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How To Prepare Deltans Number One Banga Soup
« on: May 06, 2014, 05:53 PM »
Have you ever visited a friend of yours that is a Deltan? When I say Deltan, I’m not talking about your friend that is from Delta State, Nigeria. But a person that is from Delta State, have a better understanding of their culture and know how to prepare their delicious meal. Looking at the heading “Banga Soup” you might wonder the why and how of it. No need to worry cause after reading this you’ll not only know how to cook the soup but you’ll also know how delicious it taste and why it is a must cook for everyone who loves good health.

Banga soup is one of the native soup of the Delta people Isoko precisely. Well am not going too far to tell you about it cause am a Deltan. It’s just that have been away from home for long  like from birth, not until my quest for learning took me back home few months ago. One less busy weekend I decided to pay visit to my course mate. When I got there I met him coming out from the kitchen with a tray of Banga Soup and Starch in it.

He ask me to come over and join him and I said in my mind since his my friend if I refuse he’ll feel bad. So I… Well what I know is that the soup taste sweeter than that of Eya Basira if you know what I mean.

Recipe for cooking Banga Soup
•   Banga (palm nut)
•   Fresh Fish
•   Meat
•   Crayfish
•   Maggi
•   Peppe
•   Salt
•   Onion
•   Vegetable

Steps On How To Prepare Banga Soup
•   Boil the Banga for 30minutes. Yours could be more or less depending on how high the heat of what you’re using to cook is.
•   In a separate pot steam the meat, fish and crayfish using the salt, pepper, maggie(seasoning) and onion.
•   Slice the little vegetable for the cooking.
•    When the Banga is well cooked filter the water away and pound it until you can extract all the oil in it.
•   Once you’re able to extract the oil put it back on heat for it to boil down for some minutes.
•   Add the steamed items.
•   Wait for some minute then add little vegetable.
•   Put little salt and seasoning to taste.

Best served when it's not too hot with Starch. Starch is gotten from extracted water of Cassava.
Hope you enjoy the meal...

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image thief

Re: How To Prepare Deltans Number One Banga Soup
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this is not your image try and give credit to the original author and for your information this image is ofe akwu and not banga soup


Re: How To Prepare Deltans Number One Banga Soup
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@Mr/Mrs Image Thief thank you for your reply to this post. Kindly note that if you follow steps given with the recipe then your Banga soup should look exactly the same as what you are seeing now. And for the image, millions of people prepare Banga soup in Nigeria so I'm still trying to understand if the plate looks like yours because taking snapshot of my food isn't a problem to me.