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Christianity in Nigeria is a common practice among  people who believe in God and do all the teachings in the holy bible.
Nigeria - as one of the African countries has many men of God who are popular internationally because of their charity work that they give to people, heal the sick and perform order miracles. Some of the most popular men of God like T.B JOSHUA, APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEMAN, BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO etc. these men of God do many signs and wonders.

T.B JOSHUA is the founder of the SCOAN ministry, people go There to hear the word of God, to receive God's blessing and healing, some months ago he prophesied about the united state election that the president of the U.S is going to be a woman, but at the end of the election it was a male that was emerge as the president, this prophesy was all over the social media, people were just saying that he was a fake man of God that He's prophesy is a false one, the man of God did not say anything during this time.

Another man of God is on the spotlight again - Apostle Johnson Suleman is also one of the most popular evangelists in Nigeria.
His ministry - Omega fire ministries worldwide - has grown so much.
Recently, Apostle Suleiman is said to have been warned that Fulani herdsmen were planning to attack him, and urged his security guards to kill any Fulani herdsman found around the premieres of his church. These herdsmen have in recent times destroyed so many lives, people houses, their farms and many things because of cattle rearing, and this people don't have a say, they are afraid of death, these Fulani Slater them like animals.

 Apostle Johnson Suleiman was in Akita for a crusade that began on Tuesday, was alleged to have condemned attempt to Islams Nigeria and asked members of his church in Auchi, Edo State, to resist the killings by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, in the early hours of Wednesday, prevented the operatives of the Department of State Services from arresting the Founder of The Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, in Ado Ekiti.
He was reported of making such statement, this has gone all over the air.
The herdsmen has no fear of death, they believe in killing people while Christians believe that killing people is a great sin in the eyes of God but this herdsmen has made so many Christians orphan, the federal government should stop all the herdsmen from killing people.
if this crisis continue there is going to be a a total breakdown of law and order. Apostle Johnson Suleiman also said in his statement that if they arrest him, they will put this country on fire.

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