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About Hover Camera – Self-Flying Camera
« on: June 07, 2016, 02:52 PM »
What if I tell you on your wedding day or any other big occasion you don’t need a camera man. Yes, you really might not need anybody to cover up shots of the event if you buy one or more drone camera on ground to takes shots of you and any person you want.
The good news is Hover Camera has made it possible, but the bad news is some guys are going be jobless cause rapid change in technologies is ever ready to bost the bubbles of people who are just doing their jobs.

I strongly advice photographers who will be losing their values to flying cameras and accountants in Nigeria on the other hand who are losing their jobs to machines for flimsy excuses from superiors to keep calm, embrace it and exploit it for their own good.

The world first camera made was so big that two people can’t even lift it off the ground but today a one year kid can lift two cameras (don’t look too far every smart phone has it). So far a company whose operation has be on low key for two years has finally come up with an amazing camera that would follow you anywhere you go, they called it Hover Camera.

Description of Hover Camera:
The drone camera is very small like the size of an external hard drive with flexible body structures which means you can fold it. It has four propellers that is cover with carbon fiber grate to make it safe for cruising round where people are without hurting anyone. From the mobile app you can choose who you want the camera to follow and immediately you see it flying around that person.

This floating camera uses 13-megapixel for recording in 4k as well as tracking people. Under the drone is another camera that keeps the drone flying steadily.

It weigh just 240 grams having a sensor like accelerator inside, gyroscope and barometer. Here are some pictures of this floating magical carema:

Price and where to find one will be provided on request based on your location so feel free to hit the reply button and don't forget to share (Tweet, G+).

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