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Girls and Free Things
« on: July 01, 2016, 11:46 AM »
One day,a girl named Nkechi was so naughty and arrogant.Then one day she was going to the market,suddenly she saw her mothers sister instead of her to greet her she just snobed her and worked away,then her mothers sister called on to her saying;Hey you cant you greet anymore or have you loose your sences or wah!!!....Nkechi;Just sighed and walked away...
So one day,at night she was about sleeping,then someone texted her on facebook saying;
>Guy:Hi dear 8)
>Nkechi:(No reply)
>Guy:Helo baby....watsup?
>Nkechi:(No reply)
>Guy:786809564536 ;)
>Nkechi:What network?? :D
>Guy:Cartoon network...idiot :P
>Nkechi:Hmmmmm...foOL >:(
>Guy:Your the fool already because you feel into my trap
>Nkechi: :-X :-\
>Guy:Lolz....thats why its good to have sence ;D ;D ;D ;D
>Nkechi: :'( :'( :-\ :-\


Girls cares about there selfs and Nothing more!

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