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Three-time Oscar award winning American Actress - Meryl Streep is in the news this morning for her performance at the annual Shakespeare in the Park Public Theater Gala in New York.
The New York Times, CNN and all major news outlets are getting a fill of the story with different twists and versions being aired.

Meryl Streep who has publicly shown support for the Female US Presidential Nominee - Hillary Clinton, dressed up as the Braggadocios and controversial Donald Trump.

Complete with the hair, red tie, tanned face and low-hanging belly - Her impersonation was spot on even while singing the 1948 Broadway musical titled Kiss Me along with Christine Baranski who dressed as Hillary Clinton.

Meryl Streep impression of donald trump

Donald Trump impression by Meryl Streel
Is this Shots Fired at Trump?
First look at the Meryl's picture dressed as Trump can mislead one to think this was a diss at the presidential hopeful but on the contrary, It's just a theater performance for entertainment purposes only - not politically motivated.
Although many Hollywood A-list celebrities have publicly voiced their opinion / dislike for Donald Trump, Meryl is not one of them.
In fact, Trump who hasn't responded to the impersonation was once quoted saying:
Meryl Streep is excellent, she is a fine person.