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« on: April 18, 2017, 08:02 PM »
I am of the opinion that as a young lady, when you find a guy that sends chills down your spine, makes you smile while you sleep, make you wish he leads you down the aisle soon, takes you places you've never been in ways, makes you feel elated just thinking about him, you know better but is BROKE!

Be patient with him, don't leave him that way, love him more, care for him, encourage him, don't nag at him, don't compare him to yahoo boys and his contemporaries, don't threaten the relationship, understand his moods, respect his decisions, express your feelings to him, don't force him into situations you might regret the results and don't push him.
They say behind every successful man is a woman, not true. But behind every successful man is a GOOD woman, a LOYAL woman, a PRAYER warrior.

Your words can motivate him,your affection can set the star in him alight, your beauty can make him work harder to keep you, your attitude can inspire him, your love can strengthen him.
God can see your faith and prayers and bless him.

A good woman is stamina to a man
A good woman is a power source to a man
A good woman is a mother and a friend
A good woman is the joy of a man
A good woman sticks to her man through tough times
A good woman is where a man calls home.

Don't just be a woman to him! Be to him a GOOD woman and watch him shoot to stardom and know this if He's sensible he would never forget you...

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