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Yahoo is notoriously known for locking people out of their accounts - especially following the recent wave of password complexity requirement policy that was inforced.
Old and new yahoo mail users were made to use a minimum of 8 characters as password which must include:
-Uppercase  (A)
-Lowercase  (a)
-Number      (1)

This is great for increasing account security but becomes a nightmare for the average user who prefers easy passwords, such as name of a family member, birthday, phone number etc

Possible causes of yahoo account Lockout
  • Login from Unrecognized device/Location: Yahoo won't ask verification questions when you login from a recognized device (mobile/PC) or IP Address (airtel, MTN other network) regularly used. So if you login from a Public network, Office Wifi or cafe and required to answer verification questions you can't remember - Login from your main device/network to resolve the issue.
  • Forgotten email or password:Sometimes our memory fails us and since it's not recommended to write your password down, passwords that meets yahoo complexity requirement can be easily forgotten.
  • Forgotten account recovery questions: Questions you selected during registration and provided answers to such as 'What is the first name of your favourite cousin', where did you meet your spouse, What's your favourite food etc.

NOTE: If you still have access to your password, Now would be the time to review or change recovery questions/answers or add a phone number to your account. This can be done by clicking on the Settings button when logged in (gear-like icon near your name) and select Account Info >> Update password-reset info.

Contact yahoo customer care

How to contact Yahoo Customer care to resolve password recovery problems
My main reason for writing this is to create awareness about Yahoo Customer care service which most people fail to use.

Last week, I emailed yahoo on-behalf of a client who forgot his password, remembers only one of two recovery question required to effect a password reset.
In the email, i included details of his account such as Name, birthday, location/device he usually logs in from, contacts he emails, one of the recovery answer - Basically, trying to prove his identity.
In less than 24 hours, they responded with a temporary password and link to set a new password.
You too can contact yahoo by email or phone to complain about account related issues and based on information provided, they will respond withing 24 hours.
   - To contact Yahoo by email You must have an alternate email they can use to reach you.
Click this link ( Contact Yahoo Customer care ) - Topic: Password & Sign in issue, Sub-topic: change password  > Select email and fill out the form shown.

   - Contact yahoo by Phone: You may call technical support team at 1-800-318-0612 - it's a USA phone number, so if you live outside US, please use Skype to dial that number absolutly free!

I hope this helps a Yahoomail user

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I can access my account any more help me through my mobile number


i forgot my password, please help recover it, diz my phone number 08093345021, thanks


We can't recover your account on your behalf.
You'll have to follow the steps we've outlined in the post to contact Yahoo directly and answer some verification questions known only to you.

I'm unable to sign in into my account.
I can not get into my account.
Every effort that i have made access my inbox has not been successful to resolve this issue. i was asked the nickname of my youngest child and all my replies were rejected too. Her name is mishael and i calls her mish or mashy.
If i fail to get into my account, all my information would be gone?
Try and resolve this please.
My alternative email is: eirdyadvenconsulting@yahoo.com
Thank you.

Eirdy A. Abraham

Password & Sign in issue
« Reply #5 on: October 01, 2016, 02:38 PM »
Dear sir,
             I am a regular user of my yahoomai account (ajosee4one@yahoo.com) and I have been facing serious challenges in accessing my account since yesterday. I was told that my account has been locked and the alternate email i used in registering the account is no more functioning. I will be most grateful if the authorities incharge can help me resolve this issue as i have lots of mails in my account that needs immediate response and attention. My phone nos 08028850133. Pls send all required information to my gmail account nos olanrewajuajose@gmail.com.
Thank you.
Best regards.

Chioma Ibe

Dear Sir,
             I have an issue with login into my account ibe.chioma@yahoo,com my phone number currently is +2347062449699 and have made several attempts for the k......@yahoo.com with my husband email address kentasc6@yahoo.com  and  kalpartsltd@yahoo.com to no avail.
Do enable me recover my email ibe.chioma@yahoo.com as soon as possible,please.

assword issues? w to Email
« Reply #7 on: November 10, 2017, 08:50 AM »
I used my China number for verification but no longer in China but in Nigeria now how do I retrieve my password?


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