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How to Download PS Vita Games on PC with IDM.
« on: July 12, 2015, 09:33 AM »
    The Sony PSP has dominated the the market of mobile gaming devices for quite a while now. While it's related PS 1,2,3 and now PS4 shares the market with Microsoft Xbox, Wii and others the Mobile gaming on Sony PSP devices of different kinds gain more popularity mostly amongst school kids and some adults.

    I had a the opportunity to fiddle with a Sony PS Vita device "about a week ago"  ::) with the ultimate goal of downloading some Games from PC to the device. Downloading purchased or free games from the Playstation store on the PSP is possible if you have WiFi connection but can be slow. Games often have to be re-downloaded if the device is re formated.

    Downloading on PC using Internet download manager or other Free Internet proxy software and then transferring to the PSP seems like the best way to go if you don't mind a little technicality. Here's how it's done.

To successfully download games from PC using IDM, you'll need to have the following.
- A Sony PSP (PS Vita in my case) with memory card installed.
- A Playstation Network account (Registered and Logged into the device) - Don't have one? Register for a PSN account..
- A laptop with Windows 7 or 8 Operating system and active internet connection.
- Hotspot activated on your Laptop and Internet connection shared to hotspot for devices to connect. Here's a post on How to create Hotspot on your Windows 7/8 Wireless PC

How to download PS Vita games with IDM on PC
  • Download PSN Download manager (246KB), extract folder to desktop and run PSN DM.exec
  • Connect your PS Vita to internet via Wifi, Open PSN Store and start game downloads but pause them immediately.
  • Go to PS Vita wireless settings > Tap active connection > Advanced > Enable proxy and Enter the IP address of your PC ( if you activated Hotspot using my guide) and port 27.
    You may also run Internet IP.bat in PSN downloader folder to see correct IP.
  • With PSN DM open, Proxy/port set, resume paused downloads on PS vita and they will be transferred to the PSN DM Application on PC.
  • Right Click each download and copy URL to your IDM.
  • When download is complete, paste the downloaded file .pkg into a downloads folder found inside PSN Downloader folder on PC. Copy the name of the file, Create a Notepad document with same name but add ready_filename
    example: if downloaded file is .pkg  create a notepad doc named ready_sldfsfsdfsdf.txt
    This informs your PS Vita that the file is ready for transfer.
  • With Proxy still activated and hotspot shared by PC connected to Vita, resume the paused download and the completed file will be transferred to your device from PC and ready for installation.

I know this isn't a detailed guide complete with screenshots and all but it's quite easy to follow if you're not new to this. I'll be glad to answer any specific questions you may have about getting this to work for you, just hit the Reply Button.[/list]

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