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Essentiality for the Sheeps of GOD
« on: July 28, 2015, 10:10 AM »
Fellow believers!

My heart bleeds how far away we go from God in the quest to succeed in ministry. Oh how young men in the bid to work miracles are resorting to occult powers, while others are engaging dubious means to gaining acceptance and others propagate doctrines that have no place in Gods word.

What is truly ministry, maybe Jesus instruction to Peter should instruct us better. Three time Jesus called Peter and three times he told him feed my flock. The word FEED connotes caring for, being tender to, taking responsibility for.

What do we need all the power we seek for; to feed the flock?

I have led a body of young believers for six years now i can tell you that what we need to feed Gods flood is not power to heal or cast out demons, but a compassionate heart to serve and care for the everyday demands of life of Gods flock.

What they need is a transformed mind more than they need an open optical eye, people need a tender heart more than they need anointed bodies, people needed healthy relationship more than they need all forms of breakthrough, people need a listening shepherd more than they need a praying pastor.

You see Jesus understood the hierarchy of human need that is why he choose FEED to describe Peters assignment, if these people are truly our concern then we will realize that we don't need all the power in the world neither do we need all the anointing to meet their needs, compassion not the need to display power was always what drove Jesus to feed, heal, rebuke.

Dear MOG you preside over a church that u know the color of peoples pants and their account numbers, but u dont know their fears, u don't know they are hungry, u don't know some of them are sworn enemies, yet you heal their bodies and their hearts are wicked and unforgiven, you give them all kinds of breakthrough yet they are greedy and never contented.

The greatest healing does not occur in the body, they occur in the soul, how many sous have received healing from guilt, hurt, unforgiveness, strive, hate, discontentment, pride, lust.

The greatest transformation a man can go through is not of socio-economic status, but that of the mind; how many minds are seeing things the way God sees things with empathy and understanding, with a non-judgmental and critical posture.

Fellow believers spirituality is not in miracles, its not in ritualistic prayers, its not an issue of the night... spirituality is in every moment of human existence, its our interaction with the world around us, spirituality is in living.

A smile is a miracle, a full stomach is a miracle, going in and coming out is a miracle, loving is a miracle, caring is a miracle.

Its not in the mountains you move, its in the chins and cheeks u keep stretched

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