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Participants in MMM Nigeria will be glad to hear of some new changes coming to their Personal Office in the new year to curb some major issues that has caused unwanted headache in the system.

If you're new to MMM - Please read this:> Biased review of MMM Nigeria 30% benefit. Real or Scam

Some of the changes promised are:
- System to tackle issues of Fake POP and discourage participants from even thinking about uploading fake POP.
- Change of Guider option for those who cannot contact their Guiders.
- Better support Response time to tickets
- MMM Call Centre number.
- Promo Task to easily tell others about how awesome MMM is.
Let me share with you how some of these implemented changes work while others are soon to be deployed.

Guiders In MMM Nigeria
Guiders in the MMM Community are the pillars that hold the structure together. They have a responsibility to share with other participants the ideology, rules of MMM, advise on safe participation and other knowledge obtained from the Guiders School.

Guiders are also legitimate source of information and news about MMM therefore all participants are advise to ask their guider when unsure about any information for clarification, including how to resolve issues you face in your PO like fake POP, payment confirmation, login issues, etc.

Every participant has a Guider assigned to them. By default, your refer's Guider becomes your Guider and you can see his/her contact information (Phone number) in the MY PAGE menu of Personal Office.

So if you have a guider that is not living up to his responsibility outlined above. Cannot ever be contacted for questions, clarifications or does not share important news about MMM with your via a whatsapp Group, Facebook or other means.
Now you can change Guider to a more suitable one that deserves that % bonus. This change will not affect your personal office or Mavro in any way.

  • Login to your Personal Office and click on the MY PAGE menu.
  • On the Right Side-bar, click on GUIDER button and then click on the SELECT GUIDER button .
  • Type the correct email address of your new Guider and click SAVE when click OK when you see his/her name.
    NOTE: You can type my email address as Guider ( soki2ng@gmail.com ), not email or participants. Changes saved will take about 24 hours to appear in your MY PAGE info.

Let me Be your MMM Guider
If you wish to change your Guider from an inactive one but don't have any other active guiders email to use. I'll be glad to be your MMM Guider.
- You can contact me 24 hours a day, yes even past midnight.
- My Response time to Facebook messages, Whatsapp Chat, Calls, SMS or emails.
Here's my contact information:
Soki Briggs
CEO Ngbuzz.com / MMM 100+ Guider
0803 505 3935

Want to see how it's done? Watch the short video guide below.

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