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It is a general assumption that everyone pee in the pool especially when you are swimming or in a sort of swimming competition, and you become pressed, you wouldn’t think twice before reliving yourself since you are in the water and no one would notice. In a general pool, there are chances that there is lots of urine there. Practically, when we jump in a pool and perceive the strong smell of chlorine, we assume the pool is highly sterilized forgetting the fact that urine plus chlorine is dangerous.

The essence of this post is to sensitize people on the danger lurking in pool chemistry and to reduce its effect both on the person who peed and the other swimmers.

Urine is a body waste product made up of different substance which can combine with Chlorine. Components of urine like Amino acids and Uric acid when combined with Chlorine, forms a chemical irritant called Chloramine which in high concentration is very detrimental to human health.

Chloramine is a toxic substance that is known for causing metal corrosion. Research made it clear that the presence of this substance in pools can cause respiratory problems especially when inhaled among other bodily irritation like burning eyes, itchy throat, cough and rashes.

Questions might arise that since there is a tendency that everyone pees in the pool, that the potential risk might be reduced by more pool chlorination. But medical research proves otherwise, since extra Chlorine will likely increase chemical reaction in the pool suggesting that care should be taken to reduce the assumed positive notion of peeing in the pool and believing the chlorine present in the pool will kill the effect.

It is advisable that before you take a swim, you take a shower. Then if you feel pressed, don’t hesitate to make use of the restroom. Let’s inculcate the habit of treating the swimming pool as a sport or a leisure outlet and not a cleaning machine. This will in turn reduce Chlorine reactivity and produce a clean and highly improved water and air quality.

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