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Have you ever wondered why a medical practitioner writes what you don't understand when prescribing drugs and sometimes write certificates clearly. Studies show that generally doctors have bad writing especially the male ones but their female counterpart have cleaner ones. This post will cast some light into the reason behind the scribbles.

Generally, when drug prescriptions are given, we get puzzled by all the scribbled letters and we wouldn't worry to even read it because we are sure we wouldn't understand so we'd just rather take it to the pharmacist who is in a better position to decipher the words. For the fact the prescribed drugs result to being the perfect medication.

These general medical practitioners bad handwriting have resulted to the deaths of many patients whose chemist or pharmacist failed to understand or put meaning into the prescription who in turn, administer an entirely different drug.

Medical research shows that hints of bad writing dates back to the doctor's days in medical school where they will have to write 4 pages and in some cases an extra 1 page or more and all this done within a limited period of time especially in diagram related exam questions.

Medical practitioners argue that the reason behind the sloppy handwriting is because of the volume of work loads exceeding the number of usable hours in a day which means they can see up to 100+ patients depending on the medical field.  So they'd rather scribble quickly and pay attention to the next patient and leave the job of sorting out to other people.
Doctors, conclude that they don't have the patience nor the motive to reproduce award winning scripts on a prescription as long as the prescription serves its purpose, since the work with time and need to generate notes. Therefore it doesn't need to be in a beautiful writing easy to pass off as an otherwise printed work. And, as the patients, gets to see the handwriting on the prescription and not put meaning into the 'real' one, they now believe that all the doctors have bad handwriting skills.

Some doctors might argue that bad handwriting is a choice since most of the younger doctors write beautifully. Medical doctor's handwriting is mostly decipherable among the medical field because they know what to look for, which makes meaning to the fact that doctors’ handwriting are made and not born.

We can affirm to the fact that not all practitioners in various professions have world class handwriting skills! Since most of their communication means is typed or on a printer through a world processor. So definitely, it works the same way.

Fortunately, technology have addressed this case through the invention of the E-Prescribing which means a prescriber can electronically send an accurate, error-free medication or prescription directly to a pharmacy from their point-of-care thereby improving patient safety and reducing the prescription error situation.


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