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The free fall of exchange rates between the Nigerian Naira (NGN) and other currencies has prompted the Central Bank of Nigeria to take necessary actions that should boost the value of the Naira over the dollar, EURO etc.

Some of the policies includes tax deductions for companies that use local content, Ban on importation of some raw materials / products that can be locally sourced, restrictions placed on online shopping using Naira denominated cards to pay for Dollar denominated products.

Despite all efforts of the Federal government being implemented and enforced by Commercial Banks, Nigeria Customs Service and CBN - the value of the dollar against the Naira has still climbed to hit a record high of 500 Naira to 1$ in the parallel market (Black market) and 315 Naira to 1$ as official rate.

If you used to buy goods online from popular sites such as EBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc that accepted Card payments using Naira MasterCard and ship to Nigeria, you may have noticed that payments using the Naira MasterCard of any bank in Nigeria is now declined due to Dollar spending restrictions.
This has affected lots of businesses negatively and in turn caused an increase in prices of imported Electronics, cloths because of the hoops Merchants now have to jump through to get the goods.

If your business is highly dependent on making payments Online in USD and is affected by the current restrictions on Naira MasterCard - We highly recommend you get a Dollar MasterCard available at any bank upon request.
We recently requested and received the GtBank Dollar MasterCard and would like to share some of it's features, incurred charges and more with you.

Convenient Online Shopping: Your Black Card does not ever get declined at ATM worldwide, Online Shopping websites as long as you have sufficient balance for payment.
Safe:Your Dollar MasterCard is NOT linked directly to any of our accounts. A separate Dollar domiciliary account is created and linked to your new card. This ensures that only Money you transfer into the Dollar Card account is spent for transactions.
Transactions are secured with a Card PIN and Card Secure TM feature for online transactions.
No Spending Limitations: There's no limit to the amount of Online shopping or POS payments that you can make using the Dollar MasterCard.
However, withdrawals of Dollar or local currency equivalent at ATM machines worldwide with the card is restricted to 1000$.

GtBank Dollar MasterCard
How to Request for GTBank Dollar MasterCard:
There are two ways to request for the GTBank Dollar MasterCard:
  • Local Branch:Visit the Customer care unit of any GTBank Branch near you to fill out the Dollar MasterCard Request form.
  • GTBank Internet Banking Request: If you have access to the GTBank Internet Banking, Login and click on CARDS, then select "Dollar Card Request" from the drop-down menu.
Your Card will be available for pickup at your Specified Branch 1 Week after request is made / Charged.

- A Card request charge of 6,155 Naira to be deducted from specified account is applicable.
- Annual Card maintenance fee applies.
- Withdrawals of Dollar at ATMs worldwide will also incur a small charge.

For further inquiries and assistance, don't hesitate to contact GTBank Card Services unit
Phone: +234 700 48266 6328
Email:  cardservices@gtbank.com

Can dollars be deposited into my GTB domiciliary account anywhere in the world, Be it by bank deposit or mobile/Internet transfer.


Can dollars be deposited into my GTB domiciliary account anywhere in the world
International Funds transfer can be initiated into your $ Domiciliary account from anywhere in the world but the sender or their bank has to be provided with the correct information to enable the transfer be successful.
Some information required such as: Corresponse bank, IBAN Number, Sort Code, Dollar denominated Account Number etc.
Here's a Sample Foreign Transfer form i requested from GTBank Customer care for a Pounds transfer.

You can contact GTBank customer care to request for details required to receive Dollar transfer.


Can I use the dollar card to purchase item from U.K. Online store that pays in pounds?


Give it a try. MasterCard should work no mater the currency. You can verify this from GTbank customer support


Hi, how do I add funds from my GTB current account to my domiciliary account? Also how do I workaround the $100 limit imposed by GTB to add funds to say my Amazon account & other shopping sites?


How to Fund your Domiciliary account.
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Hello Anthony,

You cannot add funds from Naira to Dom account.
You can Buy dollar from Currency exchanges (Aka Black market) and deposit into your domiciliary account.

The 100$ limits has been raised.


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