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Top Signs to Know You're Game Addict
« on: January 22, 2016, 06:19 PM »
Everyone love to have fun, engaging in different activities just to keep the fun going like watching football, playing video games, cycling and many others you can think off just to keep you occupy during your free time.

absolutely nothing is wrong with playing video games or being your major hobby, because it's enjoying and satisfying but if it's becomes too much for a daily activity then you know is leading to path of addict.

Here are Some Symptoms to Know You're Game Addict

When you are seriously hungry but you wait until you've finished the level before you eat.
When you spend all day playing MK Game forgetting you haven't even brushed your teeth
When you have exams the next day but you just have to finish that mission
When you have dreams seeing yourself shooting down zombies
When you have more games on your phone than clothes you wear.
When your teacher asks what's the most beautiful place you've ever visited and you reply: Gotham City, in Batman
When you take your Wireless Xbox pad to the toilet ;D
When you've have already played fifa for 4hrs with your friend, but you tell him you're just getting started.
When you're cooking then the food begins to burn, but you decided to finish the current stage first before going to check (that's at your own risk ooo 8))

Well that's all I have for now, you are free to add yours below by clicking the comment or reply button


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