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Honest Review of LaraWithMe 90% Income - REAL or SCAM? New
« on: September 26, 2016, 04:29 PM »
The Huge success recorded by MMM Nigeria has paved way for other similar schemes to target the Nigerian Investing public. While skeptics still express doubt about its legality, ingenuity and life span of these schemes, Individuals in Nigeria and other countries where these Passive income generating schemes exists are making some good money and testifying.

In a recent post, I carefully analysed MMM Nigeria and shared my personal Opinion about it.
How long it will last, Why you shouldn't Join it, Reasons to Join and also how to be safe from any potential loss while in MMM. Read the Article here titled:  A biased Review of MMM Nigeria 30% Income - REAL or SCAM?

I Appreciate the feedback you all have provided and thought this would be the right time to address similar programs that have been popping up promising higher returns than the 30% offered by MMM Nigeria.
As always, my opinion about this would be influenced by experience gained from actually testing these schemes.

My former boss during internship sent me a link requesting that i click and register on this new investment program that was promising 90% return of your investment every month.
I would usually disregard such links but since it came from my Former boss, He would know if i don't register.
I wanted to give him the satisfaction of seeing my name Under his list of referred users - so i signed up for LaraWithMe on 10th Of September, 2016 and immediately notified him  ;D ;D 8)

There are many ways to describe LaraWithMe but the most accurate is an "Automated Capital investment Platform" for big and small investors that pays daily returns of 3% of investment capital.
This sounds too good to be true - so it must be a scam where they will eventually run away with everyone's money
Those were my exact thoughts when i read more about LaraWithMe. To satisfy my curiosity and really understand how Lara works i decided to test run LaraWithMe with only 10$ (About 4500 Naira - money i am willing to lose).
After 24 Hours of investing i received 0.30$  which is 3% of 10$. I clicked WITHDRAW and the money was sent INSTANTLY to my bitcoin wallet which i can easily sell to ecurrency exchangers for Naira value.
4 more days went on and LaraWithme Paid 0.30 consistently at the exact 12:12 PM - By this time, i was convinced this pays but was still in doubt about how long it will last.

Personally, i don't put money were i can't take it out whenever i want to. As long as it has the name investment tied to it, count me out because the % income paid isn't worth it and if things go wrong and everyone losses out.
But with the excess growth received from MMM - I was willing to raise my Capital on Lara to 140$ to get a 3% return on 4.2$ every day.

Here's the calculation for a 100 Dollars (44,000 Naira) Investment in LaraWtihme that gives 3% Daily.
1. day -> 3.00 $
2. day -> 6.00 $
30. day -> 90.00 $
34. day -> 102.00 $ - You've gotten you Investment back as Profit from lara in 34 Days.
Guess what happens on Day 35,36,37 ? - LARAWITHME CONTINUES PAYING YOU 3% DAILY - NONE STOP!!! See picture of my 140 Test investment and Profits withdrawn so far >>
That means you will continuously earn 100$ every 34 days - WITHOUT REINVESTING.
Use this > Lara Income Calculator to see how much you could earn from Investments you could make. (change amount in address bar)

How does LaraWith.me make Money?
Lara distributes user’s funds among the objects of its investment portfolio, using a formula to achieve the quickest and greatest risk-adjusted returns. Lara investment portfolio is open for investors to see where your money is going, how much was gained / lost in:
- P2P Bitcoin Exchange market.
- E-currency trading
- Other High Yield investments
I urge you to Click this image Below to Understand better how Lara Invests and Gains income enough to pay you forever lol.

- Lara is a High Yield Investment Program - There are no guarantees that you will not loss your investment. So if you're not a risk taker or don't have money you don't mind losing - Please stay clear of such schemes.
- How long will LARAWITHME last? - Lara is only 101 Days Old today (26th Sept. 2016) No One knows how long it will last but consider the milestone achievement of 19 Million dollars invested in 100 Days and the fact that Lara doesn't return investments made, investors are hoping it goes on. Afterall, no one in Nigeria thought MMM will last this long.
- The Money Invested / deposited in Lara is NEVER PAID BACK. You cannot withdraw your Capital. Rather, the 3% earned daily pays you the capital as profit in 34 days as calculated above.
- Ecurrencies - To Deposit / Withdraw in Lara, You must create an Ecurrency account on Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Payeer etc And find a trusted ecurrency exchanger such as Naira4dollar that will Take your Naira from you and Deposit Bitcoin to your ewallet. The process may seem too complicated to understand for some people and i urge such people to learn or Do not Join because you might end up paying Naira to a Scammer in exchange for ecurrency which they will not credit to your Ewallet.

Being fully aware of the dangers of Joining LaraWithMe - If you're willing to risk it and Earn 90% every month without reinvesting - Do the following to Join Lara.

  • Download / Activate Telegram MessengerLara Bot is built into a secure Instant messaging Application - Telegram which has cross platform support on iOS devices, Android Devices, Blackberry OS10, Mac, PC and Web versions. Just like WhatsApp, you need an Active phone number to Receive verification SMS from Telegram App.
    Download Telegram for Android
    Download Telegram for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
    Download Telegram Windows Phone
    Download Telegram for PC
    Download Telegram for MAC
    Access Telegram via Web Browser - http://web.telegram.org
  • On Telegram App, Search for this User: @Lara_With_me_bot  (Take note of the 3 Underscores after each word).
    Tap On Lara to Start, Select ENGLISH language
  • Click EARNINGS  >> Click MY TEAM >> SETUP UPLINE  > Type this ID:  248477037 and ENTER!
    This adds you to Ngbuzz Team where we give direct contact to best 24/7 Lara support and Resources you'll need.
    Your money is short by few dollars ? No problem - Lots of free Financial aid available for making us Your UPLINE.
  • DEPOSITS / WITHDRAWALSYou need to signup for an Ewallet account where LARA will send your daily earnings to, It will also be used to Deposit money into Lara.
    For bitcoin i recommend Blockchain.info (download the mobileapp)
    For Perfect money - Click > Perfectmoney.is
  • Funding your Perfectmoney / Bitcoin Accounts Just as you Sell/Buy dollars in Black market, Ecurrency Merchants will take Naira from you and Send the equivalent ecurrency to the Perfectmoney or Bitcoin wallet you provide.
    Merchants can also Take perfectmoney /bitcoin from you and send the Naira equivalent to your Nigerian Bank.
     To avoid being scammed - Always deal directly with Trusted merchant websites such as Naira4Dollar, Nairaex or individuals such as myself  ;D. Because Individuals respond faster than merchants that have lots of orders to process.

If you read this post till this point, i congratulate you.
I am Online 24/7 on LARA with this ID: @Briggz5d - type it in Search and Say HI, ask any question
If you'd like to call or Chat via whatsapp to get more clarification 080 3 505 3935 is the Number.

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