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Dogs are mammals and are regarded as man’s best friend right through decades. Dogs are normally kept as security agents mostly in our homes. They tend to wade unwanted visitors from our houses. Being man’s friend makes them attuned to human behavior.

Dogs are of different breeds ranging from German shepherd, Chihuahua to Labrador Retriever etc. But the general characteristics of dogs are their sensory capabilities which enable them possess potent sense of smell and sensitivity to Earth Magnetic Field.

•   Dogs are used as pets because they have same response to voices and use same parts of the brain as humans.
•   Dogs are usually bred for herding livestock and hunting.
•   Dogs sometimes used in competition, sports including racing.
•   Dog meat is consumed in some East Asian countries including China, Korea and in some parts of Nigeria.
•   Scientific research concludes that Dogs can also enhance human physical health and psychological wellbeing.
•   Dogs(Medical detection dogs) are capable of detecting diseases by sniffing a person directing or samples of urine.

Our dogs' inability to communicate verbally means that they let us know what they are thinking and feeling through physical actions and cues. Take the way they tilt their heads to the side, for example - this is apparently their way of letting us know they care and when we pat them they sniff through our hands.

Here, we are looking at the equally well-known doggy behavior of putting their tails between their legs. We know, as the common saying also used for humans implies, that it indicates that the dog has done something wrong. But is there more to it?
Research made us know that it could be taken as an "apology bow." And, although we are right to assume that the dog has misbehaved when it adopts this stance, the root of the action goes a little deeper.
When we see our dogs with their heads hanging low and their tails between their legs, they are becoming submissive to their master. This is an evolutionary hangover from wolf pack mentality and is a way for the dog to beg its superior canine to not push it out of the pack due to its bad behavior.

Nowadays, of course, the master and superior canine is us and the pack is our family. Basically, the Dog is using its head and tail to say "please don't disown me because I destroyed one of your favorite cushions."
A dog specialist Dr. Lents says: "While it may seem like a trivial action, it is actually involved in multiple fairly sophisticated social behaviors. In wolves, juveniles first begin to display the apology bow as they begin their social integration. Dogs have inherited this behavior and they will use it after any kind of infraction that results in being punished."

So, the next time you come home and see your beloved pet with its tail between its legs, take some solace in the fact they at least know that what they have done is wrong – just use some Training techniques to make sure they don't do it again.

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