comes to skin health. They improve circulation, metabolism, and overall body functions. They also assist in stress relief, which shouldn’t be overlooked when combating acne. Stress (as well as sleep deprivation and bad diet) is a major factor in acne outbreaks that can be treated naturally. Vitamin C is also very helpful because of its antioxidant properties. Just like when you take a lot of Vitamin C to fight a cold, the same idea applies to acne.

You should also remember that persistence is an important element when fighting acne... when you find your best home treatment, you should continuously apply it to get quicker and better result. You also might want to change the way you eat and the kind of things you eat in other words start eating healthy so your acne can stay gone.

Goodluck! ;)

Two abandoned tiger cubs have been adopted by a new mum… a DOG.

The wrinkled, sandy-coloured Shar Pei dog called Cleopatra has been breast-feeding and cleaning the Siberian cubs as if they were her own. They also curl up and go to sleep together.

The cubs, named Clyopa and Plyusha, were born late last month in a zoo in the Russian city of Sochi, a Black Sea resort.

"She accepted them right away," a zoo spokeswoman said.

The cubs pose no danger to the dog, though they are already showing their claws and hissing.

"They aren’t aggressive and they depend on her for feeding," the spokeswoman added.

Fewer than 400 Siberian tigers _ also known as Ussuri, Amur or Manchurian tigers _ have survived in the wild, most of them in Russia’s Far East.

Aren't they just cute together.... :)

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