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The Bigbrother Naija TV show which has been going on smoothly for some months now in south Africa amidst critics calling for its shutdown due to lack of value to the economy or promotion of immorality among youth.
The competition between participants increase daily as housemates are evicted weekly and the race for the grand price of 25 Milloin Naira and brand new SUV car gets closer.

Kemen - one of the housemates from Akwa-ibom state was punished last month along with Marvis for conspiring to evict ESE and JON the fake house which was never known to them. Their plan to evict failed because there are cameras and microphones everywhere in the house monitoring every move they take, their punishment was to write all the rules in the game. They where provided with book and pen to do so.   

You would think after that punishment, Kemen would be reminded of the rules but no - He went on to commit another offence which led to a second strike, his humiliation and possibly the death of his career.

Kemen was disqualified from the Bigbrother show on Sunday 5th March to the shock of all housemates and the viewers who didn't know the offence he committed this time.
There are many ways to break the rules of the house and get disqualified but being caught on camera on Saturday night touching fellow housemate inappropriately (Tboss) while she was asleep should not be one of them.

Kemen has been making some romantic moves towards Tboss for some time now, but according to her - she never liked him like that. His persistence and inability to understand the role of consent in this situation has resulted to him loosing a fair chance of winning 25 million Naira and  SUV car.
Although by votes, Efe seems to be the favourite and most likely to win, others who stay in the house long enough and don't commit careering suicide with their actions still have a chance at brand endorsement deals, adverts etc.

According to Tboss she was drunk and never knew what happened that night until bigbrother called to the diary room and asked her some few question, if she was aware of what Kemen was doing her, she was surprised seeing the video and cried but bigbrother told her never to react or confront Kemen, if not she will be disqualified from the game.

The housemate initially blamed Tboss without listening to her side of the story. She later explained everything to them and the housemates apologized for jumping to conclusion.
Before you also jump to conclusion and take sides in this issue - Watch the video here.

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