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With so many hardship in the country, which lead to some things in the country like prostitution, armed robber and so many corruption, this is as a result of unemployment, financial problem and other need of the youths, with all this happening some individual have embrace some game which the society had introduced as betting through such platforms as naira bet, merry bet and bet9ja and more.

MMM NIGERIA is not a bank, it’s does not collect your money, it is not an online business, mmm is a community where people help each other willingly ,they provide and get help from different participant whom you have never meet or know anything about that person.

Looking at this, it is very risky transferring your money to someone you don’t know, that is why it is advised to use your spare money to get help or provide, it is fixed with 30 percent of any money you involve there, this has made so many impact in peoples life, who had participate in MMM, they also added 20 percent to all participant account as Christmas bonus which expire January 2017.

The Nigerian government has been trying to stop this Organization, but yet it has been growing more with the look of things and more citizen are joining the organization but the federal government are still warning individual and still looking forward to end this organization.

Also one of the Nigerian great evangelist, Apostle Johnson Suleiman warns about mmm that it is satanic that people should stay out of it, some say it’s going to crash this December, some say it will next year but  the question there is that no one knows when it’s going to crash, the only thing there is that all individual should be sure of all risk that they are taking.

There are also so many organization that do similar thing like mmm some even have more bonus than mmm ,so beware
not to lose your money to some fraud.


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