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Minecraft Game - Explore a world of Blocks
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Hardcore Gamers would be disappointed to see that the Ngbuzz Game section is almost empty. I haven't posted anything about Xbox, PS/2 - 3, PC games - So let me take this time to Introduce a series of Post about the popular game - MineCraft.

What is Minecraft?
It is an independent Sandbox game by Mojang that lets you Live in a world where everything is made out of Boxes.

Imagine being dropped in the middle of a forest where zombies, skeletons, huge spiders and other strange creatures (creepers) come out to play at night and Kill all they can find.
What would you do to survive?

The Addictive game has recipes that lets players combine raw materials found in the forest, desert or in underground mines. A combination of different materials (crafting) produces Tools, Food, weapons, shields that players need to survive out in the wild.

Minecraft has single player and Multi-player modes, You can Play with friends Over LAN network or Internet connecting to a Minecraft Server.

Here's the Official Video Introduction to Minecraft by Mojang

How to Download Minecraft
Minecraft can be played on a Computer, Xbox360, iOS, and Android devices but cost a small Fee to buy.
 - Buy Minecraft for PC / Mac or Test-drive the Minecraft Demo to see how it works.
 - Download Minecraft from iTunes Store
 - Download Minecraft Game for Android devices
 - For Xbox 360 users, Get Minecraft here

FYI: If you know your way around Torrents, You can get this game free.

Join Ngbuzz Minecraft Server:

As stated earlier the game can be played offline without internet in single player, but its more fun when you're connected to the internet and playing with others around the world. To do this, you'll have to Join Multiplayer and Add a Server.

We invite you to Join our 200 Player slots Ngbuzz Minecraft server by typing the server address - MineCraft.Ngbuzz.com:25680
Hope to see you there.

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Ngbuzz MinecraftServer

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