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Fruits which are seed-associated structure of a plant, eaten raw whether sweet or sour may pose likely danger.  There is an unexpected danger lurking in your fruit section. Perplexed as you might be, some fruits indeed might cause an injury which might actually hurt. This danger might occur in your attempt to slice your fruit open (i.e. holding it in your hand while trying to remove the pit may prove dangerous). For instance, Avocado Pear or Coconut.

“Avocado Pear Hand,” as called by doctors has prompted a British Medical Association called the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons to alert people about the habit.  Inappropriate slicing could result to a tendon or nerve damage. This Avocado Pear Hand injury just like death can happen to anybody and at any time.

Many hospitals records show that Avocado pear hand injuries are treated several times during the week. The British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons are not suggesting we avoid taking Avocados but are trying to enlighten us on the danger lurking behind its slicing.

Another question may arise “How can we cut an Avocado”?
The answer is simple; Place the avocado pear down horizontally preferably in a plate, slice into it from the top to the bottom placing your hand on top. Then, open or twist the avocado pear into two halves. After which, you can extract the pit by placing the avocado in a plate or towel depending on your choice, pin your knife to the pit and then twist to remove.
This perceived danger can also be related to extracting a coconut flesh (coconut meat) from its shell.

Eat well, Stay fresh and Stay safe.


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