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Photography is an act of taking photos or pictures. Photography can be a passion, an addiction or a profession. Photography doesn’t only mean taking pictures with a camera. You can also take pictures with your phone camera, edit and upload on your social media of choice.
There are two different things in photography. First is taking pictures and the second is editing the image to make them look good before we publicize them.
Below are avoidable photography and photo  editing mistakes and how you can correct them.

  • Avoid zooming in your image: When taking a photo, get close, then get closer. This is because when you zoom an image taken from afar and crop it, there are 85% chances the result will be of low quality.
  • Always pay attention to your background: Sometimes, our attention is fixed on the intended subject  without noticing the background difference. Be careful to do background check before taking the snap. A discarded clothing, a misfit laundry might prove to be an image disaster.
  • Direct shooting in the sun: Hmm, this is mostly seen in the beginners. That is the take the sunlight as the bright light source for a perfect shot. This is wrong because, the camera lens will adjust to the light source thereby making the image dark.
  • Think about lightning: Focusing on a natural light will make your image look like the spectacular picture you desire. Make sure the lightning isn’t harsh.
  • Don’t stick to one angle shot: Diverse your shooting angle. Try different and unique perspective to pique interest on otherwise standard picture.
  • Focus: Find your focus point and point it at your intending image before taking the snap.This is to ensure your image is properly focused.
  • Remove your lens cap: Leaving your lens cap on might result to a shadowed image. Just as you try to remove your finger from covering your phone camera, make sure your lens cap is off.
  • Avoiding informally photography: What I mean here, is some photographers strive to take a perfect shot when the intended subject is relaxed or posed overlooking the fact that an informal shot is the best shot because that’s when you catch some human emotions  originally suppressed.
  • Being stingy with photo shots: Take multiple shots with different stances, angles and decide later the best because in some cases you are never going back to that place. So utilize your chances well.

Photo editing apps are made easy with the different apps and programs which beautify pictures. Even at the invent of these, some image can be weird if those apps or programs are misused.
Below avoidable mistakes might set things right.

  • Avoid bright text colors: Adjust your text color to darker shades of grey that will make your text readable and attractive.
  • Eyes processing: The eyes are the focal point of a picture. It needs to be sharp and clear to present a best photo. But over processing the eyes will result to an unrealistic effect. I would advise that when editing, you maintain a uniform look in the sense that you make sure all the features of the face are uniformly sharpened.
  • Use less fonts: For a great result use one or two fonts since your colors will present the diversity you want.
  • Vignetting: A photography word which means reducing an image brightness by darkening the sides. This is used to direct the focus to the subject  of the photo.Over vignetting could result to a haunted image or one with spooky shadows.  I would advise you moderate it to a 40% intensity or you could just disable it.
  • Saturation: Adding color to a photo is great but might be prove disastrous and fake when the  skin tone changes to an ethereal color. Moderate your saturation with the saturation slider to make your image look natural.

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