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Before now, various network users normally receives irrelevant messages on their phone. these messages keeps poping up on their screens and as a result of these unwanted messages, you might always have low battery and sometime they will even debit your account for all those messages, you might think that your mobile is having a fault or you have touch or subscribe to something you don't know.

You don't need to panic when such advert pops on your phone all you need to do is to stop all this adverts. we will show what and how to get rid of these messages.

The Nigerian communications commission (NCC) has organized a service that helps all users receiving awful messages that keeps showing on their phone. this service deactivate whatever message that pops on your screen and stops all adverts on your phone.

How to Deactivate from these sms
  • Send an sms to 2442 e.g help to 2442 and follow the options given to
  • send an sms to stop every adverts immediately by sending STOP to

Note: The SMS is free you can send even with nothing in your account and you will be replied shortly.

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