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Guess, you are wondering why it shouldn’t be thrown away since it’s already stated in the bag “Throw away, don’t eat and Keep away from Children”.  Silica gel is a non-toxic, granular, glasslike, porous form of silicon dioxide manufactured from sodium silicate. Silica gel is often used when dried; in this case it is named silica xerogel. Silica xerogel is tough and hard; it is more compact than common household gels like gelatin or agar. It is a naturally occurring mineral that is purified and processed into either granular or beaded form.

Silica gels are colorless desiccant (moisture absorber) packed in paper bags. They are often found in boxes of new shoes, bags, phones etc. Usually, we throw them away when we open those boxes, but research has made it clear that these silica gels indeed have relevant importance. These uses are outlined below:

Reasons you shouldn’t throw that Silica Gel bag Away:

  • Saving your wet phone: Your phone getting wet can cause anxiety and worry since likely chances are that it might stop working. Silica gel can actually correct that; just place the wet phone in a jar full of silica gel bags, it will dry the moisture and make your phone brand-new.
  • Throw some in your Gym bags: Your gym bag shelters sweat-clad clothes which are natural bacteria breeders. Some silica gel bags in your gym bag prevent bacteria or mold from growing and it also helps to get rid of nasty odour.
  • Save your Old photos: Photos are kept for relishing memories. In a case where your old photos start sticking together, the reason becomes short-lived. Sometimes, we apply white powder on them to curb its ruining. But silica gel seems more effective for saving old photos.
  • Defogging Windshield: Place a bunch of the bags under your windshield; this will defog your windshield within a short period of time.
  • Extending your blade life: Blades like Razor blade, Shaving blades lives can be extended by storing with a silica gel bag because the bag will absorb any minute moisture clogging the blade.
  • Storing Underwater Camera: Stash few bags of silica gel in your underwater camera casing to absorb stray moisture and avoid camera lens damage.

NOTE: Avoid swallowing because it can cause respiratory tract irritation and inflammation. Dust from exposure to loose silica gel beads could pose dangers like eye and skin irritation.

I think with these reasons listed above, you would think twice before throwing that silica gel bag away.

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